Why Is Lovesac Sactional So Expensive?

Why Is Lovesac Sactional So Expensive?

Lovesac offers unique furniture products to decorate the empty room space with elegant Sactionals and sacs. It makes it easy to update the room interior by selecting from a wide range of covers.

Why Is Lovesac Sactional So Expensive? Lovesac sactional is so expensive owing to high demand and lifetime guarantee. In addition, Lovesac uses advanced Durafoam and Stealth technology that increases the overall cost. Moreover, it offers its customers better adaptability, durability, and home trial. It has to invest in the showrooms to get a spacious place for better display. Furthermore, it provides customized designs having different configurations and delivers products internationally. 

Many people prefer to buy cheaper products, but it is a short-term investment as they are compromising on the high quality and longevity of the product.

However, Lovesac furniture is expensive, but you do not have to replace it for many years as it remains intact, fluffy, and colorful.

This American retail brand deals in patented furniture items known as sactionals. The headquarter of Lovesac is located in Stamford, US.

It provides versatile furniture, including sactionals and sacs that are filled with a foam mixture. The former involves the arrangement of seats and sides to build the backrest and armrest.

Furthermore, a large sectional sofa having a footrest contains four seats, while a standard sofa and a loveseat have three and two seats.

Moreover, it also provides a sac or a bag like a soft bean bag having a foamy mixture inside it.

Is Lovesac Sactional expensive?

Lovesac sactional is expensive due to the use of advanced Stealthtech technology that provides specific tunings according to the fabric or layout of the sactional.

It gives you a better audio experience due to the embedded speakers inside the couch. Moreover, it provides sensational and clear audio by adjusting sound frequencies according to fabric type.

The use of high technology and the popularity of Lovesac among furnishing companies make it an expensive brand that offers higher rates than others to maintain its standards.

You can get a Loveseat sactional for almost $2235 to $4130, depending on the number of seats and fabric.

Similarly, a sac and covers are available for $525 to $1330, while their inserts can cost you around $185 to $720.

Examples of Lovesac Sactionals with their price, weight, and material

Configurations of Lovesac Sactional sofas Price Weight (Pounds) Material
2-seat $2330 550 Pounds Polylinen
3-seat $3375 795 Pounds Chenille
4-seat $4030 1040 Pounds Velvet
5-seat $4680 1285 Pounds Weave
6-seat $6795 1530 Pounds Chenille
8-seat $8020 2020 Pounds Leather
9-seat $8690 2265 Pounds Reversible
10-seat $10,110 2510 Pounds Weave

What makes Lovesac Sactional so expensive?

Many reasons account for the increased prices of Lovesac furniture, like their sactionals, including brand popularity among people that help grab them more money on its name.

High demand 

Higher prices of Lovesac Sactional couches are due to increased demand from the public.

Many people love to buy from this famous brand due to the loyalty or reliability of their products, as it has been working for a long time.

Work from home is trending nowadays that has directed attention toward comfortable furniture. Also, their sactionals and sacs are undeniably comfortable and soft, providing a better platform to sit for long hours.

Lifetime guarantee 

It offers a lifetime guarantee for all the hard pieces of products like sactionals, but sacs do not fall under this category.

Moreover, the soft inserts for sacs also have a lifetime guarantee, while such inserts for sactionals do not offer such a warranty.

However, its warranty does not cover accessories, damage due to pets, incorrect washing, fading of color, stains on covers, and foul odors.

Use of Durafoam technology 

Durafoam technology involves using plastic and foam and sponge cell rubber or Durafoam. Such a combination works well and provides a comfortable platform to sit on.

Not only does Lovesac furniture’s appealing looks and better aesthetics make it expensive, but the use of advanced technology distinguishes it from others.

Better adaptability and durability

Its products have better adaptability, ensuring better usage of the sactionals and sacs. The Lovesac Sactional is worth it, and I consider it a smart investment for comfort and mental peace.

They are available in multiple shapes, designs, and styles that can suit each corner of the room. You can choose your favorite couch according to the space and requirements.

