How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Look Glossy?

How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Look Glossy?

The kitchen is representative of your taste, and it should have durable stuff like glossy cabinets and beautiful utensils.

How to Make Kitchen Cabinets Look Glossy? You can make kitchen cabinets look glossy by applying glossy paint and varnish. You should sand the surface, clean the dirt, and prime the wood before painting and varnishing. Vinegar is perfect as a degreaser, and you can prepare its mixture with water to make cabinets surface shiny. In addition, using baking soda and Borax mixture is helpful. You can easily use dish soap for this purpose because it is readily available and is less costly.

Besides providing ample space for crockery, these shiny cabinets increase the aesthetic value of your cooking area.

These are in trend because of their clean, streamlined appearance, and you can easily maintain them.

Many people want to know the methods which help make these compartments look shiny and eye-catching.

Various methods are involved in making kitchen cabinets shiny, but few are most common that people use for this purpose.

Use the paint

Paint helps provide a glossy finish to the cabinets for every type of room, either your kitchen or bedroom.

But it has some requirements and precautionary measures that you have to follow for this purpose.

Sufficient Sanding

Remove the doors of compartments to work smoothly and efficiently.

Sanding is the scratching of old paint and polish with a sander, but many people use sandpaper in this problem.

It will increase the adhesion capacity of the paint, and it will stay over it for a long time without being peeled off.

Proper Cleaning

After sanding, you have to clean the cabinet doors with s duster or fine cloth to remove dirt, dust, and the leftover sanding.

The cleaning process will allow quick sticking of paint with the wood because the cleaning process allows a clean surface for the painting.

Now, make a solution of dishwasher and water, then dip a clean cloth in it and wipe the products to make them dirt-free.

You have to remove all the dirt because your little ignorance proves to be harmful to your kitchen and for yourself, as it may cost more if the paint starts to peel off.

Try to close the doors and windows during working hours as it proves to be helpful to prevent the entry of dust particles.

Appropriate Drying 

After sanding and cleaning, you have to make dry the kitchen cabinets because moisture content stops the adhesion of paint with wood.

Try to be careful in drying because completely dried wooden products will permit long-lasting adhesion with the paint.

You can place them in sunlight for 7 to 9 hours, and you can also keep them inside the room for a whole night.

Now check them for complete dryness, and then you can go towards further steps for priming and painting.

You can use steel wool to remove watermarks that will give better and more satisfying results for polishing.

Use primer

Primer is a coating substance that helps prepare the surface for painting because it enhances the attachment of paint with the wood.

In humid conditions, an unprimed surface loses its grip after a few days of painting because it has a low sticking ability.

The primer makes cleaning easy since the paint starts to flake off during the cleaning process.

Use an appropriate primer concerning the nature of the paint and varnish you want to apply on the wood.

But be careful about plywood cupboards as they do not need primer sealing because of their porous nature.

My friend primed his plywood cabinet with a primer that gave a poor look to his kitchen.

Coating with paint

It is better to use good-quality paint on the wooden cupboards depending on your requirements.

You can use brushes for painting, but rollers can leave textures on surfaces that are difficult to remove.

I have to face this problem by using the roller, and I will suggest not to use low-quality products and rollers.

You can apply a polyurethane coat that will help to increase the durability, efficiency, and sustainability of the paint.

You can apply more than one coat because light coats are better than the single thick coating as this thick coat may create drops of paint on the surface that are unacceptable.

Do not use the flat finish products as they are not suitable for kitchen cabinets, but you can use latex paints as they are easy to dry.

Finishing and smoothening

You have to make a solution of alcohol and cooking oil and then dip a small cloth to apply it on the surface for having a finished and smooth look.

This solution will help remove any unwanted particle from the painted surface for a smooth and finished look.

You can use sandpaper to have an even surface free of any streaks and remove the paint drops due to the thick coating.


It is better to use a varnish coat on the painted kitchen cabinets that will help make them smooth and glossy.

Varnish is typically a mixture of resin and oil, and after drying mixture is subjected to a specific reaction.

This chemical reaction is actually supposed to be the reason for a damage-resistant and smooth surface.

By using dish soap

You can make your kitchen cabinets look shiny and smooth by using a mixture of water with dish soap present at your place.

Before using the dish soap, you have to inspect its label that will you, that it can easily remove grease and oil particles.

Add one tablespoon of dish soap in one cup of water, stir it and then apply it with a toothbrush or cloth that will allow the movement of solution to the crevices and corners.

Do not use rubbing sponges because these can cause scratches on the surface, and you must know that a scratchy wooden cabinet is more prone to dirt.

You have to make sure the rinsing of dish soap and sufficient drying will not let any moisture content in the wood material.

Use of vinegar solution

Use a solution of white vinegar with water to have a glossy look for your kitchen cabinets that are storage drawers in the cooking area.

A solution of kitchen soap and vinegar is an excellent disinfectant and degreaser.

Pour half a cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwasher liquid into one cup of water, mix gently, and apply it with a toothbrush to wooden cabinets.

You have to make sure that the solution access the corners and nooks for a perfect shiny look for the whole surface.

Use of Baking Soda Scrubber

Take a smooth sponge, dip it in hot water and scrub the wood with the wet sponge to make these kitchen cabinets look glossy.

This hot water scrubbing will make the grease warm, and by applying baking soda, you can easily remove this warm grease.

Actually, baking soda is a degreaser that absorbs the oil and greasing material efficiently and provides you with enhanced aesthetic value to your area.

Additionally, you can prepare a paste of water and baking soda to protect it from the effects of heat.

After using the paste, rinse it with water and dry the cabinet doors sufficiently to have clean and glossy wooden surfaces.

Apply Borax material

Add half a cup of vinegar, one tablespoon of dish soap, and one-fourth cup of borax in one cup of water to prepare a mixture.

You can apply this mixture to the cabinets to make them glossy for a beautifully designed kitchen.

Children should not touch the borax because it is abrasive and proper washing is necessary after its usage.

Mineral oils

Use mineral oil for a more shiny appearance for your kitchen cupboards and other areas in the home.

You can make your older cabinets look new by using orange and lemon oil, but try to use them in specific concentrations.

Oils are beneficial as you can apply them after applying the other treatments like borax, baking soda, and vinegar.

Can you use glossy paints on kitchen cabinets?

You can use high glossy paints and semi-glossy products for your cabinets because these paints help make them shiny without using any other chemical treatment.

These paints present a smooth and clean surface that is easy to clean because food and water splashes do not stick with the paint products.

These paints will make your kitchen look brighter and bigger than before and help to provide an elegant look that everyone wants for his place.

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