When Does IKEA Have Sofa Sales?

When Does IKEA Have Sofa Sales?

IKEA provides better opportunities to get their products at great discount rates during their sales event. Therefore, many people prefer to purchase their sofas at low rates when they cannot afford the actual price.

When Does IKEA Have Sofa Sales? IKEA has sofa sales on special days of the year like Christmas and at the end of the summer and winter seasons. Moreover, their Black Friday sale is popular that provides almost 10 to 15% discount on luxurious couches. Additionally, you can see IKEA sales on sofas infrequently because their manufacturing cost is high, and the sales provide a lesser profit margin. Furthermore, it is tedious to construct them and has high shipping costs. 

They have infrequent sales on sofas, so you have to watch their schedule when you are waiting keenly to purchase your favorite furniture at a better price.

Why would you purchase IKEA sofas on sale?

Many people prefer to purchase products that are generally out of their budget due to high rates. The luxurious and contemporary furniture is also expensive to purchase without sales.

So, they wait for the discount event to get them at affordable rates. Additionally, it helps save money, and you can use the money to buy some other beautiful items.

What time of year does IKEA have sofa sales?

There are some specific times of the year when IKEA offers sales on the sofas.

You should know about their sales to avoid missing the chance of getting your favorite products at lower rates.


All the brands go on discounts during holidays on special occasions like Christmas and New Year. You can get yourself registered to their newsletter to get updates about the sales time.

Labor Day

You can plan to replace your old furniture with a new one when Labor Day is near. In addition, it allows you to enjoy special deals on products out of your budget.

The sellers cut down furniture rates, like a couch at an affordable price. I got my favorite couch during Labor Day, which I saw a month ago at a discount rate.

I added it to my reception room because I have saved around $200 on the same product.

Black Friday

Black Friday discounts at different retailer brands are common that remain for a long time.

For example, they offer a black Friday discount right after Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November.

It remains for some days or a week, so you can search for the best furniture on their website or visit the stores physically.

In addition, you can get amazing discounts on all the products, including furniture items.

You can save a good amount when they cut down the rates as I have seen an armchair at their shop and during sales that was available at $295, whose original price was $316.

Moreover, the 2-seater couch was $448, but available at just $399 and allows you to save almost $49.

Summer and winter sale

The discount does not depend on the season, but you can get a small percentage of discount at the end of the season.

They offer fantastic summer and winter discounts for a limited time. Summer sales are in July, and winter ones are in December or January, which remain for at least a month.

Why does IKEA avoid sofa sales?

It goes on sofa sales infrequently when they have to free up the storage houses. Moreover, they offer a low discount on luxurious furniture due to many reasons.

High demand

Many people like to add elegant couches in the rooms, like the lounge, bedrooms, and reception rooms.

This furniture never goes out of demand, so furniture sellers do not sell it at low prices.

This is because they understand that people understand the value and cost of luxury furniture.

So, they would rarely offer discounts for long-lasting furniture because it is a lifetime investment. Therefore, you should not hesitate to buy expensive furniture.

Less profit margin

The brands usually have a target to profit from each product to help them maintain their business for a long time.

In the same way, the company does not want to face loss, particularly on those products which demand heavy investment.

It would never compromise on the cost of products unless it becomes the last option when they have to free up its inventory.

Furthermore, they have to face losses when their selling prices are lower than the manufacturing cost.

High manufacturing cost

The accumulative cost of producing comfortable and aesthetically beautiful furniture is more than the low-grade products.

Couches are highly durable because the manufacturers use good quality material.

In addition, they use high-quality fillers inside the cushions, so they remain soft and bouncy for a long time.

The cost of oak wood and maple is commonly used for the frame, and the fabric covering the material is high.

So, all the raw material used for their production is expensive, which increases the overall cost of the product.

Therefore, the sellers want to get the best price for the high-quality products, so they try to sell them without any loss and sell at their manufacturing cost.

Expensive shipping

Couches are usually bigger than other furniture like chairs and tables and need to be shipped as it is.

Moreover, you cannot fold them into a smaller size, and some of the couches are available in different pieces that are not too small.

A large shipping vehicle is required to deliver them to your doorstep.

Additionally, the presence of a couch in the truck does not allow any other product to be transported.

The large vehicle needs more fuel and increases the overall price of the product. So, the sellers do not prefer to give you a significant discount on the furniture.

Similarly, this brand gives you a discount on the product in a situation where you select the option of click and collect means you can take the product by yourself.

Tedious construction

It is not easy to make stylish furniture that requires a lot of labor and is time-consuming. For example, it can take some days to even a month to construct a couch.

You need to stitch the fabric for making covers, and cutting foam to give appropriate shapes using the machinery requires great effort.

The manufacturers have to pay a handsome amount to the labor for working on designing and production of appealing furniture.

It takes time, and sellers have to face low supply issues for this type of furniture that does not allow them to sell this product at a discount rate.

How much discount can you get from IKEA on sofas?

They provide a lesser discount on products with high production costs and take a lot of time.

The couches come under this category, so you cannot get a couch at half price from this brand.

You can get only a 10 to 15% discount on the IKEA sofas. Moreover, never think about missing this opportunity because it rarely goes on sale.

In addition to this, you can get membership benefits in discounts on your purchase products and choose the self-collecting option to exclude the shipping rates.

They offer discounts on the furniture, particularly couches, 2 to 3 pieces of furniture in a year on special occasions. So, grab the chance if you are waiting to purchase a high-quality couch at a low price.

Is there any alternative for getting a discount on the IKEA sofa?

They provide you with alternative ways to get the sofas at a discount.

For example, you can use the IKEA credit for paying money at the store, and it can help you get a 5% return on the original price.

Moreover, you can register yourself for their program to save $25 after spending $250 on purchasing their products.

Furthermore, they provide you with a gift card when you scan your card before checking out from the store. The gift cards provide an opportunity to shop for a product worth $100.

Their family member can grab many opportunities to get discounts on the products.

For example, they give a special discount on the couch when you become a regular member of the IKEA family.

Do people prefer to purchase luxury furniture during sales?

I have surveyed 698 people who like to get luxury furniture in their homes to know whether they wait for sales to buy an expensive sofa.

Out of 698 people, 527 people (76%) people said that they could not afford luxurious furniture at original rates, so they wait to get these discounted prices.

While 126 people (18%) said that they do not bother whether it is on discount or not and get a couch when they want.

The remaining 45 people (6%) said that they did not know about this type of sale on furniture.

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