It provides a single armless sac that is suitable only for 1 or 2 persons to an 8-seater large size sactional, which can fit almost 8 people easily.

In addition, it looks new even after use for many years, and its color does not fade due to the use of high-quality fabric.

Invest in showrooms 

It is a renowned furniture brand with multiple outlets that must be designed according to its reputation to maintain its brand value.

It requires spacious areas to display sofas in a better way that looks presentable to visitors. It needs a large showroom equipped with all facilities and looks aesthetically appealing.

So, a large investment is required to get a spacious room and decorate it with beautiful decor pieces; that’s why it charges a heavy amount from customers.

Customized designs and configuration 

One of the best things about Lovesac furniture is that it comes in different configurations that allow you to arrange them by considering the room space.

It improves the functionality of the large sactionals by adjusting them in any corner of the room without worrying about their shape.

Furthermore, you can choose your sofa by applying the filter of a particular number of seats, colors, and fabrics to get the best one from five different categories.

International shipping cost 

The shipping cost for international customers is more than for those who live in the US, as they have to use other shipping services to deliver the product.

The imported products have increased overall price as the shipping cost is included. In addition, some countries apply taxes or tariffs on imported items, so it has to be pricier.

Use of Stealth Technology 

It has integrated stealth technology into the furniture and provides a better audio experience while sitting on a sofa.

The speakers operate at a better frequency as a specific tuning helps adjust the frequencies according to the thickness of the fabric.

Moreover, it can tune the audio system according to the shape or configuration of couches to ensure better sound quality.

You can also benefit from wireless charging as they are embedded inside the couch in an undetectable manner.

Home Trial 

It offers a home trial to try and test its product at home for almost 2 months to satisfy yourself.

It is an excellent step for the benefit of customers that have no time to go to the stores and purchase the sactionals and sacs online.

So, it has to raise the actual cost of the products to give you all the perks of refund, replacement, and refund.

Can I get a discount on Lovesac furniture? 

It provides a hero discount for the workers who are making efforts for society, like teachers, medical professionals, and military persons.

It is a way to support and thank the dedicated persons who are spending their lives for society’s wellbeing.

So, you can enjoy a 5 to 7% discount on Lovesac if you belong to any of the professions mentioned above. Not only current workers but retired persons can also avail this opportunity.

You have to complete the verification process, which applies to the current purchases, excluding gift cards.

This hero discount program involves all those healthcare workers who work in different US sectors, like pharmacists, laboratory scientists, nurses, etc.

Does Lovesac offer free shipping on Sactionals?

It offers a free shipping facility to US customers and delivers the products within the expected duration.

However, international customers have to pay some charges according to the distance of their country to get Lovesac furniture.

Furthermore, it ensures delivery of sofas within 7 to 28 days, but this time duration can extend almost 6 to 10 weeks if you have ordered customized furniture.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 872 people to know their experience with Lovesac Sactionals and whether their prices are high or moderate.

Of 872 people, 599 people (69%) said it offers comfortable, luxurious, and high-quality sofas with better durability, and their rates are worth it.

However, 201 people (23%) said they are not satisfied with the price tags on Lovesac products as they have to lower the prices and make them affordable for everyone.

While the remaining 72 people (8%) said it had worked hard to build its reputation, now it’s time to cash its efforts by charging a heavy amount for its unique products.

The Lovesac stores have a better presentation of products with decorative rugs and price tags. In addition, the stores offer better customer service as their salesman are polite and informative.

“I have asked about a 2-seater sactional from their salesman, who was so friendly, and he searched inside the store and provided related information.”

Their furniture is highly durable and remains soft, fluffy, and fresh for almost 10 to 15 years, and all the built-in systems also remain functional.

“My Lovesac Sactional is almost 9 years old and still looks fresh and appealing. There has been no issue with an audio system and charging port as everything is working well till now.”

The furniture remains colorful and elegant in looks for a short time, begins to fade after frequent washing, and gets uncomfortable sitting on.

“My sectional sofa worked great for almost 2 years; then it started losing its color and looks like a piece of junk in the lounge.”

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