How to Identify Furniture Manufacturer?

How to Identify Furniture Manufacturer?

It is challenging to identify furniture manufacturers. However, it can help you know the quality and reputation of your product.

How to Identify Furniture Manufacturer? You can identify the furniture manufacturer by its manufacturing style, material, finishing style, age, stamps, labels, and markings. You can consult the dealers, ask from outlets, take help from friends and use internet sources to find the makers. Moreover, you can also search for company archives and catalogs and take help from auction houses. 

I always buy furniture from a well-known brand that has high-quality and durable products so they can last longer.

Check Manufacturing style

Identify the manufacturers of your furniture by its design and specific style. It is a suitable method when no tag or sticker is embedded in your chair or sofa.

Different manufacturing industries have their style for chairs and sofas to make them different from other brands.

Some of them prefer to make luxurious and royal-style beds with large headboards. An antique design is also common, and a specific company designs it.

The design of the legs and arms of the chairs are also unique and different from each other.

Manufacturing material

The various craftsman uses a variety of material to make wooden furniture. Pine is most common in America because of its durability and longevity.

Moreover, companies use different manufacturing materials suitable to their budget and price tags.

The aim of some of the brands is to make lightweight, less costly, and affordable home accessories.

The different wooden materials used on a commercial scale are exotic wood, plywood, solid wood, maple, oak, and timber.

You can mark the difference from their manufacturing material.

Opinions from experienced dealers

Many people cannot identify the manufacturing company of their dining set because it is not equipped with any tag.

In this situation, you can consult with experienced dealers with enough knowledge about it. These dealers can help you because they see a lot of furniture daily.

Take clear photos of your dining set and show them to the dealers. In addition, if you want to get information about the manufacturing material, take a piece to them for easy recognition.

The dealers are experts in it because they are familiar with different traits. The issue mainly occurs when you have old dining sets in your home.

You can also show the picture to the dealers of vintage home furnishing shops because they know more about old things.

Ask from furniture outlets

You cannot identify the brand of the specific sofas or beds by seeing them in local stores. However, you can take the expert with you when you buy something new.

In addition, you can also take help from the dealers of these specific stores. These dealers show you the furniture of some famous brands, and you can purchase them according to your choice.

You can also show the picture of your old sofas to the dealers of these specific outlets. The dealers in the local outlets have a lot of knowledge about different furniture types.

The visit to local outlets also makes the recognition process easy because the same piece is also present on it, and you can ask them about their brand name.

Search for stamps, stickers, or tags

Many companies use stamps, tags, or stickers to advertise their brand. The labels are also present on furniture, which contains the location and manufacturing date of the product.

You can easily find out the manufacturers with their specific locations. Furniture identification stamp is also on beds or sofas, containing several numbers.

The data on these stamps include the maker’s name and identification number. You can show this identification number to experienced dealers and know their brand name.

The tags are located inside the drawers, the lower side of the sofas, and under the chair for protection.

Take help from friends

It is the least effective method to know about the manufacturer of your couch. Instead, you can tell them about their design and finishing.

Most people purchase products from the most common and well-known brands. It is the possibility that your friends or relatives have the same sofa.

You can take clear pictures, including tags or stamps, and send them to your friends for matching purposes.

In addition, they can also identify them if they ever saw the same piece in their life. You can also call your friends at your home to show your dining set or sofa.

Your friends can also send this picture to their circle, and you can get information about the manufacturer.

Specific markings

Markings are present on every type of furniture with unique styles and materials. Every brand has different marking styles, and these are embedded in different locations.

These are present in the form of stamps and signatures. These markings are located in the form of metal tags on the lower or back side of your chair.

Most of the brands also use printed papers as markings. These handwritten notes on metal tags or paper labels differ from one brand to the other.

Use internet source

The internet is a fast source of gathering information about everything because there are millions of people there who can guide you.

You can upload pictures from all sides and stamps on these social apps. Experts are also present there, and they can inform you.

You can also upload pictures and identification numbers on Quora or Reddit because several people are always there to solve queries and problems.

Manufacturing date of the furniture 

The manufacturing date is present on every piece in the form of the identification number.

The four-digit code is present in the form of a stamp on the inner or outer side of the drawer.

The age of the furniture and its manufacturing date also tell about its brand’s name. Find out the most common manufacturers of that time and match your beds with them.

It is not an effective and suitable method, but you can get the hint from the age and the specific design.

Search Company archives and see catalogs

You can search for furniture in the archives or catalogs of different brands. The specific piece is present in the archives of that brand because it went through the manufacturing chain.

You can also see the catalogs of different common brands and match their appearance. In addition, you can also check their online websites and magazines for this procedure.

You can also increase your knowledge about different brands by reading related articles, journals, and magazines to get familiar with various styles.

Finishing of furniture

Different industries use various finishing materials to give an overall or smooth appearance. You can identify the brand name from the specific finishing.

Some coat the exterior surface with wax to protect it from termite and humidity damage. The old pieces are furnished with milk paint and oils.

You can also check the finishing material by treating it with alcohol, white vinegar, and ammonia-based cleaners.

Take help from auction houses

Auction houses are the largest chain that works on selling and buying furniture all across the world.

These auction houses have identification guides that contain reliable information from authentic sources for the ease of purchasers.

You can go through these guides to identify the manufacturers of your sofas. Moreover, there are several online auction websites, and you can also go through them.

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