Can You Use Wall Paint on Wood Furniture?

Can You Use Wall Paint on Wood Furniture?

Painting wood furniture is an interesting process, but you have to gather the right tools for them. Many people use the leftover container of wall paint to coat their old chairs and save the cost of selecting new furniture paint.

Can You Use Wall Paint on Wood Furniture? You can use wall paint on wood furniture, but it is less durable and will crack easily. The oil-based emulsions are better for this purpose than latex and water-based paints. Sand the old wooden furniture and fill the cracks before applying varnish. Use the wood primer for better adhesiveness, add a coat of paint and seal the surface with sealant.

Wall paints are available in various colors, from darker to light and glossy shades. You can select the one according to your interior design and furniture style.

Is it safe to use wall paint on wood furniture?

The finishing paint is specially designed for dry walls made of brick and cement, but you can use them to coat your sofas and beds.

You can use the wall paint on wood furniture to give them a new and furnished appearance. It is safe to use but not a preferred method because of its less durability.

The quality of the finish is not good because these are water-based or oil-based paints. Moreover, cracking and peeling are common because of their less stickiness on wooden parts.

It cannot stick correctly like furniture paint and cause an issue. In addition, it is a waste of time and effort because it starts to peel off from the chairs after some time.

In addition, it can also wash off due to exposure to water or sun heat because of its less durability.

Why would you use wall paint on wooden furniture?

People prefer to use this on their wooden chairs to consume the leftover paint or extra gallons. Sometimes your home accessories look old when you add a new coat to the interior walls.

You can use the leftover container to varnish the sofas or chairs, making them look appealing. Furthermore, people also use this paint because it comes in various dark and new colors.

In addition, the likeliness among people increases due to their glossy shades that give a luxurious and good finish to your couches.

It is also a better option than furniture paint when comparing the price. It is a less costly option to make your tables look brand new.

Is there a difference between wall paint and wood paint?

Features Wall paint Wood paint
Purpose Specifically designed for dry walls Suitable for wooden sofas, chairs, and beds
Composition Synthetic resin Unsaturated polyester and polyurethane
Adhesion Better adhesion on cement, walls, and bricks Adhere better to the wooden surfaces
Application Easy to apply Difficult application
  Cannot wash with water Washable with water
Color variety Available in various colors Less variety

How do you use wall paint on wood furniture?

You must follow these simple and easy steps to paint your old furniture with the wall paint and give it a new and appealing appearance in a few hours.

Scraping and sanding

Clean the old wood furniture with detergents to remove dust and grime. For example, take your old chair or sofa outside because wood dust can accumulate on your interior during the sanding procedure.

Sanding is done to remove the old paint layers and equalize the surface for primer application. You can use the electric sander to do this procedure.

Use low to high-grit sandpaper for surface preparation. You can also use the metal scraper to remove the scraped-off and chipped paints.

Filling of cracks

The cracks are also in wooden material, and you must fill them to decrease the risk of breakage.

It is also necessary to fill the holes of the nails with it. You can use soap, wood filler, and putty to fill the cracks and small holes.

Apply the putty on the affected areas with a putty knife and balance the surface. Wait a few hours for the drying procedure, and then again sand the surface with an electric sander to remove the extra layer.

Sanding is necessary to give an even appearance for the application of primer.

Apply wood primer

Apply the primer on this smooth wood surface. It is better to use wood primer because it can provide better adhesion and give better durability.

It also protects the wall paint from cracking and peeling-off issues. Most of these varnishes have primers mixed in the containers.

Check on the instructions whether your product has this ingredient or not. Do not use the fan or other things to dry it quickly.

Wait for 3 to 4 hours so it can dry naturally, and you can add the next coat. Moreover, you can also use the spray nozzle for primer application because it provides better coverage than a brush.

It is also better to give a smooth finish because of no brush marks on a wooden surface.

Application of paint

Use the foam brush or roller to apply your favorite varnish color. Use the foam roller for a better result because wall paints hide the original grain of the wood.

You can give a smooth and better finish to your sofa or chair by applying the brush or roller correctly or in the same direction.

The chances or seeping of varnish is also less with brush roller and decreases the chances of overlapping, which looks bad.

You must apply 2 to 3 coats to increase the longevity and stay time. Wait for the coat to dry, and sand the surface with an electric sander or low-grit sandpaper.

Sanding is necessary for the application of a second coat. Coat the surface again and then wait for a few minutes to dry.

Add another layer of paint, and do not sand the surface again.

Sealing procedure

The wall paints are easily washable and ruin your effort of several hours. Instead, you can seal them with a high-quality sealant and protect their coat.

Apply a sealant layer using a brush to protect the varnish from water damage. In addition, the sealant also provides a smooth and finished appearance.

You can use acrylic sealants on wooden furniture for sealing purposes. Leave your chair for several hours to dry before applying the sealant on it.

What types of wall paint are suitable for wood furniture?

You can use different types of paint to coat your wood furniture, but surface preparation and correct sealing are necessary to increase their durability.

Oil-based paint and acrylic are the best options for this purpose. However, water-based or latex paints need more effort, and these cannot stay on the surface for longer.

You should not use wall or latex type to furnish your chairs because of the price difference because there is no guarantee of their durability and smooth finish.

Water-based emulsions are more challenging to stick without wood primer. In addition, glossy oil-based emulsions look attractive because it starts to peel off after several days.

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