How Much Does a Dresser With Mirror Cost?

How Much Does a Dresser With Mirror Cost?

Dressers are incomplete and unappealing without a mirror because they make each other attractive. Various furniture brands them in distinct price ranges according to their build and style.

How Much Does a Dresser With Mirror Cost? A dresser with a mirror costs around $700 to $7000, the minimum cost is $700 to $3000, and the maximum price is $4500 to $7000. However, their durability, manufacturing material, mirror thickness, and the number of drawers make them expensive.

Their price depends on their type and overall dimensions. They are available in various colors and styles with lightweight frames. 

What is the cost of a dresser with a mirror?

A dresser with a mirror is a small wood or steel-based table which comprises multiple drawers. Also, it has a top mirror that works according to the manufacturing design. 

However, its average cost is about $700 to $7000. The price varies according to the manufacturing material. 

The type of mirror and its stability determine its cost. From famous brands, you can select them from about $700 to $3000.

The maximum price can reach $4500 to $7000 due to customization and durable build. Different states have variable prices for them.

However, their price changes according to their composition material. A few are steel based and are more expensive due to their stylish looks. 

Moreover, wood increases its weight and improves the prices of other options. Various brands offer diverse price ranges for their mirrors.

You can select them separately because they have more tendency to damage. However, their average cost is from $100 to $1000. It varies according to their styles, designs, shapes, and thickness.

The thick and unique mirrors are more expensive, which increases the cost of the dresser. However, you can select these mirrors for a minimum price of $250 to $800. 

Moreover, you can select the dresser separately due to the availability of old mirrors. They are wood-based and comprise appealing frames due to their making standards.

In such conditions, the wood dressers cost you around $200 to $350. 

Examples of dressers with mirrors with their cost, dimensions, weight

Dresser with mirror Cost Dimensions (In inches)


Weight (In pounds)
Michael Amini Horizon Dresser $895 18x63x76 270 pounds
ZLXDP dresser with removable mirror $890 31x17x58 30 pounds
FHOSL 3 Drawer Dresser $2700 22x10x26 35 pounds
MANDZ Illuminated mirror $3800 29x30x20 75 pounds
ZLXDP Threefold mirror $1550 38x16x28 60 pounds
ZLXDP Dresser with Desktop mirror $1300 33x15x28 65 pounds
Dresser FCH single mirror $2900 22x10x26 38 pounds
Progressive Willow $910 17x65x78 145 pounds
Sunset Trading Wood dresser $1120 18x65x78 36 pounds
Liberty furniture Hills dresser $1230 16x63x76 240 pounds

Factors that affect the cost of the dresser with a mirror

They have different price ranges according to the policies of the brands. However, the following factors can affect their price. 

Size of the dresser

The dimensions of a dresser with a mirror can affect its cost. They are portable due to their compact to massive sizes. A few are lightweight due to small frames.

However, others have large bodies with more widths are heights. They are expensive with more widths because it increases their number of drawers.

Moreover, the storage space is more in the large frames. Therefore, they can improve the appearance of a bedroom. 

Also, the furniture becomes appealing due to its presence in a small to medium room. Due to these properties, they are in demand which increases their price. 

Mirror quality and thickness

You can select different mirrors according to their shape and quality. In addition, the new mirrors have more reflective actions due to minimum scratches and invisible lines.

Furthermore, the round and modified mirrors are expensive because they enhance their beauty. As a result, several people select vintage mirrors that are more expensive than the standard options. 

Moreover, a few mirrors are antiques that can attract several individuals due to their designs and unique styles. However, their price depends on their durability and resistance against damage. 

Their dimensions indicate their prices because large mirrors are costly. A few have woodwork around the edges which can impact their cost. 

Manufacturing brand

Different manufacturing brands of dressers with a mirror offer several types and categories. They classify according to their size and manufacturing material. 

Moreover, their quality increases their cost. A few selling brands are famous across the USA due to their higher reputation.

Furthermore, they offer high-quality dressers with unique mirrors. They can deliver them to your home and other locations.

In these conditions, you can prevent them from the surface or other damages. But, they charge for these facilities and add these amounts to the total package. 

Warranties and durability

A few selling shops offer these dressers with mirrors and provide warranties. Due to these policies, the outlets ensure their damage-resistant properties.

The warranties are beneficial because you can return the broken furniture item. Also, you can get compensation for the loss. 

However, they have warranties due to their high quality. Their guarantee policies indicate the durability of the furniture item.

Moreover, they are a better investment because they remain intact for several years. In such circumstances, it can increase their cost with a mirror.


Several people customize their dressers according to their taste in furniture. For example, they customize the layout and shape of the mirror.

Due to these methods, it takes more than a month to customize it according to the customer’s requirements. In such procedures, the manufacturers select high-quality materials.

Moreover, they add labor costs to the package. Customization is available for different styles, and you can demand your required layout. 

But, these options are expensive and can cost up to $4000 to $6000. 

Why is a dresser with a mirror so expensive?

You can select affordable to expensive dressers with mirrors across the USA. Their standard designs have around six drawers that can fit parallel to each other in two to three rows.

However, you can increase their number, which increases the width and height. Due to these modifications, the number of drawers makes them expensive because they can increase the overall dimensions. 

The horizontal dressers are standard due to their simple design. Therefore, they take less time to manufacture them than the other options. 

The vertical and other shapes are expensive because they require more manufacturing effort. Moreover, the trimming and cutting of manufacturing materials make them expensive.

The labor work is more than the standard limit for customized and challenging designs. In these circumstances, the cost of the method can cross the estimated limitations. 

Unlike regular layouts, the artistic designs make them costly. Fancy and luxurious mirrors increase prices because they have challenging fittings and adjustments. 

Furthermore, crafting antique mirrors on a standard wood or steel dresser takes additional time and effort.

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