Can You Use Bathroom Tiles in Kitchen?

Can You Use Bathroom Tiles in Kitchen?

Many people use bathroom tiles in the kitchen as both perform the same function, with a few exceptions.

These consist of different minerals like nickel, copper, manganese, iron, cobalt, and chromium that create glazes.

Can You Use Bathroom Tiles in Kitchen? You can use bathroom tiles in the kitchen because these can bring a sense of continuity, rhythm, synchronicity, and balance to your home. This setting can save your money and time from selecting the new and beautiful designed tiles. In addition, it can create a picture of uniqueness and innovation to the interior decoration and help in creating an optimal style for the cooking area. However, there is a difference in their size and dimensions as bathroom tiles are big while small tiles look better in the kitchen.

You have to use products that can bear heavy loads because both the kitchen and bathroom are frequently used places in the home.

You can also go for different tiles as some people do not like mixing and matching, and they love to do something contrastingly different.

What are the bathroom tiles?

The bathroom is one of the places that people use every day, so it should have the best flooring.

It remains wet, and there is a constant risk of slipping, especially for the elderly, and dampness also accumulates bacteria and viruses.

Choose water-resistant tiles and have a low likelihood of being slippery due to glazing.

Matte finish and non-porous tiles are a better option because these reduce the risk of slip, and non- porosity does not permit the water to absorb.

Printed panels are in trend, but most people want a simple, subtle look and make your bathroom look big.

What are the kitchen tiles?

Your kitchen is basically a reflector of your personality, and you have to select something perfect for its floor and walls.

There is a continuous spread of water, oil, spills, and food splashes on shelves and floors that can cause difficulty during cleaning.

You have to avoid the porous tile that is more prone to penetrating water, while non-porous ones are more durable and easy to clean. Some people also use a bath mat in their kitchen.

Large size tiles secure their position for the flooring as they make it look better and more significant than the actual.

Why should you use bathroom tiles in your kitchen?

You can choose different patterns for different places like printed panels are perfect for walls, while simple one-tones are suitable for flooring.

Save money

If you have some leftover tiles after the renovation of the bathroom, then you can easily adjust them in your kitchen.

It can save you money as you do not need to buy new products.

You can use this saved money to buy a new beautifully designed china cabinet that helps to store china items.


The use of matching tiles for the bathroom and kitchen brings a sense of harmony, synchronization, continuity, and uniformity to your home.

You can definitely, choose a similar pattern in your kitchen to create a cohesive and beautiful scheme if you love this pattern in your bathroom.

You can enjoy the same desired and balanced look at your place that people will appreciate and like to adopt for their home decor.

Save time

You can use bathroom tiles in other parts of your home because it is helpful to save time.

The leftover tiles are beneficial to renovate the floor and backsplash, and in this way, you can save your time to buy new tiles from the market.

You can use this time on the lighting fixtures and cabinets approval for a well-furnished interior decor of your home.

This fixture will save your energy as you do not need to rush for the new ones while having some leftovers from the bathroom.

Decorate your home

It looks innovative and unique to use the same tiles for the kitchen and bathroom that are the most important places at your place.

I have this scenario in my home, and I must say that it looks stylish and beautiful, and my relatives love it.

This setting will make your home look different as it is not common yet, but it will become popular in society in the coming years.

Make your kitchen look  bigger

Bathroom tiles are usually large in dimensions, and you can make your kitchen look bigger and more beautiful by placing them.

The kitchen and bathroom usually occupy a small area of the house, but the installment of these big size tiles for the flooring help to make the space appear bigger.

By using a one-toned light color section, you can decorate your place without any expansion in the area, which proves to be quite expensive.

Why should you not use the same tiles for the bathroom and kitchen?

Many people do not want to go for the matching, and the reasons behind it are their non-likeness and difference related to their functions.

Matching does not always look beautiful

It looks beautiful for these two places to match when you are also mixing for other areas in the home, and otherwise, it can create a messy look.

The same color paint is on the walls of the bedrooms, in the living room and children’s room, and similar decoration pieces on the floating shelves bring continuity.

My friend has similar tiles at these two places that look innovative because he also has a matching of wall paints and artwork in his home.

Difference of size

Bathroom tiles are big in length and width, while people love to use small-size tiles in their kitchen to have a perfect look.

These tiles ranging from 55 x 55 inches for walls and 25 x 55 for floor seem perfect, while tile of 11-inch square is suitable for flooring in the kitchen.

You cannot fix these forcefully in other rooms as they can create an unpleasant look to your place that should have a perfect and balanced appearance.

Difference of color

Kitchen tiles are light in color, and most of them are print-less that prevail a finished look for your dining area.

In contrast, the dark color of bathroom tiles can create a poor appearance in the kitchen.

That is why many of my friends do not use similar tiles at both places.

Various designs

Bathroom tiles have some printed panels consisting of the shapes of flowers, trees, showers, tabs, and many others that cannot look good in the kitchen.

The cup, plate, fork, knife, fruits, and vegetables are the perfect designs for kitchen tiles, and many people want these.

It is useless to go for flowery panels for your backsplash and walls in the cooking area.

Different functions

You have to use non-porous and durable tiles for the kitchen because it is prone to food splashes, oil, moisture, and dirt, and its cleaning demands regular shifts.

The bathroom should have water-resistant and tripping hazard-free tiles because it remains wet most of the time.

These properties indicate that both types don’t quite match each other, and it is not better to interchange them.

Things to consider when using matching tiles in your kitchen and bathroom

You have to take accurate measurements according to the size of the area as bathroom tiles are big in length.

You have to inspect whether you have enough tiles according to the measurement because shortage can bring a problem.

You have to check that you are sure of the color and design scheme because the non-significant matching leads to the worst look.

You have to make sure that this styling will complement other decorations in your home, creating a sense of continuity.

As both places are equally important, you should not compromise on their beauty and select the best.

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