Can You Put Wardrobe in Living Room?

Can You Put Wardrobe in Living Room?

It is challenging for many to find a suitable place for a wardrobe in their living room. It mostly happens when you do not have enough space to put it in your bedroom.

Can You Put Wardrobe in Living Room? You can put a wardrobe in the living room to save space and keep your essential items organized. In addition, you can use it as a dresser and place it perpendicular to the window or in the corner to get a modern look.

Several interior designers put it in the living room because it is the most effective way to utilize the space in tiny houses. It looks overloaded when you place it in the wrong spot in your living room. 

Why would you put a wardrobe in the living room?

Several people put it in their bedrooms, which makes it overcrowded, so they have to utilize the extra space in their living room. You can use it to keep your essentials other than clothes to get easy access to these items.

Save space

Sometimes you do not get enough space in your bedroom to put all furniture in separate relevant. For example, you do not have a separate dressing room to put a wardrobe in this place.

It happens when your small home does not have additional rooms for storage. You can put it in a living room when it has enough space to put it in this place.

You should utilize this space effectively to avoid its messy look. It ensures the safety of your essential items like dresses, shoes, and bags. It prevents the messy clutter in your house, which is hard to organize. 

Looks modern

It gives a modern look to your living room when you put it at the best angle in this place. In addition, you can paint it in suitable color when it is made up of wooden material.

Try using small lights that look elegant in the room, especially at night. You will feel so relaxed when you turn them on on a winter night with a cup of coffee in this place.

You can paint it according to your furniture color to get a classy look. It does not block the way and looks elegant in the corner of this place. You get a royal feel when it is metallic gold with silver linings on its doors. 

Keep things organized

It keeps your necessary items in one place and prevents a mess in your home.

For example, sometimes you do not have space for a wardrobe in your room, but you have several essential items which need to be put in a wardrobe.

It makes your place rough with clothes and shoes kept everywhere in the house. So it is best to save time by keeping all the extra essentials in one place.

It contains a rod for hangers so you can hang your coats, dresses, and other outwears. In addition, you can keep your shoes on its last shelf and find them easily when you need them.

You can also put some of your books in their upper cabinet when its large cabinets are unoccupied. 

Hides some unused items

You can use it to hide some essential items you do not want to show visitors. For example, you can keep your off-season clothes which you do not use anymore in the passing season.

Sometimes you do not find the right place to put a television in your house. Instead, you can put it on an unused shelf of the wardrobe and enjoy your favorite show. 

You switch it off and keep it in this place when you do not want to show it to your guests.

However, it is better to close its door, so you can easily hide it from the guests. You can also keep your towels and extra accessories in their cabinets to save for later use.

Use as a dresser

You have a look at your dress in front of the mirror every day before leaving the house. Sometimes you do not have enough space for a dresser in your bedroom because of its small size.

You can attach a mirror to its door with good quality heavy-duty adhesive glue.

You can also do it on the inner side of its door when you do not want to attach the mirror on its outer side. Put your cosmetics and everyday essentials like a brush on its shelf and use it like a dresser with confidence. 

Where should a wardrobe be placed in the living room?

You can place it at different points in your living room to give it a modern touch. However, you should keep it in such a position that it does not block the view of the natural light.

You need sunlight, especially in winter, but keeping it in front of the window can block its way. So it is better to keep it with the wall perpendicular to the window.

It is an ideal place for a wardrobe because it does not block your way and the path of direct sunlight. Place it in a corner, especially when you have a flat corner place. 

How can you make a wardrobe look good in a living room?

You can use several methods to make it attractive in your living room. You can paint it in your favorite rich color to get a cool look.

It is better to paint its doors according to the color of the walls, which increases its charm. Rust and grey are the common colors you can use to add warmth and a soothing effect to this place.

Avoid using sharp colors because they do not look good to the eyes. You can also use different materials on its door to make it attractive.

Use glass in the upper half of the doors and steel or wood in the rest portion. It is better to put some beautiful eye-catching stickers on its surface to enhance its look.

How can I hide a wardrobe in my living room?

Sometimes you want to hide it from the visitors and do not want to show it to the guests. It happens when its outlook is not so good, and you can not afford a new one.

You also prefer to hide its messy look when one or more of its doors are broken. Instead, you can hang long curtains with beautiful patterns in front of it.

They will create a beautiful look of this place when you choose the ones whose color blend with the walls. It is better to use soft colors with linings to maximize the space.

It is better to use two good quality sliding doors in front of it, which will work as a partition and give it an elegant look.

You can make their upper half in your desired material like steel or wood and the lower half in glass material to hide the wardrobe in a modern fashion. 

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