What Color Chairs Go With a Black Table?

What Color Chairs Go With a Black Table?

Black is people’s favorite color, and they love adding furniture with this bold and cool shade to their homes.

What Color Chairs Go With a Black Table? Brown, creamy white, charcoal gray, ocean blue, mustard yellow, wooden, beige, and red color chairs look good with a black table. You can also select multi-color chairs with a mixture of the darker or brighter scheme around them.

When selecting chairs for your black table, it is better to consider the type of flooring, room size, material, and wall paint. 

What color chairs look good with black tables?

It is necessary to consider the color of the chairs when you measure their height and size for perfect matching with the table.


Brown color furniture makes the best combination with a dark black table because of the balanced effect. In addition, Brown is a soft shade that helps to lighten your room’s saturation.

It has a lighter tone and makes you feel relaxed and calm. Moreover, it has become the favorite corner of book lovers because they need a comfortable and calm area.

It also decreases the warmness of white and maintains the room temperature during summer. The visual attraction is more with this contrast combination.

It is a lighter shade but provides a warm feeling in winter and has become a favorite of people due to its earthy resemblance.

Creamy white

Creamy white and black are opposite but give the perfect appearance when you pair them.

The use of contrast with lighter and darker schemes makes a good combination and enhances visual appearance.

You can also select a whitish tone of creamy white to add elegance and uniqueness. These are lighter shades and become dirty easily.

The dirt appears on their fabric early, and you have to clean them frequently. Therefore, it is not a good option because of their frequent cleaning and stain problems.

Charcoal gray

Mixing charcoal gray with black is suitable for small rooms. The dark gray chairs with black tables make your interior look bigger because of the bold shades.

It also becomes beneficial during winter because of the warm feeling. It is also crucial to keep the paint on your walls lighter when using this furniture.

The darker paints dull the appearance of your room and also decrease the lighting. It is suitable for upholstery because it does not become dirty early.

It makes your living room luxurious and modern because of its shine and versatility. The lighter shades of gray, like ash, beige, and smoke, are also good during summer because of their cooling and calming effect.

Ocean Blue

Black is the neutral shade, and it perfectly goes with any brighter tones that can highlight them. The ocean blue in your living room is calming for your eyes.

It resembles the appearance of the ocean and provides a cool feeling in winter. It helps to reduce the warmness in your interior.

Avoid choosing the darker tones of ocean blue because of its mixing. It creates a refreshing feeling and looks elegant due to its matte texture.

Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow chairs perfectly go with black tables and give a stunning look. However, it is essential to select the right shade of mustard to reduce the risk of imperfection.

The use of pure yellow does not match completely and also looks unattractive. The dull mustard shade gives a unique and modern touch.

It is a warmer shade and helps to make your living room warm in winter. You can also try golden mustard and mustard brown.

Wooden color

Add the wooden and chocolate brown chairs to your black table to add a rustic look to your room. It is the perfect color scheme because you mix bold and dull shades.

It is best in a room with less light to illuminate them and add a focal point to attract visitors. In addition, this trend seems old but provides an antique look to your interior.

You can also add non-furnished wooden chairs to give your living room an antique and artistic touch. The wooden types also provide a natural appearance because of their ringed and grained surface.


Black is a cool, lighter shade and perfectly looks good when combined with brighter tones.

The use of a brighter scheme makes the room attractive and bigger. It can also illuminate the corners by increasing visual attraction.

You can use this combination to give your home an aesthetic and modern touch. The strong contrast between them is eye-catching for people.

It becomes the center of attraction for your friends and relatives.

Can you use two colored chairs with the black table?

You can select chairs that are upholstered with two contrasting and matching shades. In addition, you can also paint the wooden material with two types for an aesthetic look.

Red and black upholstered furniture looks good. Select the ones that have the design pattern in horizontal lining and blocks.

You can also choose the one with a different color on the legs and upholstery. Some have a bold base color for legs or backrests, and seats are upholstered with brighter shades for eye-catching views.

I have added four best combinations for chairs that look good with a black table.

  • Red and orange
  • Wooden color with black
  • White and blue
  • Gray and pink

Can you add different colored chairs to your black table?

You can add multi-colored chairs around your black table to make them different. The scheme for multi-colors also matters a lot.

Blend both lighter and darker shades to add balance to your room. You can also select contrasting colors for aesthetic visual appearance.

Many people choose a lighter shade around their dark table to lighten its effect. Olive green, mustard brown, gray, beige, and aqua blue are lighter shades and give a soothing effect.

You can also choose darker shades like orange, red, charcoal gray, and wood. The combination f brighter and dull also match perfectly.

Use red, beige, brown, mustard, yellow, and gray chairs with a black shade.

Things to consider when selecting a chair color for your black table

You can select lighter and brighter shades based on the following factors. The flooring type depends a lot, and you have to match the furniture with it.

Use lighter shades with wood flooring to decrease the warmth in the room. These darker schemes go perfectly with marble flooring because of their softer and cooling effect.

In addition, you can also match them according to the size of the room. For example, choose bold colors with black tables if the room is small and vice versa.

These also look different in various materials like plastic, metal, wood, and upholstered. Use shiny and lighter shades for the upholstered fabric to reduce the overwhelming effect.

Select the contrast according to the paint of the surrounding walls. For example, do not choose brighter shades if the color on the wall is darker because it can increase saturation.

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