How to Fit a Desk in a Small Living Room?

How to Fit a Desk in a Small Living Room?

Here are 23 great ideas to fit a desk in your small living room. We have used all these methods in our room before posting it here.

How to Fit a Desk in a Small Living Room? You can fit a desk in a small living room by placing it behind the sofa, under the stairs, and in the corner. You can use a ladder desk, wall-mounted desk, folding desk, or a closet desk in a living room. You should measure the size of the room and access the dimensions of the desk before placing it in the room.

There are various types and shapes of desks, and you can find one for your home. If you already have a desk, then try these techniques mentioned in this article.

If you are looking forward to arranging a desk in a small living room, keep in mind a few things.

It is usually hard to fix things into a small room, but a work surface is a must item in any room or home. There are several ways to incorporate a workspace in the room.

By using some techniques and acknowledging some facts, you can easily arrange it. Before setting up a desk in a small space living area, consider your room space and other furniture in it.

Measure the dimensions of the living room

The first and the most important thing while planning for a desk arrangement is to recognize your room space and dimensions. Look for the most suitable and feasible area to place it in.

If the room is too small and congested, your working table’s choice should be more precise. If it is more in length but less in width, go for a slightly longer but a narrow one. Fix the one that coordinates best with your room dimension. It should not give an overloaded look.

Check the size of the desk

Recognize the size of the desk that comes out to be the most suitable for your small space.

You have less floor space and more things to add up. Thus the workplace should correspond to the living area.

Choosing a narrow and slightly elongated desk is more suitable for horizontal space. A small and little wide is preferable for a small and compact place.

This way, you are consuming less amount of space in the room. Moreover, you have enough space to place on your laptop and other required things.

Incorporated or wall mounted desk for less floor space

You can have your incorporated or wall-mounted desk in case you have less floor space. Incorporate the working desk into a bookcase. It is going to be an accurate and less space-occupying approach.

It will create an uninterrupted area in your living room. You can easily place other furniture in the room because now you have the most appropriate workspace.

Another way is to build a custom one on the wall. Furniture without legs gives more space to place other things beneath it. It is a simple shelf that fixes to the wall.

This wall-mounted or floating frame also serves as a bookshelf. Another use of this shelf is to place some decorative pieces when not in use as a workstation.

Organize it with a beautiful mat to place a laptop, your study lamp, your planner, or anything you wish to keep on it. Also, use a folding chair, and after completing your work, you can fold it and keep it wherever you want to. Your sofa will be uncomfortable if you try to fit it in.

Place the desk in the corner of living room

A corner in the living room is the best place to fix the desk. It is the most unused area. Also, it is hard to arrange anything in that place. So you can go for a custom shape and size as the corner and set up your home office.

It is the most peaceful area for work. No disturbance, no interruption, and enjoy your work. It covers almost zero space in your living room and makes the living area to look more classy and well-organized.

You can add a few inspiring quotes or frames on the wall to make it looks more aesthetic workstation. You should keep it clean; otherwise, it can cause itching.

Make use of the nook area in the living room

The best place to fix a desk is the nook area when you have a small living. Instead of leaving this place free and useless, make it your workstation.

For sure, you are not going to regret it. A small desk at nook space is the most practical approach to enhance your living room’s grace and aesthetics. You should know the height of the dining table if you plan to add it with your furniture.

You don’t need to remove or rearrange anything. Just buy or build your desired furniture and place it in the nook area. You will end up giving a pleasing look to your living. Also, add some pretty things, and you have your favorite round dining table in a small space.

Fix the desk in the closet

Fixing a desk into a closet is a good idea. A closet covers a large space, so instead of making an extra workspace, it is better to fix it into a closet. There is enough space in a closet. As you have less space, thus using your wardrobe as a workstation is a wise step.

Further, you can also use it to place things on when not in use as a workplace. Adding a drawer into the desk comes out to be a storage section. Use these drawers to store your office things as well as a closet. Nightstands weight holding capacity varies in different brands..

Utilize the passage area

If you have a passage area in your living room, you can utilize it for many purposes. Usually, the passage area is lengthy and narrow, so a thin desk is a preferable choice in this case.

Also, use a folding chair, so you do not make it an obstacle to this area. If there are cat scratches on a leather sofa or desk, you can quickly fix it.

Add a few color-popping frames or images to the passage wall. Decorate the area with nice plantar, and you are using this area in the best possible way. If you have both king and queen beds in your home, then you can not add more accessories.

