Can You Put a Slipcover on a Reclining Sofa?

Can You Put a Slipcover on a Reclining Sofa?

People use different covers to protect the sofas and chairs. Covering a recliner with any fabric or other material differs from the rest of the furniture.

Can You Put a Slipcover on a Reclining Sofa? You can put a slipcover on your reclining sofa by measuring its dimensions. You can make it at home, use it for the front top of the couch, and then spread it on the armrest. Next, pull it down, drape it on the footrest, and secure it with elastic straps or pins. Slipcovers fit tightly around the couch and are available in different styles and colors. You can purchase ready-made or get a customized cover for your sofa. It costs between $40 to $1000 for a slipcover for a recliner sofa.

The recliner is a type of sofa with a lowering back for the backrest and raised front for the footrest. They are of two types manual and power recliner. 

What is a slipcover?

Slipcovers are a piece of fabric to protect sofas and other furniture. They slip easily over the couch and fit snugly around it.

They are also used to change the appearance of the sofas. They also protect the surface from getting dirty.

They also protect the cushions from stains due to drink spillage. In this way, they prolong the life expectancy of the recliner by decreasing normal wear and tear.

You can change the decoration and interior design of the room without buying new furniture. They are available in different styles and colors.

Cotton, Stretchable fabric, or plastic is commonly used in standard or ready-made slipcovers. However, you can choose the fabric according to your furniture.

Can you use a slipcover on recliner sofas?

It is a simple task to protect a sofa with a slipcover. In contrast, recliner sofas have different structures than the ordinary couch. They have a moveable back footrest and armrest. It makes it challenging to use a standard slipcover.

You can get a slipcover of any size and design by purchasing a customized product.

In addition, you can select a slipcover designed specifically for such couches. You can also use it by slightly modifying the standard size sofa.

How to prepare a slipcover for a reclining sofa?

It is a simple task to make a slipcover for your recliner. Gather the right tools and access your furniture size.

Measure the recliner sofa

Measure your furniture because it is a must to have the correct size of a slipcover.

First, measure the length of the sides from the floor to the armrest. Then measure the length of the back from the top to the floor. Then measure the width of the side of the sofa from the front to the rear end.

Measure the length of cushions from one armrest to the other armrest. Then measure the width of the cushions from the front to the back of the couch.

Note down all values and ad extra 14 inches in the length of the cover. Next, add 4 inches on the width to spread it around the furniture. I prefer adding 5 inches of fabric to compensate for the joints.

Prepare the slipcover

Take a fabric of your choice and draw lines on it according to the measurement of the recliner. My friends suggested using cotton or velvet fabric for this purpose.

It will make it easy to cut the fabric into pieces. Now cut three pieces of fabric, one for the top back and cushions and two for the side armrest.

Place it on its respective site and pin it on its position. It will allow you to adjust the size and ensure a proper fit.

Sew the armrest pieces and front side pieces separately. You can sew elastic around the edges to make it stretchable.

Then sew the armrest piece with the fabric of the main body and back.

Do not sew the front edge to keep an opening for fitting it around the sofa. Instead, trim the excess fabric from the underside of the cover.

How to put a slipcover on a reclining sofa?

It takes a few minutes to tightly fit a cover around a recliner sofa. Then, follow the simple steps to cover the couch.

Cove the top back of the sofa

Clean up all the unnecessary stuff from the couch before starting the task. Take the slipover and hold its front edge straight in your hand.

The ready-made covers contain a tag to distinguish the pieces. The piece for the front side has a center top tag. 

Drape it around the top of the couch by starting from the right side. It will protect the front and back of the couch.

Cover the armrest

It needs a little force to pull down the cover from the armrest. Check the tag on the armrest pieces.

Both contain separate tags for the right side and left side armrest. Drape the armrest piece on it and pull it down to cover it.

Align the fabric on the armrest and pull it down to cover the side of the armrest and couch. Tuck the excess fabric on the sides of the cushions to fit this properly.

Cover the seat cushions

Drape the cover on the cushions and smooth out the fabric on the seat with your hands.

Tuck this fabric between the cushion and in the crevices of the cushion. Then pull it down to cover the front edge of the recliner.

Cover the footrest

Stretch the recliner sofa top towards the back and pull out the footrest. Cover the footrest with fabric and fit it around them with elastic straps.

Then smooth out the fabric from all sides and tuck all the material between cushion and armrest crevices. It will smooth out all remaining wrinkles on it.

Fit the cover around the sofa

Securing the cover around the sofa is crucial to prevent it from slipping. There are various ways to ensure the fabric is in its position. I prefer the needles and pins to secure it around the recliner.

You can use elastic straps to fix the fabric. Upholstery pins are another good option to fix it. Finally, you can add Velcro to the cover to make it secure around the couch.

How much does it cost to prepare a slipcover for a recliner sofa?

The cost of a slipcover depends upon the type of fabric design and style of cover you choose.

On average, a ready-made slipcover costs about $40 to $100. The customized covers are more expensive than the ready-made products. They cost about $300 to $1500.

When you are sewing it at home, it costs only $20 to $50.Two seated ready-made slipcovers for recliners cost about $40 to $50.

Three seated slipcovers on a ready-made sofa cost about $50 to $55.The cost goes higher for a velvet or upholstery style cover for a recliner couch.

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