Can You Put a Round Rug in a Square Room?

Can You Put a Round Rug in a Square Room?

The round rugs are an excellent choice to define a particular area under one roof. In addition, it is a perfect choice to infuse some colors and textures in your square room.

Can You Put a Round Rug in a Square Room? You can put a round rug in a square room to divide the space, add color, and match the other round items. Furthermore, it can be your personal preference and suitable for your arched furniture.

Moreover, it is better to put them in curved areas to complement its architecture. It will go well with the round faux ceilings to uplift the circular shape.

Why would you put a round rug in a square room?

Putting the square or rectangular rug is an easy choice to make and safe to design your space.  

However, round rugs bring more to a place than square and rectangular ones.

Perhaps, designing a lounge with a circular carpet can make you think it is challenging, but it is not once you get an idea to make it work.

Divides the space

Sometimes it happens that you have one big room which is accommodating a dining area, kitchen, and lounge. 

Moreover, all this can interfere with the flow of traffic. This setting can make it look cramped and busy.

It also does not look visually better, and your eyes can feel disturbed because you cannot focus on one area of the lounge.

However, a round carpet can do an excellent job of dividing all the areas into separate units. It surprisingly makes you think that all those designated areas do not belong to one room.

For example, if you have a large square lounge, a kitchen, a dining area, and a family seating area. You can put circular rugs to make them all give their separate zones.

Place the carpet under your seating area, which will beautifully give it a separate zone. Similarly, you can do this with your dining area.

Put it under your dining table and chairs; you will have a vignette area.

Personal preference

Choosing a round rug for a square place can only be a personal preference. 

In addition, there is nothing wrong with going with your preference and likeness. For example, some people find it more relaxing and visually satisfying to put on a circular rug.

You do not need to think deeply about aesthetics and style. It can happen because you are more into the softness of circular shapes and not the harsh edges of rectangular or square carpets.

Moreover, you know more than anyone what is better for your place. No one can enter your home and tell you how specifically shaped rugs work in a specifically shaped room.

Suitable for arched furniture

Now that is a reason why you would want to place a round carpet. The furniture with arched designs and a circular rug complements each other well. 

Arched furniture is when the arms and legs of a sofa or chair are in an arched shape. You can think of an arch of the crescent moon.

In addition, together, they enhance the round and arched features of the furniture and blend into each other.

It is better to choose it if you already have arched furniture pieces in a square room.

Furthermore, it is not wise to buy a whole new set of furniture for your lounge so it can fit in a square space.

However, it is not unusual to think that you have made a mistake by selecting arch furniture for your room. 

Adds color

It is the best way to add color to your simple square room. You can think that any shape can do this job well. 

However, it will make bold colors look soft due to its smooth edges. You can put on a carpet to add some color to your place.

For this, you do not need to worry about the size, as a small one can include a perfect quantity of colors. It is a perfect choice if you do not want to hang paintings or anything on your walls.

It can make you feel that your space lacks colors because your furniture is also in plain bland colors. A rug will be an excellent way to introduce color to your lounge.

Furthermore, you can also use it to balance the interior of your room, as the addition of a few items or colors can complete the look by merging things well.

To match other round items

It will look better with other circle-shaped furniture items in the room. For example, you should go for a round rug if you have a circular coffee table. 

It creates a well-balanced décor and visually pleasing aesthetics in a space. For example, you do not have to give a second thought to the shape of it if your place has round-edged furniture.

You can match it with a coffee table, an angled couch, or a circle-rimmed chandelier. It can uplift the décor of the entire lounge and makes you feel that everything is in its perfect place.

Furthermore, you can put it on a rectangular carpet to complement your circular coffee table. Put it under the area which is under a coffee table.

How to put a round rug in a square room?

You should measure the area before getting a new rug for your square room. It depends if you want to have wall-to-wall coverage or to put it under the seating area only.

Furthermore, it can also be placed under the table only. The styling depends on your sense of decor and aesthetics. 

However, it is essential that you should consider the size of the carpet. It needs to be bigger than the table as it should have free space.

It is better to measure your table before putting a carpet under it. Your rug should have 22-26 inches of difference from outside the edges of the table.

It is essential to have extra carpet space because the edge-to-edge coverage does not look pretty.

Does a round rug make a room look bigger?

The round rug adds more space to your square lounge. In addition, it makes the room look visually bigger as its soft circular edge blends with the space. 

Furthermore, it allows you to reveal some of your floor space, whereas rugs of other shapes occupy more floor space.

They are highly suitable for small spaces to make an area look bigger. In addition, a square room does not offer many styling and decorating options.

You are stuck with typical styling and designing options of placing a square rug in the same shaped room. But, because of its shape, you can think that is the way to décor it.

However, you should think out of the box and experience new ways to make your place look more spacious and stylish. 

There is no such thing or rule that you cannot design your space as you want.

Where to put round rugs in your house?

These are not limited to your lounge or square room. You can put it in your entranceway, bedroom, kitchen, and even in bathrooms.

The beauty of round rugs is that you can put them in free space, and they will uplift the aesthetics of the place more.

You can put it off-centered in a bedroom as it does not require furniture to be put above it. Instead, they will simply enhance the colors in the space.

You can please it in your bath area in front of your vanity and in front of the stairway. The size and shape of it allow you to put them anywhere, and they will not look weird.

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