Can You Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom?

Can You Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom?

People use the standing floor lamps in their rooms as decoration pieces. These are available in various designs, lights, colors, and materials.

Can You Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom? You can put floor lamps in the bedroom to provide a warm feeling, making your interior welcoming, and use them as a source of light. You can add them near the dressers, beds, tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, and bookshelves. Avoid adding them near the doors and with large furniture.

Most people prefer to use floor lamps rather than nightstands on the dressers because you have to place them on the dressers or side tables, which occupy the space.

Why would you put a floor lamp in the bedroom?

Most people love to place floor lamps in their living room, but you can also add them in your bedrooms to illuminate them.

Warm feeling and inviting

The different color of lights gives a warm feeling to your room and make it look more inviting and welcoming for guest.

The darker shades, including peach orange, light red, and yellow, give a warm feeling in winter and cozy nights.

You can feel warm and cozy while turning them on at night. It also becomes the center of attraction for your friends and relatives when they come to your house.

Larger appearance

Many people love adding these accessories who live in small apartments with small rooms. You can make your room look broader by using bold designs and pieces of furniture.

Your room looks larger and broader when you add a lamp in your favorite corner. In addition, the use of dark color lights gives a more appealing appearance.

It makes your interior look larger by illuminating the darker corners. As a result, your interior will look broader and more welcoming.

Extra source of light

Most of the time, the light cannot reach all of the corners of your room. As a result, the darker corner looks boring and gives a dull appearance.

Mostly there is one window in the room, which cannot illuminate all corners. The issue mostly comes when your interior is larger than normal size.

You cannot add extra light or a window to lighten up this corner. The placement of floor lamps is the best option to occupy the space and illuminate it.

Where to place a floor lamp in your bedroom?

Many people add floor lamps for decoration purposes. You can use these spaces for their correct placement and use.

Near bed

Many people love to place them near their bed and close to the electric socket so they can turn them on and off while sleeping and waking up.

You can add it in the place of the nightstand because it takes less space. However, it is also better to put the nightstand on one side and floor lamps on the other side.

You can use both accessories with the same color to give a unique and elegant look. In addition, you can use the tripod standing lamps for the sides of the bed because these are more stable.

Reading table and chair or sofa

Many people add reading chairs or tables on the side of their room for studying or reading their favorite books and novels.

Reading tables and chairs are larger and need more space for adjustment.

Moreover, people also add a small one-seater sofa in their bedrooms for sitting purposes. These are beneficial for reading purposes on these comfortable couches.

Use the arc-style standing floor lamp on the sides of the table and chair for reading purposes. You can create a comfortable environment by turning it on at night for reading books.

Corners of room

Most people add decoration pieces in corners of the room to fulfill the space and make the interior look broader and more fulfilling.

The corners seem boring when you do not put anything there. The low lights with darker painted walls give a warm and cozy feeling in winter.

Moreover, you can decorate the corners with a combination of low-light lamps and fake greenery pots. Use it on the corners that have antique paintings for illumination purposes.

Curtains are the most suitable corners for adjustment of these lamps. It illuminates the fabric of the curtains at night and gives a stunning appearance.

Near dressing area or dressers 

The dressing area contains a mirror, which is used for dressing up. For example, you can see yourself in the mirror when going to the office after completely dressing up.

Avoid adjusting it in front of a mirror in your bedroom because the reflection of light can irritate you.

Illuminate the dressing area with floor lamps to get more light for getting ready for a party or office. Place it near your dressers because it cannot take the space like nightstands.

You have to place the nightstand on the top side of the dresses if you use this for illumination purposes.

Put near cabinets or bookshelves 

The bedroom has cupboards and cabinets to increase storage space for your accessories. These are present on the corner side where proper light cannot reach.

Use the standing lamps near the cupboards to turn them on while finding your clothes and accessories from the cabinets.

You can also place them near the bookshelves because they do not take up any shelf space. As a result, you can easily read your favorite book at night without disturbing others.

Things to consider when choosing floor lamps for your bedroom

You have to consider different things when selecting these lamps for your bedroom instead of the living room.

These are available in the market with different designs and heights. On average, their size ranges from 54 to 66 inches, and you can select them according to the adjustment site.

Select the one that has more height if you want more illumination. The color of the stands also matters a lot.

Many people want to match their light with other illuminating sources, like a nightstand, for a unique appearance.

The wooden types go best with your wooden furniture.

There are also some places in the room in which floor lamps do not look suitable. These are lightweight decoration pieces, and avoid adding them in traffic areas that are near the doors.

These can fall on the floor when someone hits them. Moreover, do not add them in the crowded area of the room.

It does not look beautiful when you add them to the furniture. These standees also have more height and do not seem good with large furniture.

It will dull your room when you adjust them between furniture.

Can you add two floor lamps in one room?

You can add more than one floor lamp to your bedroom, which looks beautiful. Place the two arc types on the sides of the bed for illumination purposes instead of nightstands or dressers.

Moreover, you can also illuminate your interior with three if it has larger dimensions and is equipped with many accessories and furniture.

Place one near the dressers and others on the sides of the bed. The number depends on the type and dimensions of the room.

Furthermore, it also depends on the adjustment of furniture.

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