Do You Need a Fireplace in a Living Room?

Do You Need a Fireplace in a Living Room?

Fireplace in houses plays an essential role in keeping our room temperature stable. You can install a heating place at various places in a house.

Do You Need a Fireplace in a Living Room? You can add a fireplace in the living room as it gives warmth and a cozy feeling in cold weather. It also creates a focal point in the living area and is cheaper than other heating systems. Consider the size and dimension of the living room ventilation and placement of the chimney before installing it. Modern houses do not include it due to the presence of a centralized heating system and restricted airflow inside the house.

A fireplace is a structure in the walls to burn the fire to get warm. It has various types like wooden, gas, and electric heating setups. You can choose any of these depending on your preferences.

Why Do You Need a Fireplace in a Living Room?

Fireplaces in living rooms and bedrooms are part of the ancient architecture of houses. Here is a brief description of why you should have a heating system in the living area.

Give warmth in cold weather

Heat is essential to keep our body warm and cozy. Fireplaces produce heat in the rooms and other living areas to keep us warm.

However, the temperature drops drastically in winter, and some external heating source is required to keep the temperature at an optimal level.

The living room is the place where we spend most of the time of the day. Therefore, it is crucial to keep this area warm and comforting. It transfers heat to the air and keeps the objects warm and hot.

The heat from the living room goes to other rooms and warms up them. You do not need to have a separate heating system in every room.

Create focal point

It is usually present on the front wall of the living room. In this way, they help create a focal point in any place. You can arrange all the furniture and other accessories in relation to the direction of the fireplace.

It makes the place attractive and eye-catching. It creates a cozy spot to sit on the couch and enjoys the winter. You can also place a combination of different sofas to enjoy a family gathering in the living room.

You can also decorate the wall, fit different portraits, and paint around a fireplace. It also creates an excellent spot to place an ottoman or coffee table in the living room. It can make the dull-looking place vibrant and stylish. It can also increase the sale value of your room.

A fireplace at a focal point can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building. It can attract the buyer to the house immediately. You can sell your property at high prices to get more profit.

Less expensive than other heating systems

It is a cheaper option to warm up your room as compared to modern heating equipment. Old and traditional setups use wood to burn the fire.

The wooden stove is less expensive than the electric or gas fireplace. In addition, they are easy to install and maintain. The gas fireplace uses gas to burn the fire. It is also cost-effective and more efficient than other heating equipment.

Modern centralized heating systems use electricity and costly equipment to keep the house warm. They are expensive and difficult to install. They are also challenging to maintain and repair.

The labor cost is also high to repair and fix these types of heating systems. Traditional fireplaces are beneficial in heating up the living room and do not put a burden on your budget. You can light up the fire whenever needed without any dependence.

Things to consider before building a fireplace in the living room

You have to consider many things before constructing a  fireplace in your room.

First of all, consider the shape and size of the fireplace. It should be in accordance with the area of the living room. Measure the size and dimension of the room to choose the right size of the fireplace.

Small rooms have lesser places to build them. You can not build a big fireplace in a small area. It not only occupies more place but also causes overheating. Overheating can lead to suffocation and other problems.

The type of fireplace is also essential to choose the right type of heating chamber for your living room. In the small living area, gas fire stoves work best and are easy to install.

The gas wiring is easy to install in a small area. You do not have to upgrade complex wiring to install it.

The presence of a single gas pipeline in the living room can provide enough gas for a small size stove. Wooden fireplaces are suitable for large places with a large chimney for expelling exhaust gases.

Proper ventilation is also crucial to expel the smoke from the house. For example, consider the placement of windows in the living room before building it.

Do modern rooms still have a fireplace in living rooms?

Modern houses do not include a fireplace in the rooms. They have become outdated nowadays. You will rarely see any building with a fireplace in the living area or other rooms. There are many reasons people have eliminated this messy heating system.

First of all, some buildings require the elimination of wooden or gas fireplaces from the rooms to control the production of smoke.

Centralized heating and air conditioning systems have diminished the need for a heating place in the house.

Modern houses in the United States have thermostats to control the temperature inside all the rooms. Therefore, you do not need o to install a separate heating or cooling system to control the temperature.

This setup requires the construction of a chimney. It is an expensive procedure to build a chimney in the house. Better heating systems are available to warm up the houses. You do not need to spend money on unnecessary constructions.

Modern building architecture has restricted airflow inside the houses. It restricts the incoming cold or hot air inside the rooms. As a result, the temperature remains stable due to restricted airflow.

Removing a fireplace from the house also helps in controlling air pollution. The black smoke produced by burning wood has a lot of dangerous chemicals.

All these chemicals mix up with fresh air and cause many health problems. But installing an electric heating system is still a suitable option to get warmth and relaxation in living areas.

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