Is IKEA Discontinuing The Alex Drawers?

Is IKEA Discontinuing The Alex Drawers?

IKEA Alex drawers are aesthetically appealing storage units offering multiple compartments and impressive holding capacity, allowing you to keep tools, clothes, toys, etc.

Is IKEA Discontinuing The Alex Drawers? IKEA is not discontinuing Alex Drawers due to high customer demand, as these are popular for their cost-effectiveness, easier cleaning, and versatility. Moreover, it is available in more than one color and sizes and can be repainted. In addition, they are durable, eco-friendly, and provide better storage space.

IKEA products disappear from the product list when there are fewer chances of restocking, but it does not mean they will never come back.

Commonly, its products are not displayed on the website when its stock ends due to shipping or logistic issues. Their famous Alex drawers were discontinued but added to stock after a few years.

Is it true that IKEA discontinued Alex Drawers?

Many people are concerned about the discontinuity of IKEA Alex drawers because they have not found these products in the product list on their website.

Most of the IKEA products or raw materials are sourced from different countries, affecting the availability of products as they have to deal with shipping issues.

Commonly, its stock ends quickly due to high demand, as its customers wait for the desired product for many months or even a year, so it needs time to refill its inventory.

Accordingly, those products are removed from their list to avoid inconvenience on the customers’ end.

Similarly, these IKEA Alex Drawers were discontinued for a short time a few years ago, as they were going through a shortage of employees and facing logistics issues.

These drawers are available at their stores and on their website. Many people asked IKEA about its restocking, so it managed to restock highly demanded products.

Furthermore, it has not announced the discontinuity of Alex series drawers in the near future, so you do not have to worry about fake news.

Why is IKEA not discontinuing Alex Drawers?

IKEA is not discontinuing Alex drawers due to their high popularity, as their customers are satisfied with their quality, functionality, and practicality.

Easy to fit and clean

These are perfect for small rooms as they can easily fit into any tight space. In addition, it can be placed in the corner of the bedroom to put books inside.

In addition, you can put it in the kid’s room to organize their crafty products in one place, as they usually create a mess by leaving paints, paint books, brushes, clothes, etc., randomly.

You have to keep them clean, particularly if you have got white ones, as the presence of stains on the white furniture affects its appealing look.

It is easier to clean them using a soapy solution to wipe out the stains. Spray the solution and rub the surface with a soft cloth.


IKEA Alex drawers are cost-effective, as you can get 5-drawer units for almost $90 to $100, and Helmer with 6-drawers is available at almost $65 to $72.

Moreover, a 6-drawer chest with casters is available at around $135 to $142 with wide drawers. You can also get a 9-drawer unit for $195, with a maximum number of drawers.

It is amazing to get furniture for organizing the random stuff in your house at less than even $200. It is a great option when looking for an affordable storage unit.

So, it has gained popularity among customers due to its low cost, as even low-income people can easily afford it.

Better storage space 

It looks compact and smaller, but it provides a lot of space to adjust many things in one place, as there are multiple drawers in one unit.

Each unit has a perfect height and width of almost 26 and 13 inches. Additionally, its depth is around 21 inches providing enough space to arrange files or makeup products.

Furthermore, you can choose drawers of varying heights according to your requirement, as 5, 8, and 12 inches in length are available at IKEA.

High versatility

They offer high versatility, and you can use them for multiple purposes, like an organizer to keep craft supplies and a unit for storing sewing materials.

Moreover, it is mainly used to put makeup products in different sections, and you do not have to make more struggle to find nail polish from a messy makeup bag.

Some people put their kitchen stuff like spoons, knives, and forks that are rarely used and consume space on the countertop. These are also suitable for keeping paintbrushes and yarn.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

IKEA makes eco-friendly products that can be recycled, showing its efforts to maintain sustainability and protect the environment.

They re-use waste material obtained from furniture production to make energy and consume it to construct more products at their factories.

It is working hard to meet the climate-positive goal and introduces products that can help meet the standard of sustainability and customer needs.

Variety of colors and sizes

You can get a variety of colors according to your choice, but black and white are the most popular styles in their series.

However, you can get turquoise, dark blue, grey, and natural wood color in this furniture category. In addition, it offers a variety of neutral shades that can go well with the house interior.

Furthermore, you can get different sizes ranging from a 3 and 4-drawer unit suitable for office file collection to a 9-drawer unit for other storage purposes.

It provides different widths in these units ranging between 13 to 23 inches, allowing you to choose the one that can perfectly fit in the available space.

Are IKEA Alex drawers durable? 

Alex drawers are made of 100% wood material, ensuring the durability of the products. In addition, easier cleaning practices, the use of wood, and improved design add to their durability.

You can repaint its surface to make them look attractive and protect it from moisture. However, you have to put extra effort into its maintenance to improve lifespan.

These are well-designed and functional products, but IKEA products are fragile, as they are made of particleboard and need special care.

Moreover, varnish and veneer are applied on the furniture to protect it from natural wear and make it look beautiful. Still, you have to avoid dust accumulation and sun exposure for durability.

What are the disadvantages of IKEA Alex Drawers?

IKEA Alex drawers are considered suitable storage units for their clean looks, and they can be easily customized by repainting surfaces, adding cane webbing, and even front replacements.

However, these units have a few disadvantages, as they are heavier to load on the vehicle and take upstairs. In addition, it is not easy to carry 60 to 80 pounds weight without support.

Moreover, it requires more time to assemble the whole unit, as it is challenging for a newbie to fit every piece into its appropriate place.

The assembly process is usually strenuous and time-taking, even if they are ready to assemble products. Some people complained about its fragile nature and considered it a wastage of money.

However, its weight holding capacity and clean look elegantly mask their flaws, as you can get a perfect storage unit at a low cost from IKEA.

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