Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Many people prefer to decorate patios with impressive furniture that adds to the beauty of their house but find it challenging to get an affordable and high-quality patio set.

Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive? Patio furniture is so expensive because it lasts long and is suitable for outdoors. Moreover, it has increased market demand and shipping costs and requires lesser maintenance. Furthermore, its high quality, sturdy craftsmanship, and timeless designs make it costly.

It is essential to invest in outdoor furniture if you do not want frequent replacements, as low-quality materials cannot resist sunlight and moisture and lose their structure.

What makes patio furniture so expensive?

The furniture cost primarily depends on the manufacturer and the quality of raw materials in addition to its size because a larger setup costs more than the smaller one.

High construction quality

Patio furniture is usually constructed with high-quality raw material as it is directly exposed to sunlight and rain because it is placed outdoors or on decks.

Aluminum is commonly used for making frames because it can resist damage due to rain. However, moisture can lead to rust and affects low-quality products or other metals.

The metal can be easily molded into desired shapes to create beautiful designs. In addition, it can be powder coated to add a layer of protection to the frame.

Most commonly, hardwood is used to make long-lasting products, as cedar and teak wood are less prone to damage and remain intact for longer.

In addition, wicker material is woven on sturdy frames that need less frequent maintenance and make your place look fantastic.

Less frequent replacements

It is a long-term investment when getting an expensive patio set for your house. Therefore, it is not ideal to buy used products as they cannot last for more than a few years.

You have to pay for another dining set each year when your old used item gets damaged. So, it is better to save money and time and get a new one even if it costs more.

The cost of a patio swing will be almost $100 each year if you have bought a new set for $2000 that lasts for nearly 20 years.

However, a used or low-quality swing that costs around $800 will cost more than $200 to $250 yearly because it lasts for almost 3 to 4 years.

Increased shipping cost

It is made of high-quality material or hardwood that weighs higher than particle board, veneer, or laminated wood.

It is hard to move bulky products; that’s why these items have high shipping costs making them costly. So the retailers add the shipping cost to the product price to gain profit.

However, you have to pay almost $50 to $250 for the fee to get your product delivered to your doorstep because it requires effort and fuel by the delivery person and truck.

Increased market demand

You cannot find new patio furniture at a low cost because market demand directly impacts the price.

In addition, the problems of the supply chain are also responsible for increased demand because stock reaches to end quickly, and customers have to wait for a long to get them.

Some retailers get benefit from the scarcity of products and increase the price when there is a disruption in the supply chain operations.

Most commonly, the prices go higher in the winter season when customer demand increases, but it gets back to regular prices when the summer season approaches.

Timeless designs

Outdoor furniture usually has sturdy craftsmanship because it gets exposed to natural elements, like dust and moisture.

In addition, the presence of an attractive patio set or a wooden bench in the garden shows your aesthetic sense and adds to the value of your place.

The artisans build sturdy and high-end products that never get out of fashion or look outdated as they are made to look beautiful with changing trends.

Example of patio furniture with cost, dimension, weight, and manufacturing material

Type of patio furniture Cost Dimension in inches


Weight Manufacturing material
Bistro table $320 28x28x31 33 pounds Aluminum, Marble
Coffee table $85 38x20x19 21 pounds Wood
Bar table $115 34x34x41 54 pounds Metal
Dining table (table & 6 chairs) $680 25x26x35 15 pounds Wood, metal, iron, wicker
Wood folding chair $82 29x30x35 19 pounds Solid cedar wood
Patio swing with canopy $300 81x52x73 85 pounds Steel, fabric
Patio chair $95 28x35x37 25 pounds Acacia wood
Chaise lounge $125 73x21x23 30 pounds Solid Acacia wood
Hanging egg chair $260 40x40x73 60 pounds Metal and rattan

 What is the average cost of patio furniture?

Patio furniture is costly than indoor items as it is made to last for a long. Therefore, paying for durable and comfortable products is better because you do not have to buy a new dining set yearly.

Its average cost varies according to the size and type of products. For example, a bistro set can cost around $100 to $200, depending on the manufacturer and the number or quality of chairs.

A luxurious family dining set costs around $199 to $999 if you need a smaller size table and 4 to 5 chairs. However, its cost goes higher for a larger high-end set and a larger table costs around $2700.

Moreover, a lounge chair can cost around $40 to $100 if you want a simple design and lightweight material. However, it can increase up to $350 for a rocking or reclining chair.

In addition, the average price of an outdoor swing is $250 to $899, while it can reach up to $1999 when looking for a high-end swing with a canopy, providing space for 3 persons.

You can look for reasonable furniture to decorate your patio at Costco and Walmart, as they have a wide range of products where you can get desirable products within your budget.

How to get patio furniture at a low cost?

You can get patio furniture at a low cost if you have good bargaining skills to convince the seller of your desired price. In addition, a good conversation can help reduce the overall cost to a minimum.

Moreover, you can look for these items at the stores dealing in used dining sets and swings. Sometimes, they have good quality products that can be purchased at half of the original price.

Scaling down the chairs, sofas, and dining sets significantly impacts the cost. However, you can customize it according to your budget, as a smaller table usually costs less.

It is better to work on DIY projects because self-made cushions for hanging chairs are usually less expensive than those you buy from a store.

In addition, you can add or remove any item from the set to make it affordable if you are not willing to buy a complete set.

You can make a set of 4 chairs with a table instead of buying 6 or 8 chairs if you have a small family, as it will cost you less than a bigger dining set.

Furthermore, keep an eye on the sales at different stores as they announce 10% to 50% discounts on their items on Labor Day and Christmas.

It is considered better to wait for summer when furniture prices for patios and decks are decreased because the demand gets lower.

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