Where Is Broyhill Furniture Manufactured?

Where Is Broyhill Furniture Manufactured?

Broyhill is one of the traditional furniture brands that retained its name from the 20th century. It provides unique products that maintain their properties for a long time.

Moreover, it provides a wide variety of furniture and fills the space in the house elegantly. Therefore, it perfectly fits the budget and indoor areas like bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas.

Where Is Broyhill Furniture Manufactured? The Broyhill furniture is manufactured in Arcadia, a town in Louisiana, USA. They shifted from North Carolina to Louisiana in 1976. The original plant for this furniture was situated at Lenoir, North Carolina. Big Lots is obtaining the Broyhill brand products from China and selling them in the states of America. They carry forward their legacy by fusing it with modern styles and providing them at affordable prices.

You can purchase their products easily from the online stores operating in multiple states of America. 

What type of furniture does Broyhill manufacture?

They manufacture the items for bedrooms having upholstery fabric as a signature style. In addition, they provide soft sofas having fur on their surface.

Moreover, you can purchase comfortable and relaxing recliners from them that support your sitting. You can also get an appealing and soft loveseat from them.

The presence of their name on the product label on the frames of the product can help distinguish it from others. Moreover, it can be present on the bottom side of the product.

Where is Broyhill Furniture Made?

They started manufacturing high-quality furniture in Arcadia when they purchased an industry in Louisiana in 1976.

A subsidiary of Interco Inc. manufactures these products at a large scale named “Furniture Brands International.”

They were not only producing wooden products but introduced plastic material products with their brand name after the 1970s.

Additionally, it provides all the traditional products that share features with the original brand products. You can get these items at affordable rates.

Previously, this brand was restricted to Lenoir in North Carolina and manufactured all the products at that place.

What is the history of Broyhill furniture?

Broyhill was an American industrialist who manufactured furniture, particularly for the bedroom. He joined his elder brother in the business as a clerk.

Moreover, he also worked as a salesman at the age of 27. It was not a broad business when he joined, but they started introducing new stylish accessories for king-size suites.

In 1980, their company (named Lenoir Chair Company) faced a financial loss, and they sold it to Interco Inc.

Furthermore, Big Lots purchased the brand from Interco in 1991 when they were involved in bankruptcy.

Furthermore, Big Lots and Interco Inc. have used the same name Broyhill for the products on their name.

Why is Broyhill furniture so popular?

Many people prefer to purchase the products with this brand tag to add contemporary style to their modern rooms.

The reasons behind the popularity of these traditional products are their longevity and high quality.

Innovative products

They introduced innovative indoor and outdoor items. The manufacturers used creative ideas to introduce beautiful designs to add more style to their contemporary products.

Moreover, all items, including ottomans, recliners, and beds, are unique.

Therefore, modern interior designers consider aesthetics and use the ideas while designing new products.

High-quality products

The brand manufacturers never compromise on their quality and provide the best product to consumers.

They pay attention to all minor and significant finishing that many manufacturers overlook.

You can check the beds, cupboards, and every product from the inside out, and you will never get disappointed.

You can find every nut and bolt right in its place, and there is good strength in the fabric.

Their products are not only smooth and shiny from the outside, but it is the same from the inside.

It deserves more attention than they are getting now because of its high-quality products.

Superior craftsmanship

They maintain better craftsmanship and have carried forward its legacy for many years.

They are not stuck in their traditional designs and add modern design elements to their furniture.

Many interior designers prefer to add these products for decorating a house and follow their designs.

The manufacturers have excellent skills and ensure the satisfaction of consumers with their impressive designs.

In addition, they keep focusing on the new approaches to add style to the traditional designs, and this combination ensures superior craftsmanship.

Highly durable product

They provide high-quality products with better durability because they use solid wood to manufacture products that last long.

Moreover, it is suitable for making stylish designs, and you can craft the wood easily. The wood can tolerate the harsh rays of sunlight on its surface.

You can easily remove all the spots and flaws by sanding and staining the surface later.

In addition, it does not require daily maintenance like cleaning and dusting.

You do not have to replace them after a few years because they can remain intact for many years. Therefore, it can be expensive, but it is a long-term investment in the furniture.

Extraordinary designs

You can see the unique designs that make them superior to other brands. The impressive designs make it a leading brand in this industry.

Moreover, the designs of cupboard drawers are unique in their curved shape. The feet of beds, sofas, and cupboards contain metal caps that give a prominent look to them.

Who owned Broyhill furniture in 2018?

The furniture that belongs to Broyhill was sold to Interco Inc., but they further handed it over to Big Lots. So, all the trademarks of this brand and the brand itself belong to Big Lots now.

The old name of Big Lots was Consolidated Stores Corporation, which relates to a closeout stores chain.

Many other stores operate under Big Lots, but the names of a few stores are different from this name.

They took it in 2018, which was an excellent opportunity to pursue the oldest popular brand.

Is Broyhill furniture expensive?

The manufacturers do not compromise on the quality of wood and fabric, increasing their price.

Moreover, you can purchase high-quality products at an average price from them. Many types of sofas are available at varying prices.

You can get a simple three-seat sofa for your lounge or outdoors for around $440 to $475. However, a wide sectional couch can cost you between $935 to $1150.

Almost all the indoor and outdoor materials and the accessories like rugs, pillows, and pots are also available under this brand.

Furthermore, the cost varies according to the product size, as small sofas can cost you lesser than the large sectional or recliner ones.

Is Broyhill furniture real wood?

This furniture company uses solid wood for manufacturing refined products for designing indoor and outdoor places. It has been introducing a traditional style in America for many years.

Furthermore, they use solid mahogany wood for designing dining tables and chairs. In addition, the manufacturers use pine wood for creating Fontana king-size beds.

Their designs are not trending in the modern market, but they have excellent knowledge about the superior designs.

Moreover, the selection of high-quality wood improves durability and gives an impressive look to the products.

Where is Broyhill furniture sold?

This traditional furniture is widely sold in the American state of Columbus, Ohio. Big Lots won the bidding and owned the trademark and products for 38 million dollars.

Moreover, this retail brand has almost 1450 stores in America that deal with multiple products. 

In addition, you can purchase these items from Wayfair, which provides an online platform to get better prices.

Furthermore, you can easily order products from Wayfair, eBay, and Amazon as these online websites operate in the United States.

Who makes Broyhill furniture for big lots?

Big Lots obtains some products when the manufacturers go for clearance sales.

However, Big Lots has owned this brand from Heritage Home Group and sells it directly.

A Chinese company manufactures the furniture for Big Lots. Many US brands are sourcing their products from China.

They are using the brand name Broyhill for some of the aesthetic pieces. However, they have issued a license for some products to other industries.

Therefore, Big Lots obtained products from China and kept the contemporary style accessories in stock.

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