How Much Does a King Size Mattress Weigh?

How Much Does a King Size Mattress Weigh?

King-size mattress is the largest with a variable filling material and a durable lifespan. It has multi-layer foam adjustment for optimized comfort and provides room for 2 to 3 adults. 

How Much Does a King Size Mattress Weigh? A king size mattress weighs between 140 to 170 pounds, and the minimum weight is 70 to 90 pounds. For example, the California king mattress is 100 pounds, and the Split king mattress weighs about 140 pounds.

In the United States of America, they can weigh according to their quality and foam texture. Moreover, the upholstery and covers with zips and buttons can increase their weight. 

What is the weight of a king-size mattress?

It is a large mattress with a massive width. It has an average length of about 6 feet (72 inches) which is suitable to accommodate two to three adults comfortably. 

However, it has different categories and weighs according to the layout. According to various measurements, it can weigh around 140 to 170 pounds. 

According to minimum limits, it can weigh about 70 to 90 pounds. Also, they are expensive due to more space and comfort. 

They are heavy, and you cannot carry them without support. They are the largest with dual foam layers, and their weight increases according to manufacturing material. 

Across the USA, you can select them according to different weight limits in several states. For example, in Alaska, they can weigh around 150 to 350 pounds.

According to their dimensions, you can estimate their heaviness and durability. In Texas, they can weigh about 200 to 300 pounds with a length of about 9 feet (108 inches). 

However, a few selling brands have unique weights for them. As a result, they can pack and store them in their boxes, which makes them heavy.

For example, a 100-pound mattress can become 120 pounds with the box. Moreover, dual twin XL combines to make a split king-size mattress. 

With these designs, you can add the weight of two twin XLs and determine the heaviness of one king-sized mattress, which is about 140 pounds. 

A California king-size mattress is slightly heavier than this minimum range. However, due to this specification, it can weigh around 100 pounds.

However, you can select it due to its exceptional size. Its length can increase to about 7 feet (84 inches). 

It has a width of about 6 feet (72 inches). Due to these calculations, both have different options with similar limits. 

Examples of king-size mattresses with their weight and dimensions

King Mattress Weight (In pounds) Weight (in Kg) Dimensions (In inches)


Sweetnight isolation 98 pounds 45 kg 78x72x10
Novilla Memory Foam king mattress 83 pounds 38 kg 78×7410
Sleep Innovations Foam Mattress 92 pounds 42 kg 78x75x8
Sweetnight memory foam King mattress 83 pounds 38 kg 79x75x11
Avenco king size breathable mattress 86 pounds 39 kg 79x73x86
Sweetnight hybrid king mattress 110 pounds 50 kg 79x75x8
Sleep Innovation Gel memory mattress 70 pounds 32 kg 73x52x9
Airdown innerspring king mattress 30 pounds 14 kg 75x79x15
Tuft & Needle medium firm 85 pounds 39 kg 79x74x10
Serta 9 inch king Mattress 82 pounds 37 kg 76x75x10

Things that affect the weight of a king-size mattress

Different manufacturing and transportation factors can increase their weight. Due to the following reasons, they can weigh more than the standard criteria. 

Type of foam

The manufacturers of king-size mattresses use high-quality and durable foam. Moreover, the foam has different layers according to the overall design. 

A few of them comprise a single or dual layer of memory foam. It is a durable and efficient foam that can make them. However, due to memory foam, they become heavier than counter options. 

Furthermore, they become thicker, and you cannot shift them without external assistance. The adjustment of multi-layer breathable foam can make them heavier. 

The manufacturer adjusts the foam layers with steel or metallic coils, which increases the heaviness. A few manufacturers add gel-based beads to increase their internal breathing and durability.

These beads can make them heavier than other options which lack them. 

Design of mattress

The hybrid king mattress is appealing due to its durability and comfort. Moreover, their designs are attractive to several people. 

Their manufacturers add different layers of comfortable foam. Also, they comprise the coils of unique designs which have their specific weight.

Due to the adjustment of coils, they have a more bouncy impact. Moreover, they have a durable core that protects their foam layers from cracking. 

Their durable cores can make them heavier like other options. In addition, pocketed coils, metallic springs, and multiple foam layers make them heavy.

Furthermore, the innerspring options comprise larger coils, which can make them heavier than the counter options.

Latex filling

The King mattress manufacturers utilize latex for filling. It is one of the most durable, appealing, and comfortable materials. 

Moreover, it has a longer lifespan due to its composition. It can make them heavier than any other option. 

Due to its versatility, it has two distinct categories. However, Dunlop is heavier than the second option.

As a result, it can make them heavy, and you cannot move them without assistance. So these are heavier options, and around 3 to 4 individuals can carry them.

Due to its composition, it has a dual thickness than memory foam. Moreover, its single layer can make them heavier than other filling materials.

These are bouncy and eco-friendly due to their natural composition. In addition, they are more comfortable due to their thickness and can adjust on king-size bed Platforms.

Despite their heavy designs, several people select them because they are large and durable. According to estimations, they can last around 15 to 25 years. 

Why is it essential to find the weight of a king-size mattress?

It is essential to find it because it can assist in standard setups of different beds. You can select the right option according to the standard dimensions of your bed and room. 

You cannot adjust a heavier mattress on a lightweight frame. This is because it can damage the frame due to excessive load, which leads to a costly rebuild.

In such circumstances, you cannot fit a lightweight and incorrect mattress on a platform. However, calculating its weight is beneficial because you can adjust the correct option on the compatible bed frame. 

Before rearranging the other furniture, you should find its weight. It has different designs than the regular memory foam-based options.

Its weight can determine the cleaning techniques. Furthermore, you cannot vacuum it without the help of other individuals due to its weight. 

For flipping its sides, you should calculate or assess its weight. Then, it can protect you from sudden falling, which can cause injuries.

By knowing its heaviness, you can prepare the bed for better adjustment. Moreover, you can select them according to their comfort and heaviness.

Due to their king-size, they are appealing to consumers. Also, they have various adjustment concerns and provide comfort for a long time. 

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