Is Cargo Furniture Still in Business?

Is Cargo Furniture Still in Business?

Cargo furniture was famous for bunk beds and other home furnishing items at reasonable rates. However, they have also faced debt issues that were difficult to manage.

Many brands get dissolved due to bankruptcy when they cannot pay their debts on time. 

Is Cargo Furniture Still in Business? Cargo furniture is not in business; instead, the beds, sofas, and other accessories are available under different brands. It was introduced in 1876 by JW Carpenter. It was renamed many times in the 1980s and 90s. Moreover, it was acquired by Pier 1 Import in 2001, that were selling these products on its website, but it discontinued its traditional products in 2017. Steinhoff International owned it after 2014 that have merged it with Bensons for beds.

It was the dominant brand in the furniture industry in the 20th century. However, it cannot maintains its brand identity for a long time.

Furthermore, it has been merged with other beds and sofa brands and has lost its original identity.

What does Cargo furniture make?

Cargo furniture is a versatile brand and provides multiple home furnishing items to improve the aesthetics of indoor places. These thick wooden platforms can give a traditional look.

Bunk beds

You can get unique wooden bunk beds for your kids’ room. This type of bed stack two beds over each other with a gap between them.

These are a good choice to add to a small space room and provide extra space to put a sofa or a square table in the corner.

Chairs and sofa

It deals in furniture pieces like loveseats, sofas, and chairs. It allows you to add a couch with a wooden platform with soft upholstery.

It looks different from the modern couches made of leather and other fabrics.

Instead, they provide stylish banquet chairs with a wooden base and soft cushion on the seat and back.

Wooden drawers and accessories

In addition, it provides dressers and chest boxes for providing storage space in the rooms. Finally, you can get traditional side chairs and coffee tables for your dining room.

Furthermore, bookcases and wooden wardrobes are also present in their collection.

The accessories include pillows, wall mirrors with wooden boundaries, and drawers.

Is Cargo Furniture expensive?

They provide suitable wooden items for your home, but their cost is high. The prices depend on the size of the products.

The accessories cost starts at almost $40, while the heavier and more oversized items can cost $1530.

They have used thick frames for the beds and chairs to give a traditional touch to your place because it follows old traditional styles.

However, they do not compromise on product quality and provide top-notch products.

You can add beautiful oak wood items from this brand that ensures longevity in your apartment. 

How did Cargo furniture start?

JW Carpenter items entered the furniture industry in the 1980s and started in London. A young boy named James Waller Carpenter introduced it as a brand.

Formerly, it was known as JW Carpenter Ltd. in its manufacturer’s name. Its name was changed many times during the 1980s to 90s and finally got the name Carpenter Homeshop in 1997.

It was known as Carpenter In-House before getting its final name.

So, it was the idea of a 20-years old boy from the US that has become a renowned furniture brand in the 20th century.

Who acquired Cargo furniture assets in 2001?

Pier 1 Imports acquired all the assets of this brand.

Moreover, they have owned its trademark and started selling its products. In February 2001, they got access to this brand and added it to their products list.

Pier 1 launched an online store again in 2001 and started working in New York.

However, it stopped trading in the Cargo brand in 2017 and announced that customers could not get their items from its website.

They have removed all their products from their listing and informed their customers through emails.

They said that they want to add new high-quality and stylish products to their site, that’s why they are removing old products.

So, you cannot see Cargo beds and other accessories on the Pier 1 eCommerce site anymore because they do not sell them. Instead, they are available without their original identity at different brands.

Is Cargo furniture merged in Bensons for beds?

Bensons for Beds is a British retailer brand that provides beds, mattresses, and bed frames.

In addition, they provide stylish furniture to make your bedroom and guest room look eye-catching.

Steinhoff has merged the chain of Cargo products with Benson for beds after 2014. Both brands relate to each other and produce the same product, so merging was better.

However, it has retained its entity on the online platform because it was available with the same name of “Cargo Furniture” on the website.

However, it was taken down when the number of stores was almost negligible and closed completely.

So, you will not see this brand as a separate company because it is closed and got merged with Bensons for bed.

What kind of wood is cargo furniture?

The Cargo products like beds and chairs are made of high-quality wood that makes them sturdy. Moreover, you can see prominent simplicity and versatility in their products.

They use solid wood, usually pine and oak, to manufacture the products with better durability.


The beds made with oak wood are durable and remain long. However, it is hard to manage, and carpenters have to make a lot of effort to make furniture.

However, it is strong and can bear the stress and pressure. In addition, Oakwood provides a better grain texture and allows painting on its surface.

Furthermore, it has a unique grain pattern and looks fantastic after finishing. It can resist the harsh rays of sunlight efficiently and avoids warping.


Pinewood is lightweight and available at an affordable price. In addition, it has a good density and bending strength, that’s why carpenters prefer to use them for making furniture items.

Furthermore, it can resist moisture and prevents swelling and shrinking issues. Finally, the Pinewood makes the beds strong and resistant to shocks.

Pinewood is readily available due to its fast growth rate and resistance to rotting.

All these features of Pinewood make it a suitable wood for use in manufacturing high-quality furniture.

Is Cargo furniture made in the USA?

It used to provide a wide range of home decor items that add worth to your house. It was made in North Carolina, USA.

However, Bensons for beds stores are present in the markets of the UK, so this brand has shifted to the British furniture industry.

Moreover, it mainly belongs to Oxford city and delivers products everywhere.

What do the reviews say?

It provided versatile wooden items made of high-quality material, giving strength to stay long.

One of the customers wrote: I would say that Cargo furniture should be in business because it provides traditional and better beds for the room. I have had a bunk bed in my bedroom for many years that looks beautiful.

My friend who was using this brand mentioned, It has run out of business, and you cannot see it as a separate brand. However, it has merged into Bensons for bed and still serves people without any prominent identity.

Another customer wrote: I have bought a bunk bed for my kid’s room, and I was happy to see the traditional Cargo furniture at Bensons for beds. However, it needs to be in the market due to its typical styles and designs.

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