How to Clean Dirty Fabric Sofa at Home?

How to Clean Dirty Fabric Sofa at Home?

Here are the 9 easy methods to clean a dirty fabric sofa at home. First of all, you have to determine the type of fabric. Multiple types of fabrics are available in the market. Some can clean with water and some with solvent only.

How to Clean Dirty Fabric Sofa at Home? You can clean the dirty fabric sofa by analyzing the fabric, making its cleaning solution, using a vinegar solution, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, and cleaning it with the microfiber cloth. It takes around 4 to 5 hours to clean the sofa.

You must note that there are different ways to clean it with these solutions. You can add this solution to any sprayer and start sprinkling it on the fabric.

You can use it with a microfiber cloth. It must be free from dust particles. You can use these things by looking at the available options.

You should not place the fabric in the water where S has written on it. It means that it can clean in the solvent only.

You can improve the fabric by cleaning it regularly. You cannot put it in the solvent when the word W is printed on it. You must take care of these small things that will provide you the best form of furniture.

Some fabrics will change their color when you clean them with water. You may also see both alphabets at a time on one material. It means that you can make a solution of both solvent and water to clean it.

It must be your first step while starting the cleaning process. Understanding the type of fabric is a necessary step that you should not miss at any cost.

There are different colors of the fabric. Some colors may get fade when you clean them with these agents.

You may look for some extra options for them. You can try different readymade solutions in the market that will not create any negative impact on it.

Clean fabric sofa with a Vacuum cleaner

You have to purchase a vacuum machine for this process. You can arrange a small machine because you will only clean the sofa. It has a lesser cost as compared to the heavy machines.

You have to roll it over the surface, and it will absorb the dust particles. You will see that its shine will start coming back. You must remove dust from the machine after rolling it at some part.

You cannot add any solvent to the machine that will cause a problem for you.

You must roll it on all the sofa sides because if you use it on the front side, the dust will come back to it through the air. You can only sustain it for a longer time when you use it on all sides.

Dust should not transfer from one part to the other while doing this process.

You can clean the machine so that the dust may not come out of it while using it on another side.

It is the natural way to remove the dust from furniture as there are no adverse effects to use it. It will not decrease the shine of the fabric also.

Clean the sofa with a steam cleaning

You can use the steam to clean the sofa. You should open the doors and the windows of the room while using it. You can read all the terms and conditions to steam clean the fabric.

You can start it after cleaning with the vacuum machine. It is a simple way to clean with the machine rather than make the solution and arrange different conditions. This is a must if your sofa is delivered in parts.

Use baking soda

If you can not clean the couch with a steamer, then you can make a cleaning solution on your own. There are different chemicals that you can use for making the solution.

Baking soda is one of the good options. You can make its solution with the water to decrease its acidity. You can start on the backside at a smaller area to check the fading of the color.

If there is no effect on the color and shine, you can use it on all the sides of the couch without considering anything. You can change the solution when you have seen any negative impact on its color.

Clean the fabric sofa with vinegar solution

It is another good option to avail of if the baking soda solution is not working for the fabric. You can add ten milliliters of the vinegar to 100 milliliters of the solution.

You can use it by checking its effect on the backside of the sofa. You can use it if it suits your furniture.

For the first time, you must note which solution suits your fabric sofa and start using it without testing for next time.

Use olive oil solution

You can use olive oil in the solution if both other solutions are not working. You can increase or decrease of solvent in the solution by looking at your requirements.

It is better to add it in the sprayer that will help you to reach all the corners.

You may check that if this solution is working well, then you can switch it to this solution for the next time. You should also measure the size of the sofa, otherwise, a sofa can be too big for a room.

Clean dirt and dirt

You can clean all the sides of the dirty sofa with a sprayer or microfiber cloth. You cannot leave any corner because the dust will be prominent when the whole sofa is crystal clear.

You can note all the corners after cleaning that they are clean or not.

You must use the vacuum after cleaning with solutions. It will remove all the effects of the chemicals out of the fabric and prevent itching from the sofa.

You should not leave any area untreated that will ruin the whole effort. You will not see any part till it dries. You can use different other chemicals to clean also that suit your materials.

You can add a solution of more than one chemical that will help you to remove all the dirt out of the furniture. You can use a stiff brush with it if shine is not coming out.

You must make the solution in warm water to help it to evaporate quickly. You cannot use it in colder water because it will take more time to clean the stains out of it.

After cleaning it will all the solutions and water. You have to dry it in the room. You cannot keep it in an external environment because it will be wet and attract the dirt particles too early.

You can identify the place where there are fewer dust particles. You can point the pedestal fan to the sofa or keep it under the ceiling fan. You can close all the doors and windows while doing it.

If you have cleaned it with warm water, you will require less time to evaporate these particles quickly. You may note that the products that you are using should benefit you.

Coldwater will take almost double the time to dry as compared to warm water. If you have less time to dry it, you must clean it with the sprayer rather than any cloth.

Many people complain that their sofas are uncomfortable; this happens when you do not maintain the furniture.

Why is it essential to clean the dirty fabric sofa?

It is essential to clean the sofa because:

  • It may transmit the disease like allergy due to prevailing dust particles in it.
  • You should clean it regularly; otherwise, it will deteriorate the beauty of your house.
  • You can increase the attraction in your furniture by doing these cares.
  • It causes diseases of the eyes when you have not cleaned him for a longer time.
  • It will improve the air quality of the house when you clean all the allergens from the sofa.
  • The life of furniture will increase many times that is a benefit of this process.
  • You will not feel any smell from it. There will be a lot of freshness around every corner of the furniture.
  • You must identify the best possible solution for your couch and try to implement them with care.


You have to take a few precautions while cleaning it. Some of these precautions are as follows:

  • Do not add any coloring agent to the solution. It will change the color of the fabric sofa that cannot reverse.
  • You may add a lesser amount of solute in the water because chemicals may create harmful effects.
  • You can clean it in lesser time because it will start attracting dust particles while exposed to the external environment.
  • You can use a good-quality vacuum machine that can attract dust particles.
  • You should clean the wood and metal areas with great care because they will not clean with the solution.
  • You cannot switch to any other solution while using one for a longer time. Change of the solute may start fading its color.
  • You can use a cloth that is new and free from any dust particles. If it has stuffed with dust particles, then you cannot use it for cleaning the sofas.

Cost of cleaning fabric sofa

There is variation in the cost of cleaning the sofa. Few factors that affect the cost of cleaning the sofa are the size of the sofa, the type of the fabric, and the solution to clean the fabric sofa. Few fabric sofas can clean with a wet cloth only.

You will no need to spend anything on it. On average, you can clean the medium size sofa for $50.

This amount can increase to $100 if the material that you are using is expensive. In many cases, you can clean it for $30.

You have seen the variation in the sofa prices due to changes in the number of seats of a sofa and the nature of the fabric.

You should choose the right material for cleaning rather than looking for cheaper options.