Do IKEA Billy Bookcases Need to Be Fixed to the Wall?

Do IKEA Billy Bookcases Need to Be Fixed to the Wall?

All floor-standing furniture like Billy Bookcases have a risk of falling that needs to be anchored to minimize damage.

Many people do not fix bookcases on the wall to avoid drilling holes on the wall. This is because they do not want to attach permanently to move them freely at any location.

Do IKEA Billy Bookcases Need to Be Fixed to the Wall? IKEA BILLY bookcases need to be fixed on the wall for safety purposes as large wooden shelves can fall down the floor and cause injuries. A secured bookcase protects your children and pets by reducing the risk of mishaps. You can provide back support to books by placing them against the wall. In addition, it gives a modern and stylish appearance to the room that looks impressive. You can fix it by using a drill machine and screwdriver to drill holes and add screws to the brackets. 

IKEA mentions the instability of the unfastened standing furniture. Furthermore, they test the weight holding capacity of products and inform users about the possible risks.

So, you have to read the manual carefully and follow the instructions to ensure security.

What is BILLY Bookcase?

BILLY bookcases are the bookshelves by IKEA for placing the books in an organized manner on the shelf.

They were named “BILLY” on the name of the advertising manager of IKEA, BILLY Lundgren.

You can get this wooden furniture in black, white, and natural wood color.

They can cost between $35 to $690 depending on their size, the number of shelves, and the doors.

If you maintain them regularly, these bookshelves are durable and remain intact for 15 to 18 years.

Why does IKEA BILLY Bookcase need to be fixed to the wall?

To secure it properly, you have to mount or fix the IKEA bookshelf on the wall.

Easy cleaning

The presence of the bookshelves on the floor can interrupt the cleaning process. However, you can easily wipe out the floor when they are attached to the wall.

The dust and moisture can accumulate under the bookshelf when you have no access to that part of the floor. It can affect the quality of furniture and affect their longevity.

Therefore, attaching the whole setup to the wall is suitable for cleaning the floor better.

Protect children

An unfastened bookshelf can be unsafe for the children because there is a risk of tipping over. In addition, it can fall over the children when they try to access it from the top.

The undesirable interference with this furniture can result in injury due to falling.

Therefore, you can protect your children and your pets from inconvenient circumstances.

So, it is better to fix it to the wall to avoid accidental injuries.

Modern and stylish look

A wall-mounted bookshelf looks more attractive than the one present on the floor. It provides a stylish and refined appearance to the study room or lounge.

The interior designers prefer to attach the bookshelves to the wall as it gives an illusion of floating furniture. So, you can also fix them with the wall to make them look more appealing.

Support the books

All the shelves do not have a fiberboard on the backside. As a result, books can fall down the floor from the backside of the shelf when it is open and does not provide any support.

A fixed shelf can get support from the wall and keep books secured inside it. The books can remain in their place when you provide back support from the wall.

Easier floor replacements

Many people place bookcases directly on the floor to avoid the extra effort. However, they can face difficulties when replacing floor carpets and tiles.

They have to change its location when they want to place new carpet on the floor.

Also, it is annoying to empty it and remove all the papers and decoration items.

Therefore, it is better to fix it on the wall to avoid disturbance later.

Follow IKEA instructions

The company guides all users to fix it on the wall for safety purposes. Many accidents have been reported when the heavy structure falls over and results in injury.

It provides ready-to-assemble products that you can set up after reading the manual. Moreover, it offers a set of screws and brackets in the packaging.

These products show that they want you to fix the wooden structure to the wall. You cannot ask them for any mishap because they have provided the brackets and manual to follow.

In addition, the guide contains some visuals and warnings showing the scenario of tipping over and falling.

These pictures elaborate on the consequences of avoiding the fixation of this furniture on the wall.

How to fix IKEA BILLY Bookcases to the wall?

There are a few steps to fix the bookshelves on the wall that contain multiple adjustable shelves. You can assemble and mount it on the wall within 60 to 80 minutes by following these seven steps.

Some people use double-sided tape on its backside and attach it to the wall.

Measure the wall space

You should consider the correct measurement of the wall space. It helps in purchasing the exact size of this furniture.

Any error in inches measurement can cause trouble, and you have to modify the shelves.

Therefore, it is better to get an idea of the length and width of the wall where you want to position this wooden structure.

Get an IKEA BILLY bookcase

You can order a set of these by specifying the exact length and width. Then, unbox the packaging and place all the pieces on the floor.

Put a soft cloth on the floor before placing these wooden sheets to avoid scratches and damage to the floor and shelves.

Prepare the bookcase

IKEA provides ready-to-assemble products with all the required items that you need to fix the whole setup. First, put all the corks and set screws according to the instructions on the manual.

Adjust the setup

Lift the prepared wooden structure vertically and place it close to the wall. Keep the distance between the wall and bookshelf at a minimum.

Many people place it touching the ceiling and floor, but it does not look good.

In addition, full-size bookcases make it challenging to clean the ceiling and floor.

Mark and drill holes

Mark the exact spot with a marker where you want to fix the bracket. In the same way, mark the position for drilling holes on the upper side of the bookshelf.

After that, take a drill machine and drill holes inside the wall and bookcase. It is better to keep the size of holes as small as possible to make the patch up easier later.

Fix the brackets

Take a screwdriver and attach the brackets to the bookshelf by putting a screw inside the hole. Similarly, secure the brackets on the wall by screwing them up tightly.

Furthermore, you have to use at least 2 brackets on the top to keep this heavy furniture secure. Therefore, it is better to use 3 to 4 brackets for larger and heavy setups.

Add books and decorations

You can place books after securing the whole setup with the wall. Some people add decoration items on a few shelves to make them more impressive.

So, it depends on your choice of what you want to place close to the books. However, avoid placing many decoration items in it.

Can I secure the BILLY Bookcases without fixing them to the wall?

There are many ways to secure the BILLY bookcases to ensure the family’s safety. In addition, you can work on many other strategies if you do not want to fix it on the wall.

You can add many things to the shelves to add more weight. However, it cannot fall easily when it gains weight.

Moreover, place it in the corner of a room to have lesser interference. This way, you can provide support from the wall without attaching brackets.

A correct distribution of weight on all the shelves makes it stable to stand. Furthermore, you can also add some decoration items to add weight.

Is it essential to fix a small IKEA BILLY bookcase to the wall?

These bookcases come in three sizes: large, medium, and small. The large bookshelves are almost 92.37 inches long, while the short ones are 42.28 inches.

According to manufacturers, it is essential to fix it because a large setup can risk falling and tipping over.

In contrast, there are no safety concerns for the small size bookcase. So, there is no need to fix the small wooden shelf, but keep it in the corner of a room.

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