Are Joybird Couches Worth It?

Are Joybird Couches Worth It?

Joybird is a well-known furniture brand providing customized furniture at better prices. Modern and stylish couches look incredibly appealing with endless options of colors and fabric.

Are Joybird Couches Worth It? Joybird couches are not worth it because they are not durable as they remain soft and comfortable for only 5 to 8 months and begin to lose their integrity quickly. Moreover, it has poor customer service that cannot solve customer problems, and respond with a bundle of lame excuses. In addition, it has ineffective return and exchange policies, and you have to wait for even months to get a refund or exchange. However, they have a wide range of beautiful sofas with better warranty offers.

Joybird’s official page is full of positive reviews and overwhelming customer feedback, but you can search its reviews on other online platforms to get a clear view.

One of their distinguishing services is shipping of swatches on your doorstep to look at the stuff before ordering a couch, but that’s not enough to confirm their reliability.

What does Joybird provide?

Joybird is a furniture brand that provides impressive varieties of sofas to make the rooms appealing. It allows you to choose according to your choice without making any compromises.

Their headquarter is located in Los Angeles, but it sources its products from Mexico. However, the distributing warehouse is present in San Diego.

It was owned by La-Z-Boy in 2018 and covered a wide range of furniture in addition to sofas. You can get customized furniture that matches your taste and get appreciation from your fellas.

Search for sectionals, sleepers, chaises, ottomans, modular, and loveseats to create a cozy environment in a room.

Moreover, it provides you with an option of free swatches to get a clear view of idealized combinations before ordering furniture and whether it looks good.

Why are Joybird couches not worth it?

The customer reviews indicate that Joybird couches are not of good quality and it cannot meet the customer’s requirements.

Less durability

These couches are only stylish and modern, but their fabric and wood frames are not so durable. It feels frustrating to invest in a product that does not remains intact for longer.

I bought a Korver Sleeper made of woven chenille for almost $2167 in prime stone fabric. It remained soft and cozy for only 4 to 5 months and looked rough.

In addition, the Korver loveseat has gained appraisals from the people due to its elegant profile and beautiful colors, but it is not durable and began to wear within a few months.

Furthermore, their cushions are larger than the frame, resulting in early wear and tear of the foam.

Manufacturing defects

Sometimes, these are delivered with missing legs, pulled-out threads, or tufts. You can get a sofa with many scratches and cracks showing poor manufacturing.

They do not pay attention to proper packaging before shipping, which can result in the breaking of couches like their arms and legs.

Moreover, chipping and scrapping are commonly mentioned by the reviewers who have purchased Joybird furniture.

It shows an unprofessional and low-skilled team of workers in the manufacturing department.

Long delivery times

Many people complain about the late deliveries as customized orders take more time. It provides multiple shipping methods, but you will not get the ordered item in time.

It offers affordable options to get your ordered product at a doorstep, but it does not ensure quick delivery of the ordered item.

One of my friends had ordered a loveseat for almost $1750 in January 2022 that has not been delivered till now, and it has been July.

Poor customer service

There is no one to provide help to customers on Joybird’s side, and you have to wait for long hours after calling them.

They are not going to pick up your call, and if they have picked it up luckily, then do not expect something other than lame excuses.

They apologize for late deliveries and confirm that orders will be shipped soon, but it is better not to trust them. They are unprofessional, rude to their customers, and provide unsatisfactory answers.

Ineffective exchange and repair policies 

The exchange and return policies seem customer-friendly, but you have to wait for a long time to get your sofas fixed or replaced.

You can ask them for an exchange, but get ready to wait for 3 to 4 months. After that, the professional team of workers will inspect the returned item, which takes a long time.

You can get your paid amount back into the provided account after deducting the restocking fee (8 to 10%) and shipping charges from the total amount.

One of my friends had returned a 3-seater sofa to Joybird and got only 80% of the refund after waiting for 3 months.

Poor quality

The Joybird couches have poor quality and lose their integrity within a short duration. Creases begin to appear closer to tufts, and threads are pulled apart after using for only a few months.

You can see many negative reviews about the damaged fabric or permanent stains. They have a pet-resistant fabric, but it is extremely thin and cannot tolerate the sharp nails of pets, resulting in scratches.

Furthermore, the tufts begin to pop out in a few months when you move on a couch aggressively. They are not bouncy enough and have an extra depth that makes them uncomfortable to sit on.

Why would you choose Joybird couches?

It provides beautiful design in couches that look elegant in the corner of a bedroom or the middle of the lounge.

Moreover, there are mid-century, transitional modern types of furniture, which can give an appealing or stylish appearance through its leather and velvety fabric or wood frames.

You can find a tufted and deep-seated sleeper, an armless loveseat, and a small bumper that can accommodate many people on a single platform.

One of my friends bought this accent chair, which is a fantastic blend of comfort and style that can be used to create a relaxing corner for reading.

It offers a lifetime warranty for sturdy elements like sofa frames, legs, springs, and joints.

Moreover, it provides a one-year warranty for defects on the manufacturer’s end and damage during shipping like breakage, worn-out fabric, scratches, and wrinkles on the leather.

They can repair the damages if possible or replace the defective piece with a new one if it is eligible for a warranty.

Are Joybird couches expensive?

Due to manufacturing and shipping costs, furniture is usually more expensive than other home decor items.

Building an appealing sofa requires a lot of time, effort, and skills, so their prices are usually high, but Joybird provides couches at fair rates.

You can get a sectional sofa for $2205 to $4150 to fill the spacious room, while a loveseat is available at $1275 to $1785 that can fit into a small room elegantly.

Moreover, you can consider a grand sofa that costs you around $1189 to $187, and a large outdoor sofa is a little bit expensive that is available at $2156 to $4370.

In addition, the cozy daybeds and comfortable sleeper sofas are available at almost $1307 to $2845 and $1850 to $2630.

Can I return my Joybird couch after 30 days?

The company provides an opportunity to return their products after 30 days, and you can also ask them for an exchange.

The return time starts from the day of delivery and extends up to 3 months. After that, you can return a defective or damaged product to get it fixed or replaced.

It does not accept products damaged due to poor usage, purchased from clearance items, or promo codes.

The refund amount will be sent back into your account by deducting the shipping charges. Moreover, you can not only return the product, but it allows you to cancel an order within a day.

They can refund you if you have canceled the ordered item within 20 to 24 hours. In contrast, it will deduct 5% of the processing charge from the total amount if you cancel it after a day.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 862 people to know about their experience with Joybird couches. Out of 862 people, 638 people (74%) said it provides less durable sofas that cannot tolerate physical and environmental stress.

However, 166 people (19%) said the delivered products are stylish and appealing and can elegantly fill a space.

While the remaining 58 people (7%) said they provide stylish furniture, investing in low-quality products is a waste of money.

Joybird claims to provide a highly resistant fabric that can tolerate stress, but scratches and wrinkles begin to appear on its cushions within a short duration.

“I have purchased a sectional for almost $3850 after reading their commitments for providing pet-resistant fabric, but the threads are pulled out within a month.”

It provides appealing furniture that grabs the visitors’ attention and looks luxurious.

“I have a Korver loveseat in my lounge with an elegant profile and beautiful color. I have gained positive remarks about my choice from my friends.”

You have to regret your choice after getting a couch from Joybird, as it uses low-quality material that makes them look rough and filthy after using it for a few months.

“Joybird couches cannot resist the sunlight, and a yellow-colored sofa begins to fade quickly.”

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