Common Problems With Folding Chairs

Common Problems With Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are present in every home because these take less space, and you can store them in less area because of their foldable property. 

Common problems with folding chairs include uncomfortable seats, damage to wooden floors, easily corroding, and have less weight-holding capacity. Moreover, the legs become wobbly, issues in closing, faulty rivets, and fewer designs.

People place their chairs in their homes because you can store them by stacking them on each other. Then, you can take them out when guests come to your home on special occasions to add more sitting areas.

Folding chair problems Solutions
Less comfortable Add cushions and upholstery
Damage wood floor Use furniture or plastic pads
Corrosion Use anticorrosive sprays
Less weight-holding capacity Check weight holding capacity before making purchase
Wobbly legs Weld the broken parts
Improper closing and unintentional pulling off Lubricate the joining area
Low-quality Rivets Replace the chairs
Fewer designs Decorate them
Less durable Protect from heat and water
Less usefulness Proper storage

Uncomfortable seats

These chairs are less comfortable than the traditional ones in your home. In addition, you cannot sit on them for longer because they can tire you.

In addition, it is less safe for children because it does not have an armrest. The absence of an armrest also makes them less comfortable.

In addition, many of these do not have any soft fabric to make the sitting place cozy and soft. Some of them contain a thin layer of upholstery on the sitting area.

You can make them more comfortable by adding thin upholstery. Adding cushions and throw pillows for a soft and cozy space is also better.

Damage to wooden floor

Most foldable chairs are made up of metal material that can scratch easily. The metal is also abrasive and causes damage to the wooden floors.

These are not the safest option for wooden floors because of their abrasive metal material. In addition, it produces scratches on the floors when you drag them here and there.

These scratches decrease the durability of the wooden floor and ruin them because of exposure to water.

Wood is a soft and porous material that scratches easily due to abrasive material. Their harsh material can also produce wear and tear in carpets. Therefore, it is necessary to use plastic pads on the lower side of the chair legs to make their dragging damage free.

You cannot place them directly on wooden floors or carpets. Instead, use the furniture pad to protect the rugs and carpets from damage.


Foldable metal chairs corrode easily when metal material comes in contact with water. The rust build-up is common on the lower side.

Many people prefer to use them in their laws to close them when not in use. The lower side corrodes when it comes in contact with humidity.

The room’s interior temperature changes also make their frames rusty. The rusty furniture does not look good in your home.

You can fix this issue by protecting them from humidity. Also, always coat the damaged area with paint to reduce the oxidation reaction.

You can also use anticorrosive sprays on them to protect them from rust.

Less weight-holding capacity 

Folding chairs have the less weight-holding capacity, and the leg on their lower side bend when you put more weight on them.

Avoid adding heavy things on them when you store them in your home because it can also cause frame breakage.

It is essential to check their weight-carrying capacity when purchasing them. This is because the weight holding capacity of these chairs is less than that of wood types made of heavy material.

You cannot put heavy things on them because it can break them from the rivets that cannot be repaired.

Wobbly legs

The parts of these chairs are joined together by the welding procedure. The legs become wobbly when these joining points become bad.

The weakening of welding is a normal process that occurs from time to time. For example, welding of the joining points becomes bad when the metal furniture is old.

In addition, the contamination from the outside environment also weak the welded area. The presence of dust and poor cleaning practices also cause these issues.

Exposure to rust and water weak the joints and cause their breakage. Moreover, you can also face this issue due to changes in temperature and humidity conditions.

You can fix this issue by welding the broken area. You can also secure them with nuts by drilling holes.

Metal sticking gules are also available in the market, and you can use them for securing broken joints.

Difficult to close

People often face issues in their closing when joining points get stuck at their place. The improper closing issue comes because of poor handling.

In addition, you can also face this due to the accumulation of dust and other foreign particles. Sometimes small beads or other objects get stuck at the joining end, and you cannot close them properly.

The problem in closing comes due to poor lubrication. These are unsafe to place in soft areas like lawns because of muddy ground.

These can unintentionally pull off and injure you when sitting on them. Unintentional pulling off also occurs due to loose joints and weak joining ends.

You can resolve this problem by fastening the moveable ends. Also, tighten the nuts and bolts to reduce unintentional pulling-off issues.

Open and close them carefully because it can cause breakage of the pins.

Low-quality Rivets

Rivets are present on the joining side of folding chairs to fold them easily when these are not in use for their better storage.

Sometimes companies use low-quality rivets that become faulty and are not repairable.

The issue in rivets also comes due to poor lubrication and dust accumulation. Rivets also break when you put the extra weight of things on them. Mishandling during their opening and closing makes these rivets or pins bad.

It is necessary to lubricate with wax or lubricating material for their efficient working. You have to select new chairs when these become faulty.

Fewer designs

The folding chairs come with fewer designs and colors in the market. Therefore, you cannot make them customized with your existing furniture because of the least colors available in the market.

These have simple designs that do not give an attractive and unique appearance. There is less customization in its designs, and sometimes you do not like the simpler ones.

Fewer designs are available in the market because of their less demand and use by the people. However, you can make them aesthetic by painting their frame with the desirable color.

You can select the simple ones and make them pretty by decorating them according to the type of event in your home.

Less durable

These are made of low-quality or recycled material, which makes them less durable. Plastic and metal material is used to make these chairs.

Recycled material is less durable and breaks when you put weight on them. These can also break when more than one people sit on them.

In addition, these are sensitive to heat and humidity, and exposure to both factors ruins their material.

The durability of the metal material is less, and it can scratch when it comes in contact with mild abrasive material.

Less use

The major problem is that you cannot use the folding chair as the common furniture in your bedroom and living room.

These are in less use in your home, and people store them in the free space of their home. In addition, these do not look good with your wooden furniture because of color-matching issues.

It is not worth investing money in them because of their less use. these can damage easily because of age-related deterioration, and you only use them fewer times.

It is not a cost-effective investment to create an extra sitting area.

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