Can You Put a Welsh Dresser in Living Room?

Can You Put a Welsh Dresser in Living Room?

Welsh dresser is the wooden furniture that people place in hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. These are named because of their origin in Wales or England.

Can You Put a Welsh Dresser in Living Room? You can put a Welsh dresser in the living room for decoration, fill the space, use it as storage furniture, display decorative items, and use it as a TV stand. You can place it on the side of windows, in front of sofas, or on the backside of the couch.

It contains storage comportment on the lower side with drawers and cabinet doors, while the upper side consists of open shelves for decoration and placement of various items.

Why would you put a Welsh dresser in the living room?

People commonly put this furniture in their kitchen to store crockery items, reducing the interior’s clutter. Furthermore, you can also place them in the living room for various purposes.

Decoration purpose

Welsh dressers are made of wooden material which matches your wooden furniture. People add them in their living rooms to add style and make them attractive.

The wooden touch gives a traditional and farmhouse-like appearance to the interior. These are generally made of oak, cheery and pine wood painted with various colors.

Most of them come up in the market with dark brown and brownish red finish. These are darker shades and add warmness and boldness to your space.

The ones made of oak wood are more stylish because of their different wood grain. The wood grain of these materials is attractive and gives a royal look to your furniture.

In addition, these are durable and less resistant to water and UV damage.

Fill space

It is necessary to fill the empty spaces in your living room to make them attractive and cool. These do not look good when you leave a lot of space after placing sofas and other furniture.

It is necessary to add other decorative items that occupy space and give your interior a charming touch. Many people have larger living rooms in their homes, so they can add extra chairs for guests while arranging events in their homes.

These look boring when you do not add extra furniture because of the empty spaces. I saw a Welsh dresser near the sofas in one of my friend’s houses, and it looked stylish.

Storage furniture

Welsh dresser contains a lot of cabinets and drawers on the lower side, while the upper side contains open shelves.

It also offers privacy to people when they want to store their items. The cabinet doors and drawers have a locking system, and you can save your items.

Additional space is added to this furniture to ease the customers and provide them extra space to store different usable items. You can add your personal documents and essential office files to these cabinets so you can quickly access them.

Moreover, you can also put your laptops and other accessories in them to keep them away from the children. I also store extra things in my living room in the lower cabinets to reduce the clutter.

You can put extra books, newspapers, and ashtrays in them that are not in use. In addition, it is also an excellent place to store unnecessary cushions, blankets and sofas, and cushion covers to keep them away from dust.

People also place their cloth, shoes, and other usable items in them if they use this place as an extra room. It also offers privacy to your guests when they use this room as the guest room because of the limited space in your home.

Guest can easily store their personal and daily use items in the drawers and cabinets.

Display decoratively items

You can enhance the beauty of the living room by placing decorative items on the shelves of Welsh dressers. Adding ornaments, bottles, and stylish crockery is better to give the traditional touch.

I arranged the colorful glass jars filled with dry fruits on their opened shelves to make them look stylish. You can easily access these snack jars while watching TV and gossiping with friends.

Add stylish cups and plates the so you can quickly use them when guests come to your home. Arrange reading books, novels, and newspapers to make the stylish book corner.

Lighten the book corner with stylish lamps to create the focal point. Illuminate the boundaries of this furniture with string lights so they look beautiful at night and give a calming effect while reading your favorite book.

TV stand

You can also use the Welsh dresser as a TV stand. Some of these contain space in their upper middle side so that you can adjust the screen at this place.

These contain shelves on the sides for the placement of other items. Put the TV remotes on these open shelves to keep them away from the children.

Moreover, these become safe, and you can easily find them whenever needed. You can also adjust the small speakers on the side of the TV for better sound production.

Fill the lower side of the shelves with flower pots and the vase so they do not look boring and empty. You can also fill the space with other antique decorative items.

Add the stuffed toys on the shelves to attract kids’ attention and make them happy. It is necessary to order customized dressers when you are using them as the TV stand.

Provide the size description to the manufacturer according to the TV screen size so it can fit perfectly in their middle space and decrease the chance of their falling.

Replace the dresser and end tables

You can replace your living room’s dressers and end tables with more stylish and customized furniture, known as Welsh dressers. People mostly use simple dressers and end tables and place them near the couch to store different items.

Moreover, these are also used for serving food in front of guests. You can replace them with other items because they are larger and provide more space.

The open shelves with solid boundaries provide more suitable adjustment of the TV screen. Dressers do not contain any supporting material on the sides for TV placement.

In addition, the storage space is also more, and you can put a variety of items on their upper side and inside cabinets and drawers. Dressers and end tables only contain drawers on the lower side and an empty top surface for placing various items.

Where do you place the Welsh dresser in the living room?

You can put the Welsh dressers in different locations in your living room. The location also depends on your interior’s empty spaces and furniture arrangement.

It is necessary to add them in front of the couch when you use them for decoration purposes and as the TV stand. The backside of the couch is best when you use it as a book corner for storing books.

You can also add them on the side of the windows when you arrange their shelves with different books. Place the chair near these dressers to make the area a small book corner and the focal point.

Many people add them on the sides of the sofas when you replace them with dressers and end tables.

What size of Welsh dressers is suitable for the living room?

Welsh dressers come in the market with various lengths and widths because of their multi-purposes and different placement locations.

On average, the length of this furniture is 198 cm to 200 cm high, while the width is about 150 cm to 154 cm. You can select their size according to the placement location, dimensions, and empty space in your living rooms.

You need the larger ones when you have a lot of space, and it is necessary to cover them with larger items. Moreover, smaller ones are suitable when replacing them with dressers and end tables to create a stylish look and add extra storage space.

In addition, the size also depends on the dimensions of the interior place and pre-existed furniture. Match them with the size of your pre-existing furniture so they do not give a non-uniform appearance to the interior place.

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