Can You Put a Chair Rail in a Living Room?

Can You Put a Chair Rail in a Living Room?

It is challenging for many people to decide whether they should install a chair rail in their room or not. However, you can add this low-cost addition to enjoy the great benefits. 

Can You Put a Chair Rail in a Living Room? You can put a chair rail in your living room for decoration purposes, easy cleaning, to increase house worth, and to protect wall paint. Moreover, you can use wainscoting and art pieces to separate this area from the kitchen. Carefully select its height and color to enhance the look of your room.

You need to check its color combination with the room paint before installing it. Sometimes you use the wrong color contrast, which badly affects the view of this area instead of enhancing it. 

Why would you install a chair rail in your living room?

You can enjoy its several benefits because it is a multi-purpose article. You can make this area prominent positively with the use of chair rails. It is an old trend that is now used in a modified style with a modern touch. 

Decoration purpose

It is a fantastic addition to your living room to add visual interest to this place. Moreover, it increases a soothing effect when you put it in suitable color according to the room layout and dimensions.

Several people blend its color with the color of ceiling fans and wallpaper, which becomes the cause of balance for this place. In addition, it creates balance in this area by providing significant visual division.

You can put wallpaper on its lower side and suitable color on its upper part to create stability in this environment. In addition, some people make small square sections below it which look classy and are in trend. 

Protect wall paint

Its primary purpose is to protect wall paint from frequent backing of chairs. Initially, it was designed to save the wall of the dining chair.

However, the dining room is the area where frequent pulling and pushing of chairs occurs, which damages the wall paint.

The paint peels off, and sometimes there become some scars that are not favorable for this place. It becomes the cause of several marks which affects its smooth surface and make it rough.

They need preventive action because they affect the overall look of your dining area. You can also use it in your living area because it is a high-traffic area of your house.  

It is better to cover a certain portion of the wall with wooden paneling to protect its paint. It mostly uses in the dining room but is not restricted to this portion.

You can use it for other areas of your house which are susceptible to the damage of wall paint.

You can also use it in your living room because there is a variety of furniture in this room, especially when it is small.

For easy cleaning

You need this decorative item in your house that is easy to maintain. Sometimes you put several small items which take a lot of time to clean.

You can put this chair rail in this portion of your house which does not work less than a decorative item. It does not need a lot of time for maintenance.

You can dust it with the help of a clean piece of cloth and use a damped cloth once a week. 

Separate the living room from a kitchen

Several people have a combined place for a kitchen and living room. They do not have a boundary to separate these areas. Therefore, it is confusing for your visitors to differentiate between these portions.

Putting a chair rail in this area is a great idea to solve this issue. However, it is up to you to put it in one of these portions. It is better to put it in your room because it increases its decorative value and helps to create a pleasant sensation.

You should avoid putting it in the kitchen because it will become susceptible to damage by the greasy air and smoke. In addition, it can make its internal structure weak and will lose the original shine of its color. 

Increases house worth

It is a good idea to increase your house’s worth when you plan to sell it in the future. You should prefer this addition to your house, which requires less investment but give a long-term benefit.

It is better to use it in your living room because it is the most cost-effective addition to your house.

You can get its good quality for fewer charges. In addition, it needs only a piece of wooden panel which does not cost much.

You can also do it without getting professional assistance because its installation is not difficult, and you can do it using basic tools. 

How can you make the chair railing look good in your living room?

It will add space when you use it correctly in your living room. Do not put it extra high because it will not serve its function properly. Avoid using it near the floor because it will make the room congested. 

Put art piece

You can use it as a source to exhibit your artistic taste to your guests. It is a significant portion to put attractive art pieces in this area.

Some people are fond of art, and they love to put these art pieces in the central area of their house. You can enhance the look of the chair rail by putting this art above it.

You can put a horizontal painting or art on the main wall to make it a focal point. However, it is better to put two or four small decorative pieces of art around it when there is enough space left. It will give an elegant and eye-catching look to your guests. 

Use for stairs style

You can use it to style your stairs in a unique manner. However, it is better to enhance its look because these are present in the central area of your house adjacent to the living room.

Sometimes you want some minimal decoration on the stairs portion, but you confuse about selecting the correct type of decorative item. It is better not to use any heavy items because it will affect its look.

You can use a chair rail in the same position as stairs. Start to install it from its base to the top of the wall facing the stairs. It will give a refreshing look to this dull area and helps to make it attractive.

You should carefully consider its position because a little carelessness in putting it can fail its decorative purpose.

Use wainscoting

You can also use wainscoting to make it more attractive. A wainscoting is a type of wood paneling that you mostly use under the chair rail.

It provides extra protection to the wall and gives a new look to this area. In addition, you can use the same or contrasting colors to increase its aesthetical value.

It is better to use it in the same color as the chair rail because it will give a fresh and soothing look to your living area. 

Things to consider when adding chair rail

It is better to analyze the overall look of your living room before selecting a chair rail for this room. Do not add bright contrast above and under it because it looks weird.

You can use its dark color when your furniture is in a light color. However, try to keep it light in color with dark furniture to get a classy look at this area.

It should not be more or less than the 1/3rd height of the room because the extra height will not affect its paint from the back of the furniture. 

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