Do Canopy Beds Make Rooms Look Smaller?

Do Canopy Beds Make Rooms Look Smaller?

Canopy beds are the dream of everyone because these beds give away feelings of comfort and privacy.

Do Canopy Beds Make Rooms Look Smaller? Canopy beds make a room look smaller because of the tall posters and their large size. Moreover, they create a feeling of being crushed and cause a visual barrier in the room. 

These are ideal for big rooms as they can occupy a large area in them. 

How does the canopy bed make the room smaller?

You can keep these canpy beds in any room, but it is better to assess the room size before adding this furniture.

Moreover, there is a considerable space between it and the floor, which means it occupies more of the ceiling space.

Tall bed posters

Canopy beds are also called four-poster beds due to the pillars on all corners of them. Moreover, it is taller than others and can make the room look smaller if the ceiling is low.

It is not ideal for the small spaces with lower ceilings because there should be a space between them and the posters.

The posters are usually 8 feet tall, so they are not suitable for lower ceilings. There should be at least 3 inches gap from the roof.

You need to give the ceiling space to rotate because it can be dangerous if the fan is near the posters.

Large size

These are larger than a standard queen size and occupy more space. A queen bed is 65×85 inches in size, and even these are big for an average size room.

However, if you keep them in a small place, you do not have the space to put other furniture pieces. It is better to place this bed in the middle of your room.

It will also occupy the space of the wall behind it, which means you cannot hang any painting above it.

You will have to sacrifice a part of the space of your room for them as it can look too much in an average-sized one.

Visual barrier

It can cause visual barriers not because of posters but due to curtains also. It can also make your room look visually smaller because it is taking up space.

A big bed in an average area can instantly make it feel small. Moreover, it can make them look smaller if it is dark. 

The absence of windows and a source of sunlight in the room instantly make it look smaller.

Furthermore, other furniture which is dark in color and big in size are not suitable with the big one.

In addition, if you decide to keep it, then it will make them noisy. You do not want to enter a space that does not give good visuals.

Feeling crushed

The canopy bed in an average-sized chamber can make you feel crushed in your own space. 

However, you are not going to keep only this in your room. You require other furniture in it like a dresser and wardrobe.

This occupying all the space can create a feeling of suffocation. Moreover, it is never going to look tidy and spacey. 

It will always look stuffed and congested. The place you want to design for yourself should be an area where you can breathe and feel light.

Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy all this if you decide to keep it.

How can you make a room look bigger with a canopy bed?

You do not need a perfect factory-made canopy bed to fulfill your desire to have a piece like this.

You can have them and still can make your room look bigger. Moreover, you can design a space for yourself with the help of these ideas.

You need to paint its walls a lighter color if they are covered with dark color. Light colors will make it look bigger.

Furthermore, fix a mirror in your walls, which will reflect the light coming from the window. This trick will make you feel like you are in a bigger one.

In addition, you do not need posters on the corners to have a canopy on your bed. Instead, you can mount a hook on the ceiling over in its middle.

Take a sheer fabric for dropping over it as the canopy. Cut the fabric into four equal parts considering its size of it as it needs to be covered.

Tie the corners of the four parts of each fabric on the hook, and it will fall over it. Now you have one which does not occupy any extra space.

Moreover, if you want a separate curtain on all of its four corners, then you can mount small hooks on the ceiling. They should be aligned straight with the corners in a perfect manner.

Now you need a thick rope to tie one end to the hook and the other to it. Repeat this on the rest of the corners. Choose the fabric and color of your liking and use it along the length of the rope.

However, it is better to choose a metal frame instead of wood if you want a premade one. This is because the wood posters are thick, whereas the metal one is not thick and gives the benefit of not causing a visual barrier.

There is one more thing you can do choose a twin bed with fewer tall posters. You can keep it in your room if it is wider. Otherwise, place it in the corner, which can make it look bigger.

What type of rooms can have canopy beds?

Canopy beds are considered the ideal piece to keep for master rooms. They require a minimum of 15x17ft room.

You can style it in any way you want and use curtains of any fabric because there is no shortage of space. 

It is better to keep it in a place with big windows and lots of light. 

The entrance of sunlight in it has a good impact on its look. The sunlight can change its look of it.

Moreover, it can even make a master room look extra big. Therefore, a canopy bed in this type of place is a perfect choice to keep.

The ceiling should be at least 10ft tall. The posters need a space to show their beauty and grace. Moreover, the tall ceiling keeps a safe distance between the fan and its tall pillars.

The preferred space for a canopy bed is having more vertical space. Vertically big rooms give more options to decorate them.

You can put other furniture without having space issues. In addition, you will have more wall space to hang decorative paintings.

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