Can You Put an Exhaust Fan in a Bedroom?

Can You Put an Exhaust Fan in a Bedroom?

Exhaust fans perform several beneficial functions to provide a comfortable environment in your bedroom. They help to make your house energy efficient when you do not have a good natural ventilation system.

Can You Put an Exhaust Fan in a Bedroom? You can put an exhaust fan in a bedroom because this cost-effective electrical appliance is easy to install and maintain. In addition, it removes unwanted odors and helps to reduce temperature. It should be according to the size of your bedroom and use a wall with a direct outside opening.

It is essential to select its suitable size to get the best results. It is safe to use when you install it at a correct distance from the floor.

Why Would You Put an Exhaust Fan in a Bedroom?

An exhaust fan helps to make your sleep peaceful by creating a comfortable environment in your room. Here are the benefits of adding an exhaust fan to your room.


It is one of the best electrical appliances to reduce your energy bills. However, you turn the Air conditioner on hot summer days, especially at noon and afternoon, which increases the bill. It provides an excellent cooling system but affects your budget due to high electricity charges.

You need to use its alternative to get similar results and to save energy. For example, you can put an exhaust fan in your bedroom to replace the need for using the air conditioner.

It is becoming expensive to use the air conditioner. However, you should install it to get a cool environment in your bedroom because it gives similar results.

It recirculates the air and removes hot air from the room, which reduces its temperature. It is easy to install without calling a certified professional, so that you can save its installation cost.

Easy to install

You can install it without any professional assistance. It is easy to install, and you can do it without any problem. Find the right place according to your room size to install it.

Clean it with the help of a duster or a clean piece of cloth. Take a cardboard and trace it according to the size of your exhaust fan. Cut it into a round shape with the help of a scissor or a cutter.

Put it on the wall and join it with the help of good-quality adhesive tape. Avoid using a large piece of tape because it can damage your wall paint when you remove it.

Instead, trace the wall with a pencil and take the board off its surface. Cut its surface and make a hole to install the fan.

Put it in this hole and open its screws. They will help to tighten it and prevent it from falling. Then, you can put a mesh plate on it by tightening and fixing its nails.

It will take hardly 20 to 30 minutes to do the whole process. You can get help from the user manual to understand the method step by step. 

Balances the temperature

You can use it to reduce your room temperature by getting similar results. 

It is essential to describe that it does not produce cool air but recirculates the warm air and removes it from the room. This process reduces the temperature of your room, and you get a comfortable environment.

It is an excellent choice to control the temperature because it reduces the temperature by about 15-to-25-degree Fahrenheit, especially when the outside air is cool.

You can use it as a portable fan and relocate it to another area of the house when necessary. Its pressure is strong enough to allow cross-ventilation in a room.

Remove unwanted odors

They improve air quality by removing unwanted odor and moisture from the room. 

It has turbines which help to create pressure and helps to propel the hot air outside. It traps contaminants and pulls them out of the room. It makes the room environment suitable to stay.

It increases the chances of mold growth when you do not install it in your room. Immediately install it in your room when you see its growth on the walls and ceiling.

It absorbs moisture, which is the primary reason for increased mold growth. You need to tighten its screws if you hear a knocking noise on turning it on. Just turn it on when you smell any foul odor in your room. 

Easy maintenance

You do not need to pay for commercial cleaners to clean its surface. The buildup of grime and dirt, which you notice, is the result of its accumulation for several months.

You do not need to remove the dirt and clean it on a daily basis. Instead, take toilet paper and hold it in front of its fan. Turn it on and carefully observe it.

Remove its cover and all its screws for washing. Dip it in hot soapy water for around 20 to 30 minutes and dry it with the help of a clean cloth. Use a damp cloth to clean its motor and its surrounding areas for better functioning.

What should be the size of the exhaust fan for a bedroom?

You should be careful while selecting the exhaust fan for your room because its working capacity mainly depends upon its size. It is better to get a suitable one according to the size of your room.

It will make the room look congested when you install its big size in a small room. It is not suitable to install a small one in a large room because it will not improve air quality as per your desire.

It will remove more air from the room than the air entering and increase the chance of dryness in your room. In addition, you can select timber blades, which have more working capacity in a bedroom. 

Where to put an exhaust fan in a bedroom?

You should find the correct place to install it in your bedroom. You should install it on the wall, which opens outside, not in the other area of the house like the living room and bathroom.

You can use its direct type when you have a wall that opens in a garden or outside area. Try to use the ducted exhaust fan when there is no such wall that directly opens outside.

It is better to install it at a height to keep it out of the reach of children. However, it is essential to do so because it is an electric motor and can become dangerous if you touch it with wet hands. You can also install it on the window when you find no suitable wall for this purpose.

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