How to Clean Sticky Wooden Chairs?

How to Clean Sticky Wooden Chairs?

Many people complain that their wooden chairs are sticky, this is because we use them at home in different places. For example, we put them in the rooms, besides the dining table and also in the kitchen.

They should be clean regularly; otherwise, they will get extra dust and become sticky. In addition, direct exposure to heat will fade their shine. 

How to Clean Sticky Wooden Chairs? You can clean the sticky wooden chairs with a soft fabric to remove the dust. First, apply the vinegar or alcohol on its surface, then scrape the dirt with sandpaper. Few people also apply lemon juice mixed with baking soda to clean the sticky chairs. 

Sometimes wax or oil sticks to it when we put chairs in the kitchen. The weather changes also affect the wooden parts. 

When we talk about cleaning wooden chairs, waxing, dusting, rubbing, and scrapping come first.

First, however, you should understand the cleaning method whenever you buy a chair and ask the carpenter about the polish and finishing.

It will help you choose cleaner methods and ingredients that will not cause any harm to its wood.

The dusting of sticky wooden chairs

Dusting is the standard method to remove dust from the chair. Use a microfiber cloth for dusting thoroughly. The fiber should be of good quality and soft texture.

If you use a rough and rigid cloth, it will damage their color. A good quality fabric costs $20 that will clean the sticky chair. Repeat this method until all the dust vanishes.

Use this fabric gently over it. It is necessary to change the material when it absorbs the dust. Continuous use of the same duster will again leave the dust.

Sometimes people do not clean them daily to absorb more dust and humidity, and as a result, their shine fades away. 

Use of vinegar

First of all, place a bowl on the table or shelf and pour 200ml of warm water in it. Next, take an equal amount of vinegar and add it to the bowl to make a solution. Shake well to form a homogenous mixture.

Take the microfiber cloth and shake well to open the folds. Next, soak the fabric in the solution of vinegar and water. Now take this out of the solution and make sure that the fluid is not dripping.

Cover the sticky area with a damped cloth. Leave it on the wooden chair for 15 seconds till dirt gets moisten. After fifteen minutes, start rubbing the surface with a wet duster in a round direction.

Wash the piece of cloth and again dip in the solution to repeat the procedure. At least try this mechanism three times to properly clean them.

Put the shower instead of its cover. Take a spray bottle from the market or the empty plastic bottle.

Fill them with water and vinegar solution. Spray on the chair and rub with a duster or sponge.

In the end, clean the part of that furniture with a clean cloth to remove the extra moisture. It will look as it is new, and there is no damage to the wood.

Mineral spirit Alcohol swap and Paint thinner

Mineral spirit works as turpentine, and you can also use it as paint thinner. It is a fast and effective method to clean the sticky chair. Before using mineral spirit, clean the dust from them with a cloth.

Pour the spirit on the waxy area directly or with the use of a brush and spray. Take the soft and smooth fabric or sponge and rub the waxy surface. Pour some more mineral spirit, and this time use another duster.

Repeat this procedure three times and remove moisture with a dry clean fabric. There are other things, for example, Alcohol swap and paint thinner.

Alcohol swaps are readily available in the market in packing.

Take this out and rub it on the oily area gently. Remember, waste the used swap and pick the new one from the packet and repeat this procedure. Finally, clean the surface with a simple dry cloth.

Clean with Hot tea

Take a pan and pour one and a half cups of water into it. Place this pan on the flame and leave for boiling. When the water boils, pour one cup of water into the bowl.

Now take three black tea bags and put them in hot water. Stir continuously to make a mixture of hot tea and water. It has a black appearance but will not leave black marks on the wooden chair.

Apply the tea on the surface from where you want to remove stickiness. Clean that using the microfiber of good quality or soft sponge.

Again, apply the tea and use a new piece of cloth. After that, clean that area with a neat soft sponge to make it shine. 


Scrapping is the easiest way of removing extra dust and grime from the chair. Take an old debit card and scrape it carefully. Then, keep rubbing until all the dust clears.

Use some other gadgets that have sharp edges for scrapping. Use them with care and complete focus; otherwise, it will damage the finish and their polish. Moreover, buy a standard scrapper from the market.

Start scrapping the adhesive part with a scrapper. Keep in mind that you should only touch the grim. Slows down the procedure when you reach near to the main surface of furniture.

Clean that with dry clean fabric and pour few drops of oil. Take another piece of cloth and rub the chair. The use of oil will bring back the shining.

Smoke, heat, dust, humidity, moisture, and contact of sticky hands make them waxy and oily. As a result, the color of that part will become dull and primarily black. Get rid of this issue by using this method.

