Where to Put Floor Outlets in Living Room?

Where to Put Floor Outlets in Living Room?

Floor outlets are plate-mounted sockets embedded under the floor or on a leveled surface. These are covered with specific covers for people’s safety and protection from electric shocks.

Where to Put Floor Outlets in Living Room? You can put the floor outlets in the living room near the bookshelves, dresser, TV screen, and side of reading chair and table. In addition, you can also add them on the side of the furniture, near lighting fixtures, recliners, sound systems, and Christmas trees to illuminate the electric components.

You can easily use the electrical equipment after putting the switch in these sockets. Moreover, you can also add more than two outlets in your room according to your need and electric appliances.

Near bookshelves

Bookshelves are present in the living room to arrange the books and decoration pieces. In addition, many people add small electric lamps to these bookshelves for reading purposes.

These lamps need a socket for the electricity supply to turn them on for studying. You need a light source when you are reading a book at night.

Sometimes the sockets are not near to turn on these lamps, and you cannot illuminate them. Instead, install the covered floor outlets on the side of the bookshelves to use lamps.

Moreover, people also put several decoration pieces and ornaments on these shelves. These decoration pieces contain small lights in them.

These look attractive when you illuminate them at night for decoration.


Different decorative accessories are on the dressers to give them a stylish appearance. People also put lamps on them to use at night.

You can add the electric outlets near the lower bottom corner of these dressers to switch lamps. The wires of these lamps are not long enough to reach the sockets of your living room.

Moreover, you can also create a mess of wires when you use extensions for their connection. The wires’ mesh compromises safety and causes trouble for people during walking.

In addition, sometimes you need extra dresser fixtures to lighten the mirror to dress up in front of them.

Near TV screen

Large TV screens work as the focal point in the living rooms. People surround these screens with sofas and furniture so everyone can see them without getting tired.

Sometimes there is no socket near your TV to turn them on. Instead, place the floor outlets near them to put their switch for electricity connections.

It is better to use their covers so you can close them when they are not in use. The risk of shocks increases when these are not covered with their lids.

Moreover, humidity also comes in contact with them and damages the internal circuit.

Reading chair and table

The reading chairs and tables are present in one corner of the living room for studying. Most of the time, people also do their remaining office work while sitting on these tables comfortably.

It becomes challenging for you to connect the laptops, computers, and other electronic accessories for work when there is no socket near you.

You cannot move the chairs near the outlets every time because it can disturb the adjustment of furniture and create a messy situation.

You can add these sockets near these tables to charge the laptops during work when their batteries get low.

Sides of furniture

Install the floor outlets on the sides of the sofas because it becomes easy for you to charge your phones whenever you want.

Sometimes people want to watch movies, but their phones’ batteries are low. You can use the phones while putting them on charging when the socket is near you.

In addition, it is also beneficial when guests come to your home and gossip while sitting on the sofas of the living room.

Add them on the sides of furniture instead of putting them under the couches, chairs, tables, and beds.

Overheating in these electric components occurs because of poor air crossing, and cables can break when you drag any items.

Near lighting fixtures

The floor outlets are beneficial during event days and on special occasions. For example, you need to turn on the extra light at parties or gatherings.

These sockets are helpful to illuminate the extra lighting in living rooms. In addition, you can turn on the ceiling-mounted lighting and lamps with them.

Moreover, wall sconces also need an electric supply, and you can use them for dinner and birthday parties. Finally, the extra lighting with these lamps and sconces makes your space more welcoming for the guests.

You can turn on the chandeliers and pendants when you plan a dinner with your family and friends for a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Many people add multiple bulbs and rotatable lights in their interiors to use them for parties. You need nearby sockets to connect their switch.

Near recliners

Recliners are the electric chairs that are the main part of the living room for relaxing purposes. These need electricity for their proper functioning.

Electric and manual reclining chairs are available in the market, but people prefer electric ones. Electric-type recliners are common because you can use them by pressing a single button.

The chairs do not recline when you do not have a current supply. You have to place them near sockets so you can put their switch to turn them on.

You cannot always adjust them near electric sockets because it does not suit furniture adjustment. Instead, install floor outlets near them for their perfect placement in suitable areas.

Sound system

The speakers and subwoofers also need an electric supply for their functioning. You need to play the music at high frequency when there is an event or party in your home.

Put sockets near the sound system, so you do not have to move them towards the outlet, which is quite challenging.

Connect the switch with these outlets to turn on the speakers and enjoy the high bass music at parties and gatherings.

Cover these sockets with their plastic covers when you are not using the sound system. You can also charge your sound system, including speakers and headphones.

Christmas tree

Christmas trees are present in the living room for decoration purposes, and you can turn on their lights on the special event of Christmas.

These are adjusted on their perfect location, and you cannot move them here and there to find the nearby sockets for them.

Moreover, shifting them from one place to another is difficult because they can get damaged due to their large size and many attached accessories.

Install the submerged floor outlets near the Christmas tree to turn its light on when the event is nearby. You can also turn on the other string lights with them on your special occasions.

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