Why Are Beds So High Off The Ground?

Why Are Beds So High Off The Ground?

Beds are the most crucial part of the furniture for resting purposes. These come in various designs, sizes, and styles, and everyone selects them according to their preferences. Tall persons prefer to purchase ones that are high off the ground.

Why Are Beds So High Off The Ground? Beds are so high off the ground to increase the storage area, better air circulation, improve sitting posture, and protect from rodents, dust, and moisture. In addition, the large beds with more ground clearance make the cleaning procedure easy and give a royal look.

The average height of the bed ranges from 20 inches to 26 inches on the top of the mattress. More ground clearance is not suitable for children or people with less height because climbing in and out is challenging.

Storage area

The beds that are high off the ground provide more storage area underneath. In addition, you can add box springs and moveable drawers inside to store your valuables.

Add the caster drawers so you can open and close them correctly according to your need. These are good places for placing extra pillows, cushions, and comforters when not in use.

In addition, these drawers are also helpful for the placement of cloth and dry-eating items like non-perishable.

It is the best alternative for cabinets in small apartments with fewer storage compartments.

It is a suitable option instead of drawers that become difficult to adjust in a small room. In addition, it gives more space than a small dresser.

You can hide your valuable and costly accessories in this storage area because no one knows about them.

Air circulation

Proper air circulation under mattresses is necessary to increase their longevity. Mattresses are a heavy part of the furniture, and these are costly.

You cannot afford them frequently when it becomes bad due to your slight negligence. Therefore, it is essential to increase its longevity by following preventive measures.

The mattress becomes bad when it is close to the floor. This is because air cannot circulate between its different parts.

Moreover, the wooden material of the bed frame is also susceptible to damage because of poor air crossing.

Placing the wooden material in dry and cool conditions is necessary to reduce the risk of rotting issues.

The rotting occurs because of poor air circulation, increasing the possibility of damage. Select beds about 22 inches to 24 inches above the ground.

It shows that the distance between the top of the mattress and the floor must be 22 inches to 24 inches to increase the mattress’s longevity and wooden frame.

Better sitting posture

Maintaining a sitting posture is necessary when sitting on a bed or sofa to avoid back pain issues.

You can sit comfortably on the ones that are high from the floors. The angle between the legs and your knees is 90 degrees which is a comfortable sitting position.

You cannot get tired while sitting in this posture for longer. This is because your feet touch the ground and maintain proper contact with the floor surface.

A person with less height cannot sit on them for longer. It becomes tiring when you sit high off the floor, and your feet are not touching the surface.

Moreover, the knees are also above the thighs, which is not comfortable. It is unsuitable for children because of their short height, and they can fall and get injured.

Protection from rodents and dirt

The lower end of the beds is exposed to bugs, rodents, and dust. The dust can accumulate there because you cannot clean it timely.

The congested areas are the favorite places for the bugs and rodents to survive and make their nests.

Those near the floor with less ground clearance are more exposed to bugs. In addition, small bugs and rodents can damage the mattress.

Biting is the habit of rodents, and they can ultimately damage your foam. Moreover, you can also feel bad smell due to their urine and pee.

Nowadays, larger beds are common that are high off the ground to keep the wooden frame away from bug and rodent attacks.

The rodents also damage the wooden material and decrease its durability.

Royal look

Larger beds with more ground clearance are common in ancient times. These are the sign of a royal look and give a luxurious appearance to your room.

These are costly and indicate your rich status, which can impress your friends and relatives. The royal-type furniture makes your room fulfilling because of its larger size and more appealing.

Your interior also looks larger with this larger piece of furniture.

Get warmer air

It is the best solution during winter days and protects you from cold drafts. You can receive cold air when you are close to the ground because of cold drafts.

People do not have any external source to warm up their interiors in the old times. So they keep their bed high off the ground to receive the warm air collected at the ceiling.

It is beneficial to keep you warm during winter days, and you feel comfortable and cozy because of the warm air.

You do not have to spend extra on electric heaters to warm your room.

Easy to clean

This furniture also makes the cleaning procedure easy. However, you cannot clean the dust completely from congested areas.

In addition, water exposure also damages the wooden material. The harsh chemicals during floor cleaning cannot come in contact with the wooden parts because of more ground clearance.

It also makes the vacuuming procedure easy for cleaning dust from hidden areas. You can use the wet mop for floor cleaning, and it becomes easy to dry it with proper air circulation.

Protect from moisture

Moisture is the worst enemy of wooden as well as metal bed frames. It can cause the rotting of wood and rusting of metal, along with decreasing their durability.

In addition, more ground clearance protects the metal and wooden frame from rotting and rusting.

In addition, exposure to water also occurs during the cleaning procedure, which can damage the wood and the metal.

It is also difficult to repair rusted metal or rotted wood, and you have to replace them completely. You can also add coasters or extenders under the legs of the furniture to increase its height.

It also keeps unwanted moisture away, which can cause molds and mildews to grow on wooden material.

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