Oil soap method

First, you have to remove the dust with a dry cloth. Then, again clean that area with a damped clean cloth. Remember, do not allow extra water to remain there because it will damage the layer of finish.

Rub the vegetable oil on the affected area and leave it for 2 hours. It will swell the grim of the chairs. Do not remove the oil with a cloth directly. Instead, lose the residue with a warm hairdryer.

Take 500 ml of water in the bowl and mix the detergent or soap in it. Dip the cloth in it and remove dripping water. It will remove stubborn stains and sticky material. Clean the oily area after drying with a warm hairdryer.

Another thing that you can use instead of a hairdryer is warm water. Take 500 ml of water in a pan and heat it. Dip the microfiber fabric in it and squeeze the extra moisture. Cover that place with this cloth.

After three minutes, remove this and clean it with soapy water. It is a home-based method but requires 2 hours. Next, apply the vegetable oil and do your other household.

Sandpaper method

Use sandpaper of grit #600 to remove the stubborn adhesive dust from the chair. Cut the small piece of sandpaper and rub it on the waxy portion in a circular motion. 

Replace the 600 grit sandpaper with 1200 grit sandpaper after twenty seconds.

Then, use it until the residue leaves the wood surface. Clean that area with a dry fabric. In addition, apply gloss on that portion for shinning.


Apply the furniture wax and gently remove it. It may also become the reason for clinging dust and grim but can be removed easily.

The waxing may impact the negative effect in such a way that spaces create between the layers. It allows the moisture and humidity to stick again and again.

We love to use our furniture when it is a shining and attractive appearance. Sometimes it may become waxy. 

We place them in the kitchen, rooms, lawns, and many other places where we need them. They get dirt due to smoking, heat, grease, etc. Waxing protects the wood for two weeks and does not allow the heat and some to reside on it.

Clean with Baking soda and lemon 

Baking soda is part of almost every kitchen and uses in cooking. The purpose of this is to bake the products and makes their texture soft and smooth.

Take baking soda and sprinkle on the wooden chair. Next, squeeze the lemon into a separate vessel and pour it on the baking soda. Leave this for ten minutes, and the reaction will take place.

It will dissolve the dust particle and sticky material from the chair. Clean this with fine fabric and repeat the procedure until the strain all the adhesiveness removes. One of the reasons for sticky wooden furniture is oily hand contact and glue or some other sticky material.


Petrol is a volatile solvent and usually use as fuel for bikes and vehicles. Take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with 250ml petrol. Cover it with a shower knob. Spray the petrol on the affected area and rub it with soft cotton or fabric.

If the dust does not remove at once, then repeat more times. In the end, buff with a cloth.

Citrus cleaner

A citrus cleaner is an alkaline-based solvent that removes grease and extra grim from the wood. It is soluble in water and also leaves a pleasant fragrance on the wood.

Apply the cleaner on the stubborn stickiness and rub with fine fabric or cotton balls. Keep rubbing until you see the results. Change the fabric when it becomes dirty.

Clean with the dry lamb wool duster in the end to erase extra clean and dust. They are available in the market from $20 to $50.

Use of commercial cleaners

Here are some commercial cleaners available in the market. The Speed Cleaning’s furniture feeder is one of them. It is a solvent that dissolved the wax and did not affect the polish of the wooden chairs.

Apply this with disposable fabric and use a toothbrush so that it may reach every nook and corner. Now wash this cloth if you want to use it again; otherwise, put it in the dustbin and use another fragment to clean the surface.

Wash the toothbrush and put it on the fabric and, rub thoroughly all over the area.

For your convenience, Speed Cleaning Dust Buster Kit is now available in the market at cheaper rates. It has a set of four microfiber cleaning cloths, fine wood and furniture feeder, premium furniture polish, and white microfiber dusting wand.

How much time does it take?

Time is the most crucial factor in this busy routine. People rely on shortcuts to do their tasks. For example, cleaning the wooden chair requires 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the method you use.

The commercial cleaner will take your 15 minutes only. On the other hand, the vegetable oil method will take 2 hours to remove stains, grime, stubborn stickiness, and waxy adhesion.

How much does it cost to clean sticky wooden chairs?

The cost of cleaning a wooden chair depends on the method and ingredients you use. The important thing used in every process is a microfiber cloth.

Its price depends on the type of cloth and its size. It ranges from $12 to $20; however, commercial cleaners usually range from $20 to $50.

Some ingredients are also present in homes, such as lemon, water, and soap. The average cost is about $1 to $25 for cleaning purposes.

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