Common Problems With Wooden Bed Frames

Common Problems With Wooden Bed Frames

The bad bed frames damage the heavy and costly mattresses when these cannot provide enough support. Moreover, you cannot enjoy a comfortable sleep when uneven noises are coming from its different parts.

Common problems with wooden bed frames include broken slats, damaged side rails, and wobbling legs. The other issues include loose joints, creaking or squeaking sound, expansion or contraction of frames, and vulnerability to fire-related hazards.

You should not ignore the problem of the wooden bed frames because little neglection can cause their complete breakage. Instead, purchase high-quality wooden frames from the market to reduce the issues and make it safe for a mattress.

Problems with wooden bed frames Solutions
Broken slats and center supporting beam Secure with screws and replacement
Loose joints Tight with screwdrivers
Cracking of side rails Secure with metal clamps
Wobbling of legs Fasten the screws or install customized ones
Poor-fitting of frame Assemble the frame carefully
Squeaking and creaking sound Lubricate the joining ends with wax
Collapsing of frame Adjust bed frames with walls for support
Vulnerable to fire hazards Maintain distance between beds and heaters
Heavy in weight Add casters for dragging

Broken slats and center supporting beam

The wooden bed frame contains wood slats that run horizontally across them. The central beam is present in the middle area to provide extra support to the side rails.

The wooden slats and center beam are better for equal weight distribution and prevent cracking.

One or more slats get damaged, and you can face a sagging issue. The broken slats or center beam also damages the mattresses.

The wooden slats break when kids jump on them due to sudden jerks. In addition, the issue comes when you place heavy mattresses on them.

You can face this due to the old age of the frame that lost its strength. You can resolve this problem by inspecting and securing the broken slats with screws and joints.

Drill the hole in the side rails to secure the slat with them using bolts. Moreover, you can also replace them if they are broken completely.

Use the right size and weight of mattresses as a preventive measure.

Loose joints

Corners of the bed frames are joined with screws and bolts to reduce the wobbling issue. You can face the issue of a wobbly frame when you get in and out of bed due to loose joints.

The joints become loose due to excessive, unusual furniture movement from one place to another. The issue mostly arises when the bed becomes old with loose joints.

In addition, the cracking of wooden material also makes the joints loose. As a result, most modern beds are secured with high-quality glue instead of screws.

The glue also loses its strength due to fluctuations in temperature and causes a wobbling issue. You can fix this by adding the glue into the grooves for their fastening.

You can also drill new holes to tighten the screws at the new place. Tighten the pre-existing screws with screwdrivers if there is no cracking at this place.

Cracking of side rails

The side rails of the beds are also made up of wooden material, which is present in horizontal and vertical directions.

Cracking of side rails comes due to frequent furniture shifting from one room to another. In addition, cracking occurs when the joining ends are too tight.

You can face the issue because of unequal weight distribution and more use of certain parts. The excessive weight on certain sides causes the frame’s side rails to crack.

The side rails break when you add more weight and exceed their standard capacity. The problem comes when more people sit on the bed.

The broken slats and center beam also put stress on the side rails. You can secure the broken or cracked side rails with screws.

In addition, you can also use metal clamps to join the broke ends and then tighten them with screws. It is also suitable to use PVC pipes for adherence to the cracked end.

Wobbling of legs

The legs are the part of the bed frame that is attached with glue or screws to make them high off the ground and increase storage space.

The legs become wobbly due to loose screws and joints. The issue also comes because of their incorrect thickness and loose joints.

Using thick wooden legs for holding heavy frames and mattresses is unsuitable. The wobbling issue also comes from placing heavy mattresses and box springs.

These cannot support these heavy weights and lose their strength. Fix this issue by fastening their screws with a screwdriver and pliers.

It is also essential to check their size and thickness and match them with the frame’s weight. Moreover, you can also resolve the wobbling issue by installing customized ones.

Poor-fitting of frame

Sometimes people face issues with new bed frames because of their incorrect fitting. Assembling this frame is a tricky process and needs your full attention.

The incorrect fitting can cause collapsing and breakage. Many people do not have enough knowledge about how to assemble them when they purchase a new one from the market.

You can hear uneven sounds because of poorly fitted joints. Therefore, it is better to call an expert to assemble the frame.

The experts can secure their joints perfectly to protect them from damage. Ensure the correct installation of slats to prevent them from shifting due to frequent use.

Squeaking and creaking sound

The squeaking and creaking sounds from the bed frames at night while sleeping are very irritating.

It not only disturbs your sleep but also affects the other people sleeping in your surroundings. The issue comes due to loose joints or cracking in the wooden material.

You can hear this sound due to the tightening of the joining ends. The creaking sound comes from rubbing two joining ends and increasing friction between them.

The common problems with wooden frames are their expansion and contraction according to seasonal changes.

The wooden material is not weather resistant and is prone to weather damage. In addition, the expansion of wood during summer and contraction during winter affects the joining points.

It can cause the loosening of the screw and increase friction between joining ends. You can only fix the issue by tightening the screws with pliers.

It is also better to buff them with some good quality lubricant. The addition of lubricant reduces the friction between joints, and you can get rid of uneven noises.

Collapsing of frame

Many people complain about the issue of the sudden collapse of the wooden bed frame. It is irreversible damage because you cannot repair them easily.

Collapsing occurs due to the wrong placement of beds without any support. You can face this when you do not place your furniture against the walls or other solid support.

The wobbling comes when there is no support in the surroundings and leads to collapsing of the frame. It also occurs due to the addition of excess weight on their surface.

Many people use heavy accessories like box springs, mattresses, and blankets which exert pressure on them.

Collapsing also comes due to manufacturing faults and the use of low-quality wood. For example, the use of the wrong thickness of wood for their manufacturing causes damage.

You can prevent them from collapsing while placing them next to the walls.

Check the broken slats or replace them because it can worsen the problems.

Vulnerable to fire hazards

Wooden materials are more susceptible to fire-related hazards.

You cannot place them near the heaters or burners because they can easily catch fire. However, people love to turn on the heaters in their rooms in winter for a cozy environment.

It is risky to place them near your beds because of their fire-catching material. In addition, you cannot place them near your cooking areas because stoves and heat are present.

It is beneficial to keep your electric or gas heaters away from them for your safety.

Heavy in weight 

The wooden bed frame made up of pure solid wood like maple and oak is heavier in weight.

The heavier material is used for their manufacturing to prevent them from cracking and increase durability.

It became difficult for people to shift from one place to another. Sometimes you want to change the appearance of your interior while adjusting the furniture in different directions.

You cannot easily drag them from one place to another. Moreover, you also have to call hauling companies when you are shifting your homes to drag them.

They can also cause injury during shifting because of their heavy weight. You can fix this by calling professional hauling companies for shifting.

It is also better to add casters under them for easy gliding. Avoid dragging them alone because it can make you tired, and you cannot do this.

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