How Much Does a Twin Bed Cost?

How Much Does a Twin Bed Cost?

Twin beds have metallic frames and foldable properties and provide comfort to an individual due to enough space. However, they are expensive, and you can select them according to your room’s dimensions.

How Much Does a Twin Bed Cost? A twin bed costs around $100 to $190; its maximum cost is $290 to $370, and the minimum price is $45 to $90. A twin XL costs you $80 to $300, and famous brands sell them for $250 to $500.

Due to durability, their metallic frames are more expensive than wood platforms. But, a few wooden beds have high costs despite a compact design. 

What is the cost of a twin bed?

The cost of a twin bed varies according to its design and layout characteristics. However, its average price is nearly $100 to $190.

Moreover, its maximum price varies from $290 to $370. The minimum cost of a twin bed frame is about $45 to $90. 

Also, their highest price range varies from $800 to $1200 for a few frames. You can select them according to their dimensions and headboards. 

Their price increases according to their dimensions and weight properties. However, they have motorized headboards which makes them more expensive. 

In addition, they have a category of twin XL, which is about 3 to 7 inches longer than the standard metal frames. However, you can select them in slightly different dimensions with varying price ranges. 

They have metallic platforms which can increase their durability. Moreover, the twin XL bed frames are foldable due to their manufacturing properties. 

Due to these specifications, you can select them for around $80 to $300. Also, they have different metallic supports to stabilize them on the ground. 

However, a few brands offer twin beds with money-return policies. In addition, the outlets provide warranties about their durability due to rigid frames and foldable platforms. 

According to various surveys, shops across the USA provide them for about $250 to $500. However, it is one of the most appealing price ranges for these metallic platforms. 

Examples of twin beds with their cost, size, and weight

Twin Bed Cost Size (In inches)


Weight (In pounds)
ZINUS SmartBase metal frame $60 73x36x12 27 pounds
Amazon Basics 6-leg base $45 73x37x6 14 pounds
ZINUS Lorelai platform frame $70 73x36x10 25 pounds
Amazon basic foldable twin bed $95 74x38x11 30 pounds
Tensun Twin Metal frame $150 75x37x36 25 pounds
Classis Brands twin bed $120 73x37x13 28 pounds
GIME Platform steel frame $190 70x33x11 30 pounds
LINENSPA twin with motorized head $290 78x37x12 75 pounds
Mellow MYLA Twin Bed $130 73x36x13 46 pounds
VECELO Metal platform $90 77x38x34 30 pounds
ONEMO Twin 18-inch frame $130 78x35x16 39 pounds

Factors that affect the cost of a twin bed

They are compact bed frames that require a particular mattress for their standard performance. However, the following factors can increase their price from actual limits. 

Frame manufacturing material

The twin beds have durable frames due to their high-quality manufacturing material. Moreover, they comprise metallic platforms which are lightweight. 

But, their metallic platforms are available in various designs. Furthermore, they require variable quantities of metal to make them. 

Due to these reasons, their cost depends on the amount of manufacturing material. The metal platforms are well-defined and appealing. 

Moreover, these frames require more effort to build and mold in particular shapes. The labor cost increases in their manufacturing, which enhances their prices.

Also, a few options are wood-based due to customer demands. They are durable with wood platforms and make the other furniture attractive.

Furthermore, the manufacturers utilize solid and high-quality wood to manufacture these platforms. In such circumstances, they do not require box springs to attach the different parts in a straight alignment. 

However, these are expensive options due to their lifetime guarantees. Unlike fiber wood, high-quality wood frames are costly.

Their manufacturing material required procuring, which is an expensive procedure. Due to these methods, the total cost of the frame increases. 

Customized designs

Several people prefer customized metal and wood twin beds for their personal use. However, their customization makes them durable because you can select their composition material and design.

The expert team can make the required furniture according to your requirements.

But, it can increase the per-frame price, which makes the platforms expensive. However, various sellers across the United States of America have their private teams with professional experience.

They have the expertise to provide customized beds with different manufacturing materials. However, the sellers can increase the price of these platforms due to additional effort. 

Also, they become expensive due to expert craftsmanship and additional durability. However, with these customized designs, you can select better options that last more than a decade. 

Furthermore, these platforms are sturdier due to their furnishing and exceptional effort. Due to their durability and customization, you cannot select them at low prices.

Variable dimensions

The twin beds have an average length of about 6.2 feet (75 inches). However, they have an estimated width of nearly 3.2 feet (338 inches).

Due to these dimensions, they are appealing to various customers. In addition, you can select them for compact rooms.

They are beneficial for children due to their size and weight handling limits. A few options have adjustable and foldable legs.

You can retract or extend them to increase their height according to your convenience. However, due to these dimensions variation, they have high prices.

Their twin XL category is slightly longer than the standard platform. But, you cannot select it for a small room because it can overcrowd the other furniture. 

However, you can select them according to the measurement of the placement area. In addition, you can customize them to increase their length or width by a few inches. 

Moreover, you cannot increase their dimensions to more than 10 inches from the standard limit. 

Why are twin beds so expensive?

They are expensive due to their excessive demand for small rooms. However, several individuals select them due to their compact designs and lightweight frames. 

Moreover, they are moveable from one spot to another without damaging the other furniture.

According to demand and delivery policy, the manufacturers make them in abundance. In such circumstances, their manufacturing cost per platform increases their selling price.

They are suitable for small hostels and hotel rooms. Due to their design, they are effective for one individual and promote privacy.

Due to these properties, they are demanding platforms that increase their prices. Additionally, due to their single frames, they require a separate mattress to cover each platform.

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