How to Make Wooden Chair More Comfortable?

How to Make Wooden Chair More Comfortable?

Wooden chairs are an essential part of the furniture and add aesthetics to the place. However, they are not preferred for office work and sitting for long hours. It is possible to make them comfortable and durable.

How to Make Wooden Chair More Comfortable? You can make wooden chairs more comfortable with the help of a simple cushion, wedge seat, lumbar cushion, and footrest. Moreover, you can replace the old foam, add a padded arm & seat and choose the right chair.

It is essential to make your seat comfortable because it benefits your body. For example, it improves your productivity, improves posture, and reduces back pain.

In addition, it is affordable to make changes in a chair as compared to spending money on high-end office chairs.

Place a cushion on a wooden chair

Working for a longer period of time and sitting in one place can make you feel uncomfortable and tired. Moreover, not all the chairs in your office or home are suitable for sitting for a long time.

You would want to make your sitting chair comfortable. However, it is possible to fix the problem temporarily if you cannot find a permanent solution.

The quick fix to this problem is placing a cushion on your seat if your backbone is hurting. You can pick any cushion or pillow from your house and put it on top.

It will immediately fix your issue, and you can continue doing the work comfortably without wasting time.


You can add a footrest to make your wooden chair more comfortable because your back is not the only which gets tired.

Moreover, sitting for a long time on it can make your legs go numb and tired. Adding a footrest can improve your posture and give you ultimate comfort.

You can have a footrest that is adjustable according to the height and length of your legs. In addition, you can add a footrest board under the table at which you are working.

Furthermore, you can get your custom-made footrest which will be affordable and fulfill your need. 

Contact your carpenter to make it for you because he owns the tools used to make it.

Seat wedge

A seat wedge is a triangular-shaped cushion used to place on the seat. Place it in a position that is inclining to the front of it.

You can place it in any sitting place, whether it’s your office chair or car seat.

Moreover, it helps you sit in a more comfortable position. It is an excellent option to add if you get tired quickly and have back pain issues.

This is a helpful piece for you to keep if you have a desk job that requires sitting for several hours.

However, there are different sizes of wedge seats, such as 12- and 7-degree angled cushions, which are known to be effective. It helps you in making your spine strong and less tired.

In addition, it improves posture and stabilizes your core. Moreover, it supports lowering the pressure on your hips and back.

The wedge seat can be a good addition and a better use of money. You can place it on any seat top to make them more comfortable.

Padded arms and seat

It is better to add paddings in the seat and arms of your wooden chair if you do not want to spend money on new furniture. 

Furthermore, you can add premade foam seats to it, or you can make one yourself. This can help you a lot in making it more comfortable.

You can upholster the arms, back, and seat of your chair with the help of a piece of plywood, furniture staple gun, foam, and fabric.

Place the thin foam sheet on the wooden arms and add a thick layer of cotton. Cover it with a piece of fabric and staple them separately.

You require a piece of plywood that fits the size of your seat and back. Cut the piece of wood and thick foam. Join them both with the glue and take a piece of fabric slightly wider than the wood.

Staple all of it together to fix it on the seat and back frame. It will add more comfort to your chair.

Replace the old foam

Wooden furniture is durable and can last for more than 10-15 years, but it cannot say the same for foam. 

It is better to replace the foam of your wooden chair when it stops making you feel comfortable. Then, you can observe it when you can feel the slats through the foam.

It is a clear sign that the padding of the seat has worn out and needs replacement.

Moreover, replacing it is better than getting a new wooden chair and spending money.

Furthermore, you can choose better foam, such as memory foam for it, because you did not have a choice when you got it.

You can even select the new foam and fabric of your liking to turn the old one into a new comfortable chair.

Choose the right chair

It is better to choose a chair that fits your height and width. The chair, which is different from your height, can not make you feel comfortable.

It would be uncomfortable for you to use a high chair if you are a short person. Similarly, a person with a tall figure cannot find comfort in a short one.

It is essential that it covers your back and is accurate for the length of your legs, as you should not leave your legs hanging.

Furthermore, the wrong one can cause numbness in the legs and lower back pain because you would have to change the posture to fit.

Lumbar support cushion

The lumbar cushion supports the lumbar of your back, normally known as the lower backbone. You can place it anywhere you like to sit and work.

You can place it on a dining, kitchen, or wooden chair to make it comfortable. It is only made to support the back and is shaped like the spinal cord to make you feel comfortable.

In addition, it is also made in the shape of human ribs to support the whole back. It is made up of memory foam, which is known to have qualities for relieving back pain. 

Moreover, it is essential to practice a good posture by sitting straight and keeping your back aligned with the back of the seat. Also, keep your feet on the floor and legs at a 90-degrees angle. 

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