What Color Furniture Goes With Hickory Floors?

What Color Furniture Goes With Hickory Floors?

Hickory floors are common in homes because of their unique design, texture, and affordability. Moreover, these are easy to maintain and are more durable than exotic or soft hardwoods.

What Color Furniture Goes With Hickory Floors? White, gray, pale yellow, green olive, dark brown, golden brown, and tan color furniture goes with the hickory floor. Avoid using the orange, red, blue, dark green, black, purple, and pink accessories with them because of their mismatching shades.

Consider the size, style, design, amount of light, and color of the floor in your room when selecting the furniture for them. 

Many people love to add this wooden flooring in their homes because it is resistant to scratches and goes best with a variety of shades of furniture.

What color furniture looks good with hickory floors?

Hickory floor color ranges from brighter to lighter tones, so you must carefully select the furniture for them to avoid messy results.


White is a soothing and relaxing shade, so you can add a bed of this color to your room with wooden floors.

White can dull the warmer and darker effect of dark brownish and balance their tone. Moreover, it is also relaxing for your eyes because of its less saturated and color-popping appearance.

You feel free from all tensions and relaxed while sitting there. Many people do not want to add white because these get dirty easily and are hard to maintain.

In addition, the stains also become more visible on them and give a bad impression when a guest or your friend comes to your home.

Sage color

Sage is a mixture of light gray and greenish shades and is also lighter. Furniture with these shades is hard to find in the market.

You have to prepare them on customized orders, which become expensive. You can guide them about their color codes to the outlet representative for better understanding.

The mixture and green and gray are best in all weather and all seasons. It can create a cozy and cooling effect in your room according to the type of season.

In addition, the sage scheme in your bedrooms gives an earthy or natural appearance.


Tan is a mixture of light baby pink and a lighter skin tone. The furniture in these colors is readily available in markets because of its famous color.

The sofas with these shades look unfurnished and give an old and rustic touch. You can feel cozy and warmer in your bedroom with this rustic touch.

The skin or lighter pinkish color makes them feel like unfinished and non-painted wooden furniture. It looks eye-catching, and you can feel better in winter because of its sunny shade.

The soothing effect enhances your mood and positively impacts your personality.

Pale yellow and green olive

Pale yellow and green olive slightly differ from one another because of their lighter and brighter shades. The green olive is a slightly bright and darker shade, while pale yellow is a dull and lighter shade of green.

These items are hard to find in the market because they are not common among people. However, you can buy buckets of these two shades and paint your furniture with them.

The hickory floors with olive green and pale yellow combine perfectly in summer and cool your interior.

The ac works best in this environment because the saturated effects do not absorb heat.

Dark brown or golden brown

Dark brown and golden brown are the most common color of furniture in the market, and these go best with the hickory floor.

The combination is suitable during winter because of its warmer tones. These can also make your interior inviting for the guest. It is best to give your living room a bigger and more uniform look.

In addition, golden brown is a little shiny, and it can attract people and create a focal point in the room because of its shiny effect.

What color furniture doesn’t look good with hickory floors?

It is essential to carefully select the furniture color according to the design, texture, and color of wooden flooring.

Mismatching can disturb your interior’s appearance and not create a balanced tone. For example, the hickory floor appears warmer due to its shade and textured lines.

You cannot reduce the warmness by selecting the overall theme of your living room. Avoid furniture with warm or saturated shades because these can create a popping effect that does not match your overall look.

The space does not look calming and relaxed because of its overwhelming look. The list of these warm colors includes:

  • Red
  • Orange-red
  • Yellowish red
  • Pink
  • Maroon
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Sea green
  • Dark green
  • Mustard yellow

These are also the darker shades that can make your room look dull and smaller. In addition, it can give a messy appearance to your bedroom.

Can you match the color of the wood with the furniture?

Many people want to create an overall stunning look in their living and bedroom by matching the furniture, paints, and wall paints with each other.

Hickory floors are darker brown to dull yellow in the shade with skin-textured lines. Therefore, you cannot add the same color of sofas, beds, and paint on the wall.

It can make your interior boring because of the same scheme. As a result, all thing looks the same in the room and gives a dull effect.

You cannot create a difference in any corner of the room because of this monotonous tone. However, the use of contrast shades makes a visible difference and differentiates one thing from another.

Moreover, you can also create the focal point in the room to make it modern. It is better not to use furniture of the same brownish red or skin shade because of their dull and suppressing effect.

Things to consider when selecting the color of furniture for the hickory floor

You need to consider the following things when you buy new sofas for your homes, and their floors are furnished with high-quality hickory wood.

Size of the room

People love to add these wooden flooring in their rooms to make them look modern and luxurious. Moreover, these are easier and less costly to maintain than marble.

You can create the overall theme in your room according to its size. For example, you can create a darker theme if the room size is larger.

The darker themes balance the size and make them look shorter than their original length because of the bold and darker shade of the furniture.

In addition, the lighter shades go best with the hickory floor when the size of your room is smaller. Always access the dimensions of your room before selecting the color because it can affect the appearance.

Style and design

The style and specific design that people keep in their minds also matter while selecting furniture. Many people want to create a lighter theme in their living room while darker in their bedrooms.

The living room is the place where you want to spend your free time with friends and families while gossiping and enjoying food.

It is necessary to make this area relaxed and cool so you can have a good time with your family. You can relax in this area by adding sofas and paints on the walls that are lighter in the shade.

You can give them a style according to your choices for decoration.

Color of walls and amount of light 

The color of the walls is essential when selecting furniture with a hickory floor. Select the lighter scheme if the walls are painted with brighter and darker shades.

You can choose warmer schemes like pale brown and reddish brown if the walls of your rooms are lighter.

Windows and doors are the two main sources of natural light in your living rooms and bedroom. The color scheme in your interior enhances or suppresses the lighting effect.

You can add darker shade items in your room if the outside light is less to illuminate every corner.

Choose the lighter and less bright scheme when you have more than one window in your room for natural outside light.

Color of the hickory floor

The color of these wooden floorings also varies from lighter to darker shades. These are available in markets from reddish brown to pale yellow and light skin shades.

Match the furniture with their shade or add contrasting ones for an attractive appearance. Do not choose warmer tones when the finish is dark or reddish brown.

Adding lighter items in your living room can create a less brightening effect.

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