Can I Get Bed Bugs From Sitting on a Couch?

Can I Get Bed Bugs From Sitting on a Couch?

Bed bugs are present everywhere, as you can see them on the floor, walls, and even on a couch. People get these bugs when they sit on the sofa. 

Moreover, it is not challenging for these tiny insects to reach you or any place because they can crawl, climb, and jump.

Can I Get Bed Bugs From Sitting on a Couch? You can get bed bugs from sitting on a couch because these bugs prefer to move on the soft and warm furniture. Moreover, they chew fur and eat debris to obtain nutrients. In addition, these crawling insects climb quickly to reach the food leftovers, dead skin, and pet fur present on the sofa. You can get rid of all these tiny insects by applying steam and washing the slipcovers. Furthermore, insect interceptors, encasements, and essential oils are also effective against these bugs.

You can carry bugs on your belongings after coming from shopping. Likewise, they can travel with humans by hitching on their bags and clothes from one place to another.

This way, you transfer them to the furniture, which provides them with a place to multiply. In addition, you can identify furniture with a heavy infestation of insects by looking at the shells and spots.

Which type of bugs are commonly present on a couch? 

The bugs are tiny insects that are visible to the naked eye. Most of them are not responsible for spreading diseases, but they can bite and cause infection.

They prefer to remain in the hiding spots in dark areas and try to enter the seams of couches. As a result, you can see ants, fleas, dust mites, carpet beetles, etc., on the furniture.

These are also common on the sofa, and you can see them crawling on the seat. Fleas prefer to remain on this furniture due to pets sleeping and sitting on the seat for a long time.

How do you get bed bugs when sitting on a couch?

Bugs are crawling insects that can easily climb on the furniture, and you can get these bugs when you are sitting on these couches. You can see them moving on the cushion and hiding under the seams of furniture.

Feed on fabric 

Many worms and beetles like to eat the sofa’s fabric, which can be upholstery or leather. They chew the soft fabric and damage its quality.

Moreover, they eat debris present between the fine hairs of upholstery fabric. You can see larvae under the furniture because they prefer to live in dark spots.

The carpet beetles enter inside the sofa and eat hair to obtain keratin. This protein is usually present in the fur of the upholstery and feathers.

Soft and warm spot

They try to find a warm place to live, and a comfortable sofa offers a perfect place for them.

The soft furs give a soothing feel to their bodies. So, they can jump on your body when you sit on the seat.

Locate leftover food

Many people eat their food and snacks on the couch. However, they can leave food leftovers on the seat that can provide nutrition for these insects.

Ants can reach food at every corner of the house after smelling it.

The sweet smell of food items attracts them to furniture, that’s why they can be present there.

Consume dead skin

Humans can leave dead skin flakes on the sofa to attract these worms towards it. The dust mites feed on the dead skin and hairs of the pets.

People sit on the sofa with their pets, and their feathers and body cells fall off.

Therefore, their presence on furniture indicates that they are in search of dead skin or pet fur, and they will also climb on you.

Fast crawlers

They are fast crawling and climbing insects that can cover several miles at minimum time. 

They can move to the seat and cushion after climbing on the legs.

You can look them over your shoulder or arm because they can quickly jump from your seat.

Do bed bugs follow you to another room?

Bed bugs can follow you from room to room when you move to another bedroom to sleep.

They can be present on your clothing and travel to another room with you.

There are chances of infestation in the room because they can fall off your clothes and jump over the furniture.

It is better to remain in a single place with an infestation to get control over them.

However, you can put other areas of the house at risk by moving around everywhere.

How long does it take for bed bugs to infest a couch?

The presence of a single bug on the seat does not mean that it is the only insect on your couch.

Instead, it refers to a large population and indicates that it is a hotbed for many similar insects.

You can see nymphs reaching an adult stage in 2 to 3 weeks when the conditions stimulate their growth.

Moreover, the favorable conditions include the ideal temperature that needs to be around 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

There should be a good supply of nutritious meals like the blood that help them grow fast.

You can see an infestation of bugs after 30 to 40 days when the nymphs turn into an adult.

How to get rid of bed bugs from a couch?

There are many ways to get rid of the bed bugs but their efficiency depends on the severity of the infestation.

Therefore, select a method according to the infestation rate. For example, insecticides and rubbing alcohol are suitable for mild infestation.


These insect-killing powders can kill all the adult organisms and their eggs efficiently. They contain silica gel as an active ingredient that dries up insects’ and worms’ bodies.

Apply the powder between the narrow spaces of the furniture to fix this issue.

Remove the furniture

First, you should remove the furniture from the room when there is a heavy infestation.

However, you can bring it to the middle of a room in case of a mild infestation.

Then, use insecticides or call professionals to remove them.

Do not shift them to another room because they are fast crawlers and quickly move to floors and walls.

Couch encasement

The furniture encasements keep them clean and avoid entry of dirt and insects.

These are the large containers with a zip on one edge for wrapping the sofa.

These covers are made of polyester or plastic material. This encasement block the ways for all the tiny creatures to get entered inside the cover.

Therefore, you can zip up these sofa encasements after wrapping over the furniture.

You can block the way these bugs enter inside after zipping, but those present in frames remain inside.

Use Insect interceptors

Interceptors are small plastic traps to capture the climbing insects due to their slippery nature.

For example, you can wrap the feet of a sofa to prevent the entry of these insects over the furniture.

A slick coating around the multi-walled cups stops them from crawling on the legs of a couch.

Instead, they collect the bugs inside the cup and help determine the severity of the infestation.

Furthermore, there are many online stores available to purchase them easily.

There is no need to replace these interceptors frequently as they remain intact for almost a year.

Rubbing alcohol

A spray of rubbing alcohol can help disinfect the ticks and mites present on the furniture.

Alcohol can effectively kill them and has no access to the eggs and the hidden ones.

You cannot control the infestation by killing only a few of their members. So kill all the adults and eggs to get control over their population.

Repelling essential oils

Many essential oils are helpful against these bed bugs. However, it is better to directly apply lavender or tea tree oil to the insects to kill them.

In addition, use paraffin oil and silicon oil to suffocate the organisms.

This home remedy can kill half of the insect population but cannot permanently wipe out the whole population.


You can remove these tiny organisms from the sofa surface is to wash the covers in a machine. You can also put small cushions inside the washing machine and add detergent.

Detergents and high temperatures are perfect for killing tiny worms.

So, you can put the cushions or their covers for laundry and wait for the removal of all the insects present inside.

How can you tell if a couch has bed bugs?

It is challenging to look over the couch surface in search of the bugs because their size is equal to an apple seed.

You can check the seating area and underneath the furniture. Remove the cushions and find whether these insects are present or not.

Moreover, look at the zip handle and the corner or inside the cushion.

Use a flashlight for better visibility while inspecting the narrow spaces between the cushion and the frame.

Furthermore, there can be an infestation if you find the dark spots, the feces, and dead bodies.

Some of them keep crawling on the furniture so that you can estimate their infestation rate.

The presence of old shells and red spots on the cover indicates a hotbed for these crawling creatures.

How to steam a couch for bed bugs?

 Steam effectively kills the mild or heavy infestation of bed bugs inside a couch.

However, high temperatures can kill all the insects and their eggs.

You have to maintain a 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to kill the adult ones. Then, raise the temperature to almost 125 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all their eggs.

Furthermore, expose the surface to steam for almost 1 to 2 hours.

The killing of eggs and adults ensures infestation removal and stops it from turning into heavy infestation from mild.

Drag the steamer on the sofa surface and move over the cervices carefully. The structure of the furniture determines the time duration for steaming.

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