Can You Use 1001 Carpet Fresh on Sofas?

Can You Use 1001 Carpet Fresh on Sofas?

The 1001 carpet fresh is a multipurpose product useful for all types of fabrics, including wool. Many people apply this spray on their sofas every week to make them amazing.

Can You Use 1001 Carpet Fresh on Sofas? You can use 1001 carpet fresh on your sofa because it does not contain harsh chemicals or bleaching agents. It is helpful to remove the smells of cooking, cigarette smoking, and body oils from your couches. Remove the dust from sofas and apply a thin layer of this foamy material. Gently rub it with a soft cloth or sponge and leave it for 4 to 6 minutes for the drying process. Now, your furniture is free from all types of smells and clean. These fragrances are long-lasting, dry quickly, and easy to use, making the living room more welcoming. 

You need to clean every part of your home to make them more presenting and welcoming. In addition, using the same products for different purposes saves your cost and time.

What is 1001 Carpet Fresh?

This fragrance spray helps to remove odors from your different furniture. Many people love to add pets to their homes, and they sit on your sofas and carpets.

After some time, these fabrics become smelly and irritating. In this situation, you can use this spray on sofas, upholstery, rugs, and carpets to get rid of the odor.

This spray contains foam-like material, which you can spray on the affected area. It comes with various fragrances in markets, including Orchid flowers.

Why would you use 1001 carpet fresh on the sofa?

Sometimes the white, creamy white, and other darker shades of the upholstery become yellow, which gives a bad appearance. This spray can remove the pale color from your couch and provide a smooth and fresh aroma.

Long-lasting fragrance

The couches are your pets’ favorite place because of their soft and comfortable fabric.

You can use this spray on fabric to resolve this issue. It maintains the room’s fragrance for several hours.

It is better than most washing detergents because of its long-lasting nature. Their fragrance will last for 3 to 5 hours in your room.

Removes different odors

When you sit on the couches all day, the body oils and sweat get absorbed in its fabric. The odor starts to come from there when the surface becomes dry.

People use the 1001 carpet fresh spray on the upholstery to remove the smells of body oils and sweat.

Furthermore, some people have living rooms very close to their kitchen. Therefore, the fabric absorbs the steam that is produced during the cooking procedure.

You can reduce food odor in the living room by spraying this freshener on the couches.

The smell of cigarette smoking penetrates all types of fabrics, and it can irritate a normal person.

You can use it to eliminate cigarette smoking odor from your living room.

Easy to use

It is easy to use this air freshener on the furniture. However, the use of other washing powders or detergents needs special preparation.

It is a less hectic process and consumes less time from your hectic routine.

It is also easy to use because you do not need to vacuum the surface before application.

It penetrates deep down the fabric and removes foul odors.

It helps to neutralize the effect of small trapped odors and make the room fresh and comfortable for use.

Dry quickly

You do not need to wait for several houses to dry the sofa so you can sit on them. In addition, it reduces the electricity cost because it quickly dries with fresh air.

You do not need to turn on your fans or exhaust to make the upholstery free from moisture.

The total time for drying is about 3 to 6 minutes. The easy and quick drying is due to its foamy texture that contains less water.

Make the living room welcoming

Many people place their couches in the living room for gossiping purposes. It is also the sitting place for guests, friends, and other relatives.

People love to spend quality time at this place while eating food and talking with friends and family.

The slight smell in this area disturbs the people, and they do not want to sit there for a longer time. Moreover, it becomes uncomfortable and irritating for guests.

When you spray this freshener on your couch, it provides a cool appearance to your room.

Moreover, the room becomes more welcoming and inviting due to the beautiful aroma.

Suitable for sofa

It is suitable for upholstery of sofas because of the absence of harsh chemicals. In addition, it does not contain any bleaching agent that causes damage to the upholstery.

Several cleaning products and sprays contain chemicals that produce the small patches on the fabric and fade their color.

It is free from any of this material, so you can freely apply it on couches without worrying. It is safe for all types of soft fabric, including wool.

I use it on my couch, and it is safe because the upholstery color remains the same.

How to use 1001 carpet fresh on sofas?

You have to shake the bottle well for 40 seconds to 50 seconds before its use and application. Then, keep it 20cm to 30cm away from the upholstery for spray.

Press the nozzle to spray the foamy-like material.

Start from one side and take it to the other side while making a smooth layer on the upholstery.

Do not add a thick layer to the fabric. Now lightly rub the surface using a clean and soft cloth or sponge.

Leave the treated area and wait for 5 to 6 minutes for the drying process. Now your furniture is fresh and free from all types of pet odors.

In the end, you can also vacuum the surface for better results and small hair removal.

Things to consider a when using 1001 carpet Fresh on Sofa

You need to apply them carefully because slight negligence can cause damages. You should consider the following points before the cleaning process.

Keep the pets away

When applying this spray on couches, rugs, or carpets, you should keep your pets in the other room.

It is damaging for your cats and dogs because of its chemicals. Moreover, the pets also want to eat or smell new things.

Check the fabric of the sofa

You should also check the fabric of couches before their application. The small tags are attached on their side with the instructions.

You can read this tag to check if this stuff is compatible with dry cleaning products. In case of any doubt, perform a patch test for confirmation.

Apply it to a small area first to check for any fading issues. It is necessary to apply the products on the side of the fabric while performing this test.

Keep away from heat

It is also necessary that you should not keep it near the heat. This is because it contains an aerosol chemical that can cause an explosion when it comes in contact with heat.

Do not place these fragrance sprays in your kitchen or near the cooking area. If your living room is close to the kitchen, take the couches outside for safety.

This bottle can burst when you place them near the heat or direct sunlight exposure.

Can you use 1001 carpet fresh on velvet and leather sofas?

You cannot use this carpet fresh on the velvet couches because it damages their upholstery.

However, some couches are also available in the market with velvet strips for decoration purposes.

Avoid applying this spray on this strip because it can damage its color. The dull-colored patches give an old look to your couch.

The leather sofas cannot absorb water and produce a smell because of their water-resistant fabric. Therefore, you do not need to use it for leather specifically.

Spray on the leather couches if you want to make the interior refreshing.

Only the air fresheners and a mild cleaner are not suitable for hard stains. The stains of coffee, tea juices, and other food crumbs need deep cleaning.

You have to remove these stains using steam cleaning and other washing detergents.

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