How to Decorate a China Cabinet without Dishes?

How to Decorate a China Cabinet without Dishes?

China cabinet is a furniture item used to place china, but you can decorate it without dishes in a more stylish way.

This styling will increase its utility, as you are not just using it for your crockery items like glasses, dinner sets, tea sets, plates, cake platters.

How to Decorate a China Cabinet without Dishes? You can place different items like books, magazines, and newspapers on a china cabinet for having a reading corner. It is suitable to put gifts and memorable things you bring from tours and visits. These are perfect for placing vases, decoration pieces, woven baskets, towels, hand sanitizers, and ceramic items. You can easily use it for adjusting the quilts, pillowcases, and bedsheets in the lower drawers. You can adjust makeup items, candle stands, pottery bowls, photo frames, and tissue boxes, irrespective of the fact that many people use these cabinets for carrying dishes.

China cabinet is a masterpiece having some shelves above and a broad lower portion that can hold a lot of products of daily routine.

My friend has this cabinet in its porch where he used to put car batteries, a hammer, screwdriver, hand sanitizers, joggers for jogging, and an umbrella for an emergency.

Many people do not want to use these cabinets for the same purpose as their natural use, and however, they want to accessorize them in a better way.

You can put many different things but try to be specific according to the area as a thing looks better at its proper place.


You can place books, magazines, and books in this piece of your furniture in the reading room of your home.

You can even use the china cabinet as a bookcase having rows of books placed on the above shelves and newspapers and magazines in the lower drawers.

It is not necessary to put this in the reading room, and you can place it in your bedroom and dining room, where you can read a book while having a cup of tea.

It is helpful in the organization of all these literary products at a suitable place, and you will relax without any tension for searching a particular book.


It is suitable to place memorable things in a china cabinet, and you can adjust the gifts given by your loved ones.

This assembly is its perfect utilization besides placing dishes in it because these gifts can enhance the beauty that makes you happy.

My friend has a china cabinet full of gifts and photos, and I used to say to him that I gave him this one, and he used to start laughing by hearing this.

A cabinet full of gifts will help you remember your loved ones, and you will feel like they are with you.

It is a safe place to hold the memories of your tours and visits to some beautiful places in your country.

The guests at your place are curious about your findings and appreciate the setting in the room.


A china cabinet secures its importance as a suitable place for quilts because its lower drawers are big enough to have heavy quilts.

It can hold bed sheets, comforter and polyester pillow, and pillowcases but do not try to fix them forcefully.

You have to try not to put extra items in the drawers and on the shelves because it has a specific capacity to carry.


A china cabinet in your bedroom is a perfect place to have towels and other products related to personal hygiene.

You can put this stuff in its lower drawers with wooden doors, so others cannot see it.

If this furniture is in the dining area, you can even utilize it to have an easy and quick approach to towels and hand sanitizers near the basin.

By having a cabinet on the porch, you can hold hand sanitizers and other disinfecting agents to disinfect yourself after you come back home.

This setting helps to remind you about your thing because it is helpful for an organized assembly.

Antique pieces

You can use a china cabinet as floating shelves to have a range of antique decoration pieces.

You can place a historical decoration piece, a crafted crystal next to it, and some books on the other side.

You can use woven baskets, a decorative mirror, and ceramic pieces in your cabinet that are present in your living room.

This decoration will give a style statement to your area by enhancing the beauty and convenience as it has a mixture of products.

Photo frames

It is a suitable place to have family photo frames that are memorable and close to your heart.

Even if they are no longer alive, this placement will make you feel as if your loved ones are with you.

It helps to remind your children about their grandparents.

There is a china cabinet in my bedroom where I have put my wedding photographs, and some photo frames are of my birth time.

These photos will add beauty and represent your love for your family and your nearest and dearest ones.


A vase is a source of beauty that adds some color and nature to the surrounding environment and keeps you happy and fresh.

You can place a variety of vases and flower baskets but try to avoid the real plant pots because watering them can damage your furniture.

It does not look nice to fill the rows with vases, and it is better to accessorize the vases by placing some decoration pieces.

I have a china cabinet at my place, and my sister has decorated it by placing family photo frames in the first row and the next row with a vase and decoration pieces.


You can place a beautiful clock in a china cabinet even though many people use it for storing dishes.

You can place a clock in the center with two vases at its sides that present a balanced and complete look as a whole.

You have to be specific in its size that it should match the area over the shelf and try to use a smaller one with some space above.

This assembly will save a place on the wall, where you can make artwork for a better look in your room bedroom.

Pottery bowls and candle stands

You can use artistic pottery bowls and candle stands in a china cabinet on its floating shelves, which can vary depending on its size.

Candle stands can provide you with a source of light in the load shedding due to any technical defect in the wirings.

Adding pottery bowls will give a beautiful and natural look to your dining room, and by using these pottery items, you can promote local industry.

You can accessorize the candle stands with vases and clocks but try to make sure that they are at a suitable distance from each other.

You have to check that there is no flammable material near these candles because it can be dangerous for you and your furniture.

Tissue box

You can put a tissue box on a china cabinet present in your dining area to have easy access to tissues after having a meal.

You can remove the makeup with tissues present in the dressing area of your home.

You can accessorize it with a vase, photo frames, a clock, a few decoration pieces, and books to have harmony between products.

Makeup items

My friend has a china cabinet in his room, and his wife used to put her makeup items in it.

As children are curious about these items and can damage the lipstick, perfumes lead to a bad mood for their mother.

For avoiding your child’s access to these sensitive items, you can put them in the cabinet.


You can use this cabinet as a suitable place for electronic items like table fans, oven, toaster, iron, sandwich makers, and kettles.

This setting will provide a safe and secure place for these electronic products, and you can access these at any time.

You have to inspect the size of shelves and drawers to carry these items in the cabinet present in the dining room.

Children will also be less likely to attack these items if they are present at a certain height on the shelves.


You can decorate a child’s room by placing a china cabinet in a corner to create symmetry in the interior design.

You can place different products in it like a school bag, books, toys, decoration pieces, and a vase for decoration that will present a neat look.

The placement of toys in the china cabinet will create a lot of space in the room where you can place other things like a chair and table for a reading corner.

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