How to Clean Boucle Furniture?

How to Clean Boucle Furniture?

Many people love to place this luxurious boucle furniture made of wool and nylon in their living rooms because of its soft fabric.

How to Clean Boucle Furniture? You can clean the boucle furniture with dry cleaning solvent, a soft-bristled brush, a lint roller, and a vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can also remove stains with water-based detergents, upholstery spot cleaners, steam cleaning, and dishwashing detergents.

Keep this furniture clean with the right tools because it is expensive, and minor damage can make you worried and also affect its appealing appearance. You can also call professional couch cleaners if you are not aware of the procedure.

How do you clean boucle furniture?

Keeping your fabric couches clean is essential so they do not look dirty in your living room and give a bad impression to the guest. You can try different DIY methods to remove stains from their fabric.

Dry cleaning solvent

Dry cleaning solvents are mostly preferable to remove food stains because these are hard to remove with a vacuum or water.

In addition, oil stains often come on their fabric while eating foodstuffs while watching your favorite movie.

You can use this solvent to remove these oil and food marks from your couches. Take a small amount of dry-cleaning solvent and dip a dry cloth.

Using the same color cloth for the rubbing procedure is preferable because color can come on the fabric. Rub the surface gently because harsh rubbing can damage the wool material.

Lint roller

Many people also prefer to use a lint roller for removing pet hair and food crumbs from their boucle sofas and chairs.

The hairs quickly get stuck in their woolen fabric because of the looped area. Lint roller contains adhesive paper, which can remove small hair and other sticky material from their surface.

It is the safest method because it cannot damage their soft fabric. In addition, it is helpful to remove the mess and make your furniture neat and appealing.

Moreover, it is also beneficial to remove loose dirt and debris along with sticky fuzz.


It is the method to remove the accumulated dust and debris from mattresses, carpets, and fabric furniture.

Frequently vacuuming lighter color couches is essential because they can easily catch dust. Moreover, the dust or debris is more visible on their surface due to lighter shade.

Do not forget to use the upholstery attachment for vacuuming the boucle furniture because the vacuum hose can damage the soft woolen material.

Vacuum the sides on the cushions and the area between them because more dust is accumulated in these hidden areas, and you cannot remove it with a simple cloth.

Steam cleaning

The deep cleaning method removes the stains that are hard to remove. In addition, the warm moisture from the steam cleaner helps lift the spots from the fabric.

You need to press the button of the steam cleaner to spray moisture on the upholstery. Use the vacuum hose with attachments to remove the moisture from the couch.

Leave it for a few hours in the open air or turn on the fan for drying. It is a safe method to get rid of oil-based stains because there is no use of harsh detergent or chemicals in it.

Bristled brush

The soft-bristled brush removes the food crumbs and hair from the woolen upholstery of boucle furniture.

Select the brush carefully because wires can damage its soft fabric and give them a bad look. Avoid using the wired brush because it contains hard wires that are not suitable.

Use the brush in the direction of the fabric to remove dust and food particles. It is also helpful to loosen the dry spots of food and dirt.

Select the softest brush for this procedure and protect your couch from damage.

Dish soap

Dishwashing detergents do not contain any harsh chemicals like ammonia-based solvents. You can use it to remove food and oil stains from upholstered chairs and sofas.

The direct application of dishwashing detergent is not preferable. Mix it with lukewarm water and put it in the spray bottle for application on the affected area.

Only spray the solution on the stained area and softly rub the surface with a dry cloth. Wipe off the remaining mixture with a damp sponge.

You can try this method again if stains are not removed completely.

Upholstery spot cleaner

You can try this method when it becomes difficult to get rid of the spots and have tried all the possible solutions.

Dip a dry cloth in lukewarm water, and place it on the affected area. The slightly warm moisture helps loosen the stains.

Make a mixture by adding an equal amount of water and upholstery cleaner. Spray this cleaner and wait for 50 to 60 seconds.

Wipe off the upholstery cleaner, and you can see the amazing results.

Water-based fabric cleaner

There are several water-based cleaners available in the market, and washing detergent is one of them.

They have less or minute harsh chemicals that cannot damage the upholstery of couches or chairs.

These mild solvents protect the fabric of the boucle couch from damage. Mix the water-based detergents with water and pour it into a spray bottle.

Take a dry and clean cloth to rub the surface after applying the solution. Try to use fewer solutions because more chemicals and solutions are damaging to them.

How often do you clean your boucle furniture?

You cannot frequently clean these types of sofas because they can damage their surface. Preferably you can wash them after every 3 to 4 weeks.

The clearing routine also depends on the color of these couches. You need to early vacuum the lighter ones, like white and creamy white, because dust becomes more prominent on them.

You can make them free from stains and dust after every month, but you have to do it early if you have children and a pet because they make things messier.

Furthermore, you can also read the manufacturer’s instructions before their washing procedure. It varies from brand to brand and type of furniture, and how often you need to cleanse them.

Is boucle furniture easy to clean?

It is easy to clean them rather than upholstered furniture because you can use water-based cleaners.

You have to carefully select the chemicals and tools for these sofas to protect their delicate and soft material. Do not use too much water on it because it becomes difficult to dry.

Use a small number of water-based detergents that are enough to moisten the affected area. Select the detergents carefully which do not contain harsh chemicals.

Prefer to use mild or water-based detergents for them.

How do you keep boucle furniture clean?

You can keep your boucle furniture clean by vacuuming its fabric once a week and using the attachments with a vacuum cleaner.

Use the darker shade couches for your living room if you have pets or children. Clean the dust and debris with a soft-bristled brush after every 2 to 3 days.

I always use a lint roller regularly so it cannot create a mess. In addition, for more protection, you can also use cotton covers on them.

Urgently dampen the liquid spillage, like drinks and water, with a dry cloth so it cannot soak into the fabric and make a tough stain.

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