Can You Hang a Picture Above The TV?

Can You Hang a Picture Above The TV?

People love to place the TV in their living rooms to entertain their families. Many people hang them directly on the walls, while others use the tables or selves for their placement.

Can You Hang a Picture Above The TV? You can hang a picture above the TV to decorate the walls and give them a better look. Some people avoid doing this because the TV can hinder the art, make walls look messy, cause distraction, and disturb the focal point. Instead, you can use other things for decoration, including lamps, wall sconces, and flowers.

Some people hang different things above the TV in the living room for decoration.

Is it suitable to hang a picture above the TV?

It is always confusing for people whether they have to add a picture above their TV or not. There is no hard and fast rule for this arrangement.

Some people want to decorate the wall with a TV to make them attractive. You can do this for decoration purposes or enhance the overall appearance.

Moreover, it depends on the type and size of the picture and frame. Finally, you have to inspect your interior to make the right decision that does not disturb the stunning appearance of your room.

Some photos are random artistic art or natural sceneries that you can use. You cannot put your family pictures because it looks awkward.

It is better to place the family photo with frames in the hallway to revive your memories. The distance between the TV screen and the frame also matters when you are putting them on the top side.

Maintain a distance of 4 to 5 inches to create the difference and make the walls less messy. In addition, it can create a uniform texture in your interior when you place them without leaving any distance.

How to hang a picture above the TV?

You can use several tricks and ideas to put the picture on the top of the television screen. For example, people add glue when they are using cardboard photos instead of frames.

Glue is the less reliable option because it damages the paint when you remove them. Some people use strings and nails for their adjustment.

Nails are also good when you are using wooden photo frames. Moreover, the sequence of pictures and their adjustment style also play an important role in decoration.

Styling is the most important part when you are using two or more than that. Do not adjust them in the stacking style like one over the other.

Use the different directions and maintain the distance between them to differentiate every piece.

For example, place one picture on the left, the other on the TV’s right, and the last one in the center when you use the 3 for decoration.

Why do some people avoid hanging pictures above the TV?

Some people do not want to hang any scenery or photo frame on the TV walls because the styling does not match their choice and requirement.

Cause distraction

People want to watch their shows and favorite movies in their free time without distraction.

They think that use of colorful pictures, art, and any decorative piece above the TV is the bigger cause of distraction.

You cannot enjoy every scene of your favorite movie because of the disturbance in view.

The solid and dark shades of these photos grab the attention of your eyes, and you cannot concentrate completely on the TV screen.

Moreover, sometimes it is also annoying for people and causes anger issues. Finally, the color-popping effect can distract you.

The distractions are more when these pictures are of your and your family. You started reviving your memories and getting lost in the past moments rather than concentrating on movie scenes.

Walls look messy

Many people think the wall above the TV should be neat and clean and painted with lighter shades to reduce the extra popping effect and illumination.

The screen is the point of attraction, and there is no need to enlighten them with any extra component.

The screens are larger and look suitable alone without any decorative accessories. You create a mess on the walls while adding the photos.

It does not look attractive when many things are on the same wall. People cannot pay attention to them because of their messy touch.

Disturb the focal point

The television screen is the focal point in your living room, and you can put your furniture around them.

It becomes difficult for you to concentrate on more than one focal point in the same room. The placement of photos above the screen disturbs the focal point.

You cannot pay attention to both things at the same time. It can divert your attention when you are listening to essential news.

More than one focal point in the same room looks messy and awkward, affecting the overall style.

Hide the art

The artistic style pictures are costly in the market, and people add them to their homes. These are suitable to place in dull corners to make them attractive.

It is not worth investing in these costly photos and adjusting them in incorrect directions. The poor placement behind TV screens hides the art.

It is not worth buying when no one can see them and appreciate your choice and home decorations.

People do not have complete knowledge to put pictures above the screens and end up creating a mess.

Moreover, no one notices their presence when you are watching TV, which can decrease the importance of artwork.

What other things can you put above the TV?

You can use the other small things with less saturated and popping effects for decoration on the walls that are mounted with the TV.

Unique and creative ideas work better with them instead of colorful decorations. Add the bookshelves on their sides for placement of your favorite books.

Put the glass jars and ornaments on these bookshelves to fulfill the space and enhance the beauty.

The book corner gives a unique and sleek appearance to your living room. In addition, you can use the arc and floor lamps to place on the sides.

Use the wall sconces to illuminate the same wall from the upper corner. These sconces make your interior modern, and you can get illumination when you turn off the TV screen.

Small cards with different messages are a more suitable option than large pictures. You can also use small handmade things of cards like stars and birds to decorate the walls.

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