What Type of Casters are Best for Hardwood Floors?

What Type of Casters are Best for Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are made of pure wood material, either maple or oak. These give a luxurious appearance to your interior because of their unique texture and smooth or shiny design.

What Type of Casters are Best for Hardwood Floors? Nylon, rubber, polyurethane, neoprene, rollerblade, hardwood, thermoplastic elastomer, hard urethane, and chrome casters are best for your home’s hardwood floors. It is better to check the weight capacity and manufacturing material of casters while adding them. Avoid adding metal casters because these can produce scratches on the floor.

You can also use tape, soft fabric, area rugs, pads, and new wheels to protect the floor from damage. 

The scratches and scuffing give them a bad appearance and ruin the durability of the wooden material.

What types of casters are suitable for hardwood floors of your home? 

Selecting casters for smooth hardwood flooring is an important procedure to protect them from scratches and scuff marks.

Types of casters Features
Nylon and Rubber Soft and non-abrasive
Polyurethane Contain hard polyurethane layer
Neoprene casters Denser and made of soft material
Rollerblade wheels Little harder and provide more grip
Hardwood casters Smooth material and reduce scratches on the floor
Thermoplastic elastomer wheels Shock absorbing properties
Hard Urethane Softer material but provide more grip
Chrome casters Smooth and less abrasive

Nylon and Rubber 

Nylon wheels are mostly present under office chairs because of their smoothness and less abrasive coatings.

These are perfect for lighter-weight accessories and cannot damage the floors when you drag them.

These are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Moreover, these are cheaper and affordable for everyone.

In addition, you can also install them under the desks because of their smooth movement. Nylon casters are also polished to offer smoothness and better protection against hardwood flooring.

It is better to inspect whether their surface is polished or not before selecting them.

Rubber casters are the most suitable option for wooden floors because of their less friction and non-abrasive properties.

It reduces the squeaking noise when you drag the furniture from one room to another. Moreover, these are more durable and are at less risk of breaking and cracking.

These are less costly, and you do not have to change them frequently. In addition, these cannot make any marking on floors and are ideal for the smooth finishing of your home.


Polyurethane casters are the ideal choice for heavier furniture. These can make the dragging easy without leaving any markings or scratches on the floor.

These contain metal wheels that are polished with a hard polyurethane layer to make them protective of wooden material.

The number of polyurethane coatings makes them smooth and shiny. You can easily glide the heavier furniture on the hardwood floor with them without worrying about scuffing issues.

Most of the cast iron wheels are also coated with multiple layers of polyurethane to mask the abrasive effect of iron.

Instead of adding lighter-weight nylon or urethane wheels, you can use this metal-based for dragging heavy items.

Neoprene casters

Neoprene is also a good option for large and heavy-weight home accessories. These are denser and heavier in weight but made up of soft material.

These are the same as polyurethane because of their denser and smooth properties. The sturdy and denser wheel is coated with soft neoprene rubber material.

These are beneficial because you can customize them according to your furniture design and color.

These protect the hardwood from scratches and hold more weight on your furniture. In addition, the neoprene coating reduces the impact of weight-related markings on delicate material.

Rollerblade wheels

Rollerblade casters are harder than soft ones but provide proper grip for movement on the floor. In addition, it reduces the friction between two smooth surfaces.

You cannot see white rubbing marks when moving your furniture with them. In addition, there is no grinding noise when you drag your chair.

You can hear the grinding noise because of its smooth texture. These are also better for the rugged area due to their more rigid material.

These are made of rubber, but it is harder in texture to offer more grip on the hardwood floor. In addition, these have a slight learning curve that gives more stability and prevents slipping issues on smooth finishing.

Hardwood casters

These are the most useable and suitable option for these floors. You can install them easily, but these are not good for mats or rugged areas.

These are specially designed for these types of wooden finishing to protect them from damage.

These are made of smooth hardwood material and reduce the impact of scratches on the floor when you roll the chairs on the floor.

These are suitable for lightweight furniture like chairs, tables, and sofas. These do not produce friction and provide smooth gliding of furniture.

Thermoplastic elastomer wheels

Thermoplastic elastomers are coated with a smooth plastic layer known as polypropylene. The coating of polypropylene performs the cushioning action and protects the smooth floorings.

The extra layer of plastic makes them smooth and non-abrasive. As a result, these are shock absorbing and do not produce scratches when you drag the furniture.

These are also best for heavy-weight furniture because of their durability and weight-holding capacity.

It does not produce friction or abrasive movement when you add a heavy weight to them.

Hard Urethane

Hard urethane is long-lasting and runs for a long time under your furniture. However, you cannot use them under heavy items because of their less weight-holding capacity.

These are easily affordable, less costly, and easy to install and maintain. You can only change the wheels if they are broken or worn out.

These are also a better option than nylon because of their softer material and better grip that reduces the rubbing between two surfaces.

These are also available in different designs and colors, providing customers with more variety. Moreover, you can also make them more protective for hardwood finishing by coating their exterior surface with polyurethane.

Chrome casters

The chrome type looks shiny and eye-catching because of its finished layers. These are coated with chrome or nickel material to provide extra smoothness.

You can add them under large and heavy furniture like beds, tables, and refrigerators because of their weight-holding capacity than plastic type.

The chrome type needs maintenance for its effective use. these can create more damage rather than protection if their chrome-plated layer is damaged.

The abrasive material rubs against the floor and produces scratches on them.

Will casters damage the hardwood floor?

Casters are small wheels that are present under chairs, sofas, beds, and refrigerators for their easy movement from one place to another.

People add office chairs in their homes to comfortably work on them. Therefore, it is necessary to check their material when using them.

Hardwood flooring is common in homes because of its smooth texture and luxurious appearance. The materials of these wheels matter a lot when using this furniture on a wooden floor.

The hard material can cause degradation and produce irreversible damage. In addition, the hard material creates scratches when you drag the furniture into different places.

You can see the scuff marks when you roll the chairs for movement in a different direction. First, you must check the wheels’ manufacturing material and weight-holding capacity.

You can also replace them with suitable material for protection from scratches.

How do you protect your hardwood floors from casters?

You can add extra protection on your hardwood floor because these are hard and costly to re-furnish and maintain.

It is better to wrap the tape around the wheels of the chairs or other furniture to protect the dragging-related damages.

Wrap the tape carefully because it can also cause hindrance in their movement. Use soft fabric to cover them so their abrasiveness cannot produce visible marks on the floor.

You can also use area rugs in the areas where you placed your chair or table. Furniture pads are also a helpful solution to protect smooth furnishing from scuffing.

The wheels are susceptible to wear ad tear and become abrasive. In addition, dragging furniture on the floor with broken casters produces marks.

It is better to change the broken ones and completely maintain them. Restrict the unusual movement to decrease the risks of cracking and damage.

What types of casters are not suitable for hardwood floors?

Some chairs and heavy furniture contain metal casters because these are durable and hold more weight than plastic and urethane.

The metal ones are not smooth and produce more friction and marks on the hardwood floor when you drag them.

It can completely ruin your interior with lots of scratches and marks. Therefore, you should always check their material when purchasing them.

You cannot use them on smooth finishing because it can degrade them. The harder ones are specifically suitable for textured and carpeted floors.

It is better for you the replace the metal casters of your office chairs with nylon and neoprene, which are less abrasive than metal materials.

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