Why Are Eames Lounge Chairs So Expensive?

Why Are Eames Lounge Chairs So Expensive?

Many people prefer to get comfortable and luxurious lounge chairs at low cost, but there is always a question mark on the quality and comfort of cheap items.

Why Are Eames Lounge Chairs So Expensive? Eames lounge chairs are so expensive due to their trendy styles and fine craftsmanship. Moreover, the manufacturers use high-quality raw materials to make them comfortable. Furthermore, they are constructed with an adjustable swivel mechanism and have an ottoman or footrest that makes them highly functional and are suitable for minimalist designs.

Charles and Ray Eames choose a customer-centered approach while designing their products and make efforts to provide ergonomic and comfortable furniture.

They have designed luxurious lounge chairs using plywood and leather material and introduced incredible designs in their furniture-related products.

Are Eames lounge chairs expensive?

The Eames lounge chairs have an extraordinary design, fantastic construction, and incredible comfort that add to their functionality and make them expensive.

It is an excellent addition to a living room that makes it appealing and shows your aesthetic sense. You have to pay a few extra dollars for added comfort and unique designs.

Most commonly, you can get this furniture item from Eames for almost $500 to $8000, depending on the material used for their construction and designs.

You can get an Eames aluminum chair at around $2000 to $2700, while those made of plywood material are available at $1300 to $1800, according to their dimensions.

However, some of their lounge couches are available at $5500 to $8000 as they are paired with ottomans to make seating more comfortable, which adds to the overall cost.

Furthermore, fiberglass plastic chairs can cost around $600 to $1200. So, their average cost is more than $5000 to $8000 when they have ottomans.

Examples of Eames Lounge Chairs with their cost, weight, and size

Type of Eames lounge chair Cost Dimension (HxWxD)

in inches

Weight Manufacturing material
Eames Aluminum chair $2570 36x23x30 38 pounds Aluminum, Hopsak
Eames upholstered chair $4600 30x31x33 90 pounds White oak, leather, polyurethane foam
Eames molded plywood chair $1650 25x21x22 22 pounds White ash, walnut, wool
Eames plywood lounge chair $1560 24x19x23 17 pounds Molded plywood
Eames lounge chair and ottoman $6200 29x31x33 92 pounds White ash, plywood, polyurethane foam
Eames SoftPad chair $3300 36x24x29 30 pounds Polyester, leather, aluminum
Eames molded rocker chair $680 25x23x22 15 pounds Chrome steel, maple, plastic
Eames fiberglass armchair $590 23x23x21 23 pounds Fiberglass, chrome steel

What makes Eames lounge chair expensive?

Eames lounge chairs are in high demand due to iconic designs and high durability, leading to increased prices ultimately as customer demands are directly related to product cost.

Trendy styles

Excellent craftsmanship, trendy styles, and appealing colors have the potential to seek attention and attract people having a strong aesthetic sense and desire to get something unique.

These lounge chairs are worth the investment when you consider the style and comfort of the product, as experienced and professional artisans manufacture them.

You can see technical finesse in each product that reveals their expertise and clarifies the high price tags.

Moreover, they have paid great attention to every minor detail and are assembled by hand. Therefore, you can find multiple options in the designs of frames, upholstery fabrics, colors, etc.

Use of expensive raw material

Eames does not compromise on raw material quality and chooses premium materials to construct sturdy living room furniture.

Most commonly, rosewood, walnut, oak and maple wood, and Santos mahogany wood are used for constructing wooden frames.

In addition, fiberglass plastic, chrome steel, and aluminum materials are also considered for designing the seats, legs, and backrests.

Polyurethane foam is used as cushioning material for extra softness and firmness of the chairs. It is a safe filling material and provides good support.

Leather is a commonly used fabric for upholstery as it is resistant to damage, highly durable, and looks luxurious. Chrome steel and fiberglass plastic are also used for constructing legs.

Highly comfortable

The lounge chairs are highly comfortable sitting platforms due to their curved designs and plush upholstery. In addition, the armrest padding and adjustable height make it feel comfortable.

They have organic designs with molded seats that can easily fit around your body, making it easy to bring it into a comfortable position.

Moreover, there are no unsecured nuts and screws in the plywood shells that can bother you. Finally, it provides adequate support to the back as you can relax by tilting it slightly backward.

In addition, you can get an ottoman with an Eames chair that can be used as a footrest where you can put your legs. It is considered an ideal piece of furniture to use while reading books.

This fixed recline allows only a single position and avoids unnecessary movements. A metal base is present with shock-absorbing rubber pads that can help reduce pressure on the back.

Minimalist design

Many options are there for you to place these chairs in the room due to the availability of multiple designs, fabrics, and colors.

You can place it in the corner of the room to use as a reading or relaxing platform. In addition, you can choose a suitable furniture color that will match the room decor and complement it.

Moreover, you can give it a central place in the lounge as it takes minimum space and becomes a centerpiece in the living room.

There is no need to add another couch, chaise, or chair if you have placed an Eames couch with an ottoman that consumes less space and adds more functionality.

High durability

The choice of material for constructing these chairs makes them sturdy enough to resist stress for 30 to 40 years without losing their grace.

Manufacturers have used leather material for upholstering the cushions, giving a warm and luxurious look and durability.

The use of polypropylene material ensures superior quality and durability of these products that can efficiently deal with stains and spills and even retain their texture after rough handling.

Furthermore, these can also tolerate almost 250 to 300 pounds of weight making them stress resistance. Multiple layers of plywood make it strong that can efficiently hold heavy weight.

Adjustable swivel mechanism

They have an adjustable mechanism of swiveling on the base and backrest, allowing you to tilt the chair slightly in the backward direction and modulate the sitting angle.

There are aluminum brackets on the base and base region of the chair and even on an ottoman that allows them to swivel around.

The shock mounts absorb the stress of swiveling movements and are made of rubber material.

Eames has brought iconic designs to its furniture items, giving a modern appearance due to in-built mechanisms. The seat will distribute the body weight equally on the back side.

A swivel mechanism means a single leg is connected to the seat, but it is further projected to multiple sides and allows you to rotate at 360 degrees from the left or right sides.

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