What is the difference between a wardrobe and a closet?

What is the difference between a wardrobe and a closet?

It is challenging for many people to differentiate between a wardrobe and a closet for their house. However, it is essential to understand their varying features, especially before shifting the home or looking for additional storage in your house. 

What is the difference between a wardrobe and a closet? A wardrobe is moveable and made of wood or steel. It is affordable and small in size with less internal storage capacity. In comparison, a closet is built-In with a sliding door with more storage space. It is expensive, non-moveable, and mostly made of wooden material.

Many people consider them the same because it is hard to tell the difference between them. You can select their suitable type according to the available space in your house.

Features Wardrobe Closet
Storage capacity Less More
Moveable Yes Built-in
Material Wooden, Enclosed steel Wooden, open steel
Size Small Large
Appearance Old fashioned Modern, More Attractive
Cost Affordable Expensive


The easiest way to distinguish between them is to notice their structure. For example, you can see the difference between these two cupboards.

They mainly differ in appearance and door structure. The wardrobes have regular doors which need a rotating space to open. It needs more space to open, and you cannot do it easily when there is not enough space.

Whereas the closet looks organized not from the internal structure but also from the outer structure. Most have functional sliding doors, which help you save space.

You do not need additional space for its doors to open, even in a small, congested room. 

Internal storage capacity

It is a significant difference that makes them separate from one another. The wardrobe design is such that you can hang your dresses in it.

It has a rod on the top, which you can use for hangers. You store your dresses, coats, and jackets according to your choice and the weather.

There are some shelves you can use to put all types of shoes. It is present on its bottom side so that you can pick them with ease. 

On the other hand, a closet has a different structure than the other one. It contains several hanging rods so you can hang your dresses section-wise.

They also have some additional boxes which you can use to keep the books or your essentials.

There is enough space for your cosmetical products. For example, you can use it as a dresser when you attach a mirror to the inner side of the door. Some people even use them to put their off-season bedding items when there is still some unoccupied space.


You can call a cupboard a wardrobe when it is moveable from one place to another. For example, sometimes you feel boredom by seeing the furniture in the same room and same position. Many people like to place a wardrobe in the living room.

You want to change its position or direction to make your room look good. You can put it in another room when you need a change. It is beneficial, especially when you live on rentals or often switch houses.

It saves you money to make a new wardrobe in your new place. You can put it in a loading vehicle and take it wherever you want to relocate it. You can not change the position of a closet because they are already attached to the wall.

It is joined to the wall with the help of several screws that do not allow it to detach from this wall.

In addition, some manufacturers use heavy-duty adhesive glue to attach some of their panels which do not work well once you separate them from one another. 

Manufacturing material

Their significant difference is the manufacturing material and place. The wardrobes vary in material, and you can get them according to your choice.

They mostly come in wooden material, but you can also find them in steel. You notice some of them have glass doors in wooden frames as well.

Some prefer these glass doors in a steel frame, which becomes more lightweight than wood. You can go to a furniture showroom and get the one on the spot by selecting from already present designs and colors.

It is essential to describe that some manufacturers provide the facility to customize it in different colors and styles. The closet is made up of wooden material.

You do not see its enclosed type in a steel material. 

You make them inbuilt, so use the material and color according to your choice. For example, it is better to use a soft color for its outer surface, which looks attractive to the eyes. 


You can quickly identify them on the basis of their size. For example, a wardrobe is smaller in size compared to a closet. It is because it has fewer items to store the clothes.

It is designed in a small size because it is moveable. It is easy to relocate a small object than a large wall-size closet.

On the other hand, a closet is larger due to several shelves, hanging rods, and cabinets. They usually have 3 to 4 sections that contain several kinds of storage space.

Each section contains only one door, which is a sliding structure. Therefore, it saves time because you can get the items of your choice by sliding only one door for each section. 

Style and appearance

Both enhance the look of your room according to their design and finishing. For example, a metallic gold wardrobe gives a royal look, especially when the furniture is also of gold color.

They complement one another and look attractive to the eyes. However, a dull old wooden wardrobe affects the room’s appearance and reduces the charm of good furniture.

A closet looks classy when you use it in warm and rich colors. You can blend its color with the walls to create an elegant look for your place. For example, an ash grey color makes it more attractive and eye-catching when you use metallic gold color on door handles.

You can enhance its look with some aesthetical additions. For example, use dark-colored wood and attach metal or silver linings vertically for a classy appearance.


Their cost depends upon their material and size. The wardrobes are affordable as they are small in size. They need less structural and joining materials like screws and bolts.

You can get one which is in range of your budget. The closets need more wooden material in their formation due to their size.

They are expensive due to more storage capacity and material. It is essential to describe that it is one time cost because you can enjoy its benefits for several years. It increases the worth of your house when you plan to sell it in the future.

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