What Does DFS Sofa Insurance Cover?

What Does DFS Sofa Insurance Cover?

DFS sofa insurance policy provides an opportunity to claim for repair and replacement in case of damage after 4 to 5 years of product delivery.

What Does DFS Sofa Insurance Cover? DFS sofa insurance covers almost all the problems related to manufacturing faults in the couch’s exterior, interior, and motion mechanism. Furthermore, it includes compression of filling, broken zips, defective handles, and damaged foam. Moreover, it involves accidental damage to the couch due to spilling inks, drinks, and food. You can also claim for a repair and replacement if your children and pet have damaged the cover and scratches or scuffs start to appear. 

The DFS sofa insurance company inspects the reported problems by the customers and tries to fix them quickly by repairing them if possible.

They provide a replacement opportunity to their users when repairing is not working and requires a change with the new product or some parts.

Who manages the DFS sofa insurance policy?

DFS (Direct Furnishing Supplies) is a UK retailer brand having multiple stores in different states. It acquired many brands like Sofology, Sofa workshop, and Dwell to improve its brand identity.

It does not manage the insurance policy for its sofas; instead, Guardsman industries limited acts as an intermediary between the company and consumers.

It helps deal with all the problems in the products and offers a repairing option to fix the damage. In addition, they can replace the defective product if it falls within the warranty plan of the company.

Moreover, it assesses the defects by a professional team and decides whether you should give a warranty for the problem or not.

They design furniture protection plans and provide coverage for 4 to 5 years with only a one-off payment.

What are the conditions to qualify for the DFS sofa insurance?

There are some conditions to become eligible to avail of the opportunity of a DFS insurance policy for a sofa.

You can ask for repair and replacement if you have taken care of the product according to their instructions for dealing with it.

Moreover, it can also fall into the warranty criteria if you have followed all the terms and conditions of the manufacturer while asking for a claim based on the protection plan.

When it follows all the relevant requirements, the Guardsman confirms your claim and tries to repair the damage.

However, you can ask for a replacement when the repairing process is not sufficient to fix the problem.

What is covered in the sofa insurance policy by DFS? 

PDF covers all the internal and external faults and accidental staining. Moreover, it looks for the problems in the movement mechanisms.

Damaged foam

The interior fillings or foam can lose their resilience and gets soft with time. It starts to become saggy and begins to collapse due to excessive use.

You can claim it when almost 30 to 32% of the foam is damaged and provides lesser comfort. The time to ask for repair and replacement is nearly 4 to 5 years.

Compressed fillings

The fiber fillings begin to soften or compress after using the furniture for 1 or 2 years.

A common problem in some furniture is that they become saggy quickly as their springs lose strength to bounce you back.

You have to assess whether the problem is with the cushion or the springs that need to be fixed.

According to manufacturer standards, it is better to ask for replacement when the interior filling is insufficient in the cushions.

Broken zips

All the exterior faults in manufacturing, like a broken zip, account for the repair. Moreover, the policy covers splitting seams and breaking stitches.

Sometimes, the broken buttons and the leather material display cracks and peels on the surface, which indicate that the furniture requires professional repair.

You can claim such defects within 2 to 5 years, and the Guardsman Company will fix the problems after assessing the nature of the issue.

Accidental staining

An unintentional spilling of the juices or drinks on the sofa cover causes staining that looks unappealing.

Your couch can get spots of ink when your children are playing, and the uncapped pen falls on your cushion. Similarly, the food can drop down on the couch leading to dark-colored staining.

So, you can ask the company to remove the stains with a stain protector treatment before it gets permanent.

Defects in recliner switches and handles

The furniture protection plan by Guardsman covers all the faults in the motion mechanism of the couch, like the problems that can occur in the motor of the recliner responsible for reclining.

The handles that are used to change the furniture’s position become non-functional and do not work on respective commands by pressing the lever.

In addition, the switches or the charging ports on both sides of the furniture can lose their operation for many reasons.

The cables and transformers within the motion mechanism of the couch get disabled, leading to non-functionality of the whole setup.

So, you can claim the repairing of all these problems from DFS.

Pet damage

It covers all types of damage like scuffs caused by harsh brushes rubbing and punctures in the cover material.

You can get into any position by sliding against the couch with your pets because they can fix all the problems.

The pets can chew the fabric, tearing it, or they can split the stitching. Moreover, their dirty feet and feces can also cause fabric staining.

Their claws can cause scratches on the fabric when rubbed hard against the surface.

So, the DFS insurance policy provides you with a Fabricare kit that contains stain remover, sponge, soft cloth, and cleaner.

 In addition, they provide an instruction booklet inside the kit to help use the removing kit properly.

How do you claim DFS sofa insurance?

You have to follow some easy steps to claim sofa insurance from DFS. The guardsman company is responsible for providing repair and replacement facilities to the customers.

Download the insurance form

Visit the website of Guardsman. Then, tap on the option of making a claim and follow the instructions accordingly.

They provide two methods to claim a damaged couch; call the main center or log into the customer portal.

You can tell the agents at customer service about the defect in a couch so they can initiate the assessment procedure.

Additionally, download the form from their website to submit after filling in the required information.

Fill out the form

You have to fill out the form after downloading it from the guardsman website. Provide all the relevant information related to address and defects in the product.

Email form to DFS 

After filling out the form correctly, you have to send it through an email. After receiving a form, they read all the information and understand the particular problem.

Confirm an appointment

The agents at DFS or Guardsman will contact you through an email or call to confirm an appointment.

They have to visit your home to assess the problems or ask you to send pictures of the stained fabric and non-functional switches.

Repairing / Replacement of defects

After a successful assessment of the defect in the sofa, they offer you a repair in the form of stain removing treatment and stitching of the splitting seams.

However, they will replace the defective motors and switches when they are difficult to get repaired.

Can I get an exact replacement of defective parts?

It is not confirmed that you will get an exact replacement for the defective parts of the furniture like the couch cover.

It can be matched in sheen and pattern but can vary in color. However, it can be the same in color and design but has different fabric.

They do not guarantee the exact replacement but try to find the same cover as the previous one with spilled drink stains.

Moreover, you cannot ask for the disposal of the defective product after its replacement because it is not a part of the policy. Therefore, you have to dispose of the old product by yourself.

What defects are not covered in DFS sofa insurance?

The DFS sofa insurance policy does not cover all types of damages and has some restrictions.

For example, you cannot claim the product if the damage is natural and occurs due to overuse.

Similarly, they are not responsible for replacing the furniture that is out of condition due to aging and poor maintenance.

The couches can get dirty with time and lose their reliability, which is natural, and you do not have to claim in such a case.

Moreover, they provide facilities if the product is in the UK. The warranty term for a particular product expires when they replace a product completely.

You cannot claim a product warranty if it is in commercial use and has not been in use by the policyholder.

You are not allowed to claim the policy if there is an assembly error, particularly when a third party assembles a couch.

Furthermore, they do not cover an animal chewing on the fabric and changing its color due to washing the covers frequently.

It is better to claim for the damage within a few days as delays can lead to permanent staining of the covers due to accidental spillage.

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