Use a Ladder desk

A ladder desk is another wise choice for a small living. This vertical office setup can easily fit into a small space. Also, it provides more than one shelf.

You can use these shelves for placing books, for decoration purposes, and in many other productive ways. So this ladder can provide multiple uses besides its use as a workstation. The best choice for a small and narrow space is now in your hands.

Make a hanging or folding desk on an empty wall

When you have no space in your living area to add up a desk, use a wall for required purposes. Screw a hanging or folding desk to the wall. You can unfold the desk when you want to work and then fold it again when the work finishes.

Moreover, it will occupy no space in your living room. Also, it gives a decorative look to the wall. Now there is no need to add frames to the wall.

Besides a working table, you can also use it for other purposes like a table to place on a fake plantar, a beautiful flower vase, and a table to place fruits. Choose a bold color to enhance the layout.

Sit or stand workplace

Sit or stand workstation is a correct choice for small areas. You can use it while sitting or standing, at your convenience.

It occupies a little space and provides the required function. You can keep other things beneath the desk without even disturbing the desk organization.

Use the window as a workstation

A window office is a better idea. Usually, the window area is not in use and serves no function. Setting up a desk in front of the window makes the best use of that area. Fit it in front of a window and get the best place to work. Also, there will be a beautiful outside view and natural light.

Add a beautiful touch of green by placings planters and have your perfect workplace. Use pastel colors and some flowers to give an elegant look.

Place the desk behind the door

If you have a free space left beside the door, make it useful by adding a desk. It is the best use of this unoccupied area.

Add some lights on, and brighten up the space. Place your favorite planter and a rug, and you have a beautiful workplace.

Place it at the back of a sofa

When you don’t have a room with enough space to make a separate section for a desk, place it at the back of a sofa. Use as much space as you can use but wisely. Placing a thin table behind the sofa gives a chic look.

Don’t be afraid of making changes and giving your living room a unique look. It is not going to make your room extra filled. It serves a more organized and well-occupied look.

Remember using a narrow and more concise desk with a color pop touch to make it look more attractive. Place a lamp and laptop onto it with a furry rug beneath it and go ahead. You are correctly utilizing the backspace of the sofa and your unused space.

Go transparent

A transparent or clear acrylic table is an excellent choice of furniture for small spaces. It gives a more open and spacious look to the room.

Your living area looks less stuffed. Just add office supplies to the table and make your workplace super classy. Add delicate pieces of art with soft colors to it to maintain grace.

Office wall

Pick your favorite wall and convert it into an office. An entire wall designated for an office is the best idea for a small living space. Your bookshelves and all the decorative materials can also get their spot on that wall.

Add the desk and cabinets of your choice to this wall with all the necessary things around. An uninterrupted workplace is now in your small living area.

Use room break or room divider

If there is any room break or divider in your living room, use it as a location for desk setup. You don’t need to disarrange or disorganized other furniture.

This setup does justice to this unused space and acts as a divider between two regions.

Use multipurpose furniture in small room

In a small region, it is better to choose multifunctional furniture. A desk with drawers and cabinets can serve many functions at a time.

You have extra storage for storing the essentials. Be creative to adjust all your desired objects in the room when you have little space.

Go with the layout of the room

When there is no extra space to place on a desk, go with your room layout. Grab a desk and pull it into your current room layout.

It provides a home office with the preservation of the room layout. It also serves as a TV stand and a display of your favorite possessions. A bold color choice may intensify the look, or you can go monochrome to keep it subtle.

Use a console desk

When you have no space for a traditional desk, opt for console tables narrow enough to place on laptops.

They can easily fit in a less spacious room, serving as an office table. Stack it with books, a lamp, and other necessities.

Utilize a part of the balcony

A balcony is usually long and wide enough to extract some space for a working desk. Eye-Pleasing view with a peaceful environment helps to cope with work stress.

You feel more comfortable working in this workplace. Add greenery and scented candles around, and enjoy working in a calm surrounding.

Place it under the stairs

The best place for arranging a desk in a small area is the area under the stairs. Usually, this section is of no use, so better convert it into your workstation.

It has enough space to use for storage purposes also. Elegantly organize your workplace with all necessities and assets. Add a sleek chair. You can add some decorations to enhance the look.

Add wheels to the desk

A creative technique to arrange a desk in a small living room is to attach wheels to it. A moving desk is way more useful and functional than a stationary one.

You can move it wherever you want to. Also, you can use it in several places. Use it as a coffee table or small dining as per your choice and need.