Where to Put Fairy Lights in Bedroom?

Where to Put Fairy Lights in Bedroom?

The fairy lights are girls’ best friends when they want to add aesthetics and coziness to their room. The light from them creates an environment of comfort and calm.

Where to Put Fairy Lights in Bedroom? You can put fairy lights in a bedroom around the floating bookshelf, on a dresser, around the full-length mirror, headboard, and canopy beds. Moreover, hang them on the ceiling, windows, curtains, behind the bed, or in the corner.

They are also called string lights which are also called Christmas lights. Eventually, they got trendier in decoration and brought out the festive mood the whole year.

Around floating shelf

The fairy lights around the floating bookshelf enhance that area of your bedroom.

You can put them on the floating shelf, around it, or under it. 

It depends if you have any other furniture under the shelf and want to use them as working lights.

Furthermore, placing them around the floating shelf will highlight the decorative items.

Moreover, you can put them on the shelf in different styles, like hanging them down. 

It will be like a frill of lights hanging from the shelf.

On a dresser

The fairy lights on the dresser are aesthetically pleasing and provide ambiance around it. Furthermore, they also illuminate the area of a dresser and make it a focal point of the room.

You utilize a dresser to get ready and put makeup on your face. 

The lighting should be the essential aspect of a dresser.

In addition, the right type and amount of light will make it easy for you to have a perfect visual of your reflection in the mirror on the dresser.

However, you can put it on the shelf of the dresser, in corners, or on the wall against which it is present.

Moreover, girls love to have proper and more lights around their dressers to have a subtle and contemporary look.

Around the full-length mirror

You can put them around the full-length mirror, like along its frame. The full-length mirrors are mostly fixed into the walls or can be free-standing.

There are different types of fairy lights, such as a strip of tiny LED bulbs. Most of them are closed-in blocks of various shapes and materials.

The blocks can be square, triangular, and circular, with different colors on each light to produce multiple shades of colors.

You can put them on the wall around the mirror if it is fixed in the wall, or stick them on the frame if it is a free-standing mirror.

Rest lights on the headboard

Hanging these lights on headboards is the preferred place to put them in a bedroom. It sets the whole vibe of the area in a place.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with elevating the headboard’s charm when the bed is already a focal point of your room.

Moreover, you can make it a focal point if your bed is not the one you like in your room. 

You can hang them on the headboard or stick them around the corners and along the shape of the headboard.

In addition, the light is not sharp but more soothing and relaxing. You can switch off the rest of the lights and let them on.

They will provide enough for you to read and write. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite show in the environment created by them.

Canopy bed

The canopy beds automatically provide you the support and more unique ideas to style the fairy lights in your room.

Furthermore, you can put the light swirling around the four posters of the canopy bed. The light around it will highlight the area more.

Moreover, you can hang them along the length of the fabric of the canopy. It will look excellent on light-colored sheer fabrics.

You can have that ethereal and lively look around your sleeping area and feel like royalty.

In addition, you can put them over your canopy and have the strips of light all over your head. It will be like a sky full of stars.

You should take a light-colored sheer fabric and tie it above the bed with the support of the posters. Next, fix the lights on that fabric in a vertical, horizontal, or zigzag manner.

However, it is possible to hang them without needing the fabric, and you can hang them using the corners of the canopy bed.

On the ceiling

The fairy light all over the ceiling is your best placement if you want your entire bedroom more bright and glowing.

However, there are two settings for placing or hanging them on the ceiling. First, you can either stick them on the corners of the roof to highlight them.

In addition, you can hang them all over the ceiling covering it whole. One thing to remember when hanging them is to start near the socket where you will put the switch.

Measure the length and width of the ceiling and mark the points where you will stick them.

It is essential to have an equal distance between each strip to create a more balanced look. Moreover, you need to drill nails at those points which can support the strips.

Around the windows

The appearance of the window area can be made more exciting and refreshing with the help of these lights.

You can put them around the corners of the frame of the window, or you can swirl them around its iron rods.

In addition, it will create a visual attraction in your room and make the window area your favorite seating space to read books or drink a cup of coffee.

You can make a curtain of fairy lights by hanging them all over the window. You can style them around the metal rods of the window if you want a minimalistic look.

Over the curtains

It is another interesting way to put lights in your bedroom. You can create a more exciting look for your plain curtains.

Use LED lights for fabric, as the heat from the light can be harmful.

Hang two to three strips on one curtain, and you can achieve a minimalistic look. You can use the support of the curtain rods to hang the lights.

It is an interesting way to uplift the décor and cozy vibe of your room.

Behind the bed

The wall behind the bed is my favorite place to hang the fairy lights because you can design and style them in so many ways.

You can hang them in a zigzag style and hang your polaroid pictures on the strips. It can be the mini gallery wall of your favorite photos and memories with your family and friends.

You can also hang them with faux vines and add the glow to your room with the green leaves.

Furthermore, you can make various shapes and figures with them. For example, I made fairy wings in my hostel room, and they looked excellent as it was exhibiting my personality.

I drew the wings with a pencil and then stuck the lights along the shapes and curves of the figure.

In the corner of the room

A lonely corner in your room is empty and does not have anything around it. Well, no worries, you can give this place its limelight with the help of fairy lights.

Put the house plant under it or some large vases to décor this corner. You can stick the strip of light in the corner in a straight line from the ceiling to the floor.

You can hang pictures on it or wish cards to make it about yourself.

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