How to Refill Feather Sofa Cushions?

How to Refill Feather Sofa Cushions?

Feather sofas are not just for decoration, but they are good because they add comfort and relaxation to your back after a tiring and exhausting day. Saggy sofa seats look awful and annoying when you sit on them because it feels like you are sitting on a folded or crumpled seat.

How to Refill Feather Sofa Cushions? You can refill feather sofa cushions by removing the cushions, cleaning, refilling the feather, and then placing the cushions back in their positions. Feather cushions need refilling to retain their fluffiness when they get saggy and out of shape.

The time taken to refill them depends on your skills and the size of the cushions.

The stuffing inside them can get wrapped or flattened with excessive use and poor maintenance, so refilling them is a great choice to save money and time rather than selecting a new couch.

Why would you refill feather sofa cushions?

Cushions are filled with soft feathers which need appropriate protection and maintenance to keep their shape and even surface.

The puffy and filled cushions look attractive and more comfortable as they provide adequate support and comfort when you sit on them.

Plump-up sofa seats are firm and denser, while a saggy and flat sofa looks untidy and unpleasing, which can destroy the overall appearance of your place.

They can become less comfortable, rough, and uneven, such as quality and usage.

You can easily refill them with the same type of stuffing, and you can also change the whole stuff inside them and fill a new and more comfortable material. You can use a combination of two materials for stuffing to make it last longer.

Feather is exceptionally soft and cozy, and you can refill the uneven or slacked couch seats with new feather stuffing to retain its appearance.

In addition, refilling the wear-out sofa seats is more affordable and budget-friendly than buying a new one, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Moreover, it is a less backbreaking and easy procedure to refill them to give a new life to your couch.

It can increase the durability of your furniture and make it last for a long time. Low-quality stuff inside the couch needs refilling more frequently because it gets crumpled over time.

How can you refill feather sofa cushions?

Sofa seats can become worn out or out of shape over time but do not worry about it because you can make them look fresh and attractive again by using these steps.

Remove the cushions

First of all, make sure that your seat cushions are removable, and if they are not removable, do not panic, you can do it in another way.

Remove the seat cushions, small pillows, and other stuff from the sofa and find the zip to open it. The seat that is not removable must be stitched or glued to the couch frame to fix at its place.

Do not try to remove them from their place; otherwise, it can cause problems when you want to place them back.

They have a zip that is hidden on their backside for stuffing and removing the previous foam or feathers inside them.

Clean the cushion

The sofa in your living gets more dirt from windows and with air circulation as compared to the guest room and bedroom sofa. Therefore, cleaning the living room couch requires more time and effort.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and debris from your couch and ensure the place around it is also free from dirt. Use the vacuum cleaner on the inside frame of your sofa to remove the trapped dust.

It is better to hand wash the feather-filled or feather blend with foam cushions but make sure to dry the foam completely to avoid the smell.

Do not use hot water to wash them because the feathers can lose their fluffiness when you wash them in hot water.

Instead, you can wash these covers in a washing machine with a non-toxic detergent to avoid discoloration.

Refill the feather

The next step is to refill the feathers into the covers after you clean them properly. Then, remove the old stuff from them and fill the new stuff into the seat covers. 

The number of feathers to fill them completely will depend on the size of the cushions and the level of sagging if the seats are significantly flattened, then more stuffing is required to make them plump up.

Fill these by adding the feathers with your hands and pushing them down to make them firmer. You can also use a long scale to insert the feathers into the center and corner edges.

You can use bating filling with feathers to make the cushions more firm and dense. This can prevent the sofa seats from sagging for a long time and increase their durability.

Place them back

Lastly, you can hold the cushions in such a way that one side is towards you in your hands, and the other side is towards the ground.

You can kick it from all sides and use your hands to move the feathers on all sides and edges to make it even.

Rotate it, squeeze the stuff on all sides, and repeat this procedure with all the cushions. Make sure to put all with the same quantity of feathers to avoid irregular and uneven seat surfaces.

Now, zip up all the seat covers and place them back in their position on the sofa frame.

Test the fluffiness while sitting on them; if you feel any unbalance on the seats, you can add more feathers to make it smooth and even.

How much time does it take to refill feather sofa cushions?

It does not take much time and exertion to refill the feather cushions because you need to insert the stuffing into the covers without any measurement and cutting as you do in foam filling.

The time required depends on its size and your expertise in filling the feathers on your couch.

It takes a short time if you have done it two or three times and have the knowledge and skills to do this task appropriately as compared to a person who is doing it for the first time.

However, it can take many hours and physical exertion if you are not an expert in this type of chore.

For example, a large sofa takes more time to refill than a small one, and if you use a combination of feathers with foam and other stuff, the procedure can take several hours to complete.

You can also hire any experienced worker from a furniture shop to fix your couch if the task seems difficult and takes more time.

They can do this job perfectly in less money and a short time without a mess around your living room or bedroom.

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