What to Do With Old IKEA Furniture?

What to Do With Old IKEA Furniture?

It is challenging to get rid of your old IKEA furniture when you are thinking of selecting a new one for your living room because it becomes challenging to make space for both.

What to Do With Old IKEA Furniture? You can sell old IKEA furniture on online marketplaces, roadside displays, or arrange a garage sale. You can give used items to charity homes for donations, repurpose them, or adopt the proper method for their disposal. IKEA provides a buyback and resell program, and you can take your used furniture to your nearby outlets for this purpose.

IKEA is the largest furniture brand in America, and the primary purpose of its buyback policy is to give a chance to people to select used items at affordable prices. 

What is IKEA policy for old furniture?

IKEA introduced buyback and resell programs for their customers to sell their old furniture back to the outlet.

More than 30 outlets of this brand in America are giving this service to their valuable clients.

The company will pay you according to the condition of your old accessories. You will receive the 30% or 40% according to the appearance and usage time.

Fill out the online form for this procedure and track the eligible things for this policy.

You have to buy the estimator tool in the next step to identify the condition of old accessories. It tells you the estimated cost of your acceptable furniture by brand.

Assemble the chair used dresser after making it neat and clean. The brand tells you about the final buyback price after assessing its condition.

You can get a refund card from the IKEA company to get the money back. Moreover, this company also provides a pickup service when you purchase new things.

The representatives remove the old piece and add the new one to your doorstep.

What to do with old IKEA furniture that is not returnable?

It is challenging for people to adjust the old accessories when they purchase new ones. In addition, some of the furniture is not acceptable by the brand because of their breakage and old condition.


Several donation homes in America can receive old furniture that is in good condition and is not broken.

You can give the old pieces to them as a charity and for good deeds. The products of IKEA that do not come under its buyback policy is good for donation purpose.

You can also donate them to charity homes; they will clean them and give them to deserving people.

You can also find deserving and needy people nearby to do this charity work.


You can reuse or repurpose your used sofas, tables, and chairs by using different tricks. For example, you can add different paints to them and make a tricky and decorative thing for your home.

Paint your old dresser in antique style and hang it on your lawn as a plant pot. The rusty look with greenery gives a great appearance to your room.

Moreover, you can also make it a shoe rack and place it at the entrance door of your home. Baby cots are not eligible for a buyback policy, so you can use them for making plant beds in your garden.

You can also reuse the old cushions by placing them on the floor and adding a cement layer to them, and it will look like a small bench.

The mattresses are also best for repurposing because you can paint on them and make art. Add this art piece to the favorite wall of your home.

Dispose of

The proper disposal of old furniture in landfills is necessary for a safe environment. Therefore, try to adopt the eco-friendly method for disposing of your old accessories.

People need to dispose of old items that are completely broken, and you cannot reuse or recycle them.

Do not place your old items on the curb because you have to pay a fine for this. Instead, you can call the local waste management companies for their proper disposal.

Several junk removal companies also work in America that can take the unwanted item from your doorstep and then waste it properly.

Roadside display

You can take your old furniture for roadside display after making it neat and clean. You can also repolish or refurnish it so it can grab the attention of passersby.

Add the new glossy paint on your wooden items to look new and attractive. Many people will take your products when you place them on roadside displays.

Millions of people seek second-hand items because they cannot afford the price of new ones.

You can quickly sell these items at a reasonable price because more people are coming on the road all day and seeing your products.


You can get cash after selling old IKEA furniture at a reasonable price. Then, you can sell them to your relatives and friends for a competitive amount.

Moreover, you can also arrange a garage sale in your home if these old accessories increase. You can do this on weekends because more people will see and buy your products. Some furniture stores also buy these items.

Take help from the online marketplaces to take benefit. Upload pictures of your sofas from all sides on the online selling and purchasing website.

Add your contact info, so interested persons can reach you if they want to buy your item.

Things to consider for the IKEA buyback policy

You must follow the following things to return the old furniture to IKEA. Go to the original website of that brand and search for the items that are eligible for buying back policy.

The list of products like small tables, dressers, drawers, and cabinets are acceptable for reselling.

The brand receives items that are in good condition and there is no breakage or scratches on them.

You cannot give them too old pieces that are susceptible to damage. Moreover, you also have to make them neat and clean before taking them to the outlet.

You have to remove all the accumulated dust from its hidden parts. In addition, the company only receive your old dressers when these are free from all type of breakage and fully functional.

You have to assemble it to take it to your nearby outlet.

What old furniture does IKEA not buy back?

The buyback policy only applies to the old furniture purchased from the IKEA brands. You cannot give them other brand products that are highly unacceptable.

Moreover, you cannot receive any service from the brand if your items are modified or repaired. This is because the company did not buy the product their brand discontinued.

Furthermore, they cannot get the product from you when you do not assemble or package them completely.

There are different things in which buy back policy is not applied

  • All upholstered items, including sofas
  • Mattress
  • Soft things like cushions and pillows
  • Large products
  • Electrical appliances
  • All leather and glass manufactured products
  • Baby products like changing mattresses and cots
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Unassembled or non-packaged products

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