How to Get Rid of New IKEA Furniture Smell?

How to Get Rid of New IKEA Furniture Smell?

Many people feel the pungent smell when they purchase new furniture from IKEA stores. It occurs due to the presence of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, flame retardants, and volatile organic compounds.

How to Get Rid of New IKEA Furniture Smell? You can get rid of the new IKEA furniture smell by using baking soda, charcoal, coffee beans or grounds, and vinegar solution. You can also fix the issue by placing them in ventilated areas, adding newspaper in drawers, turning on ac, decreasing humidity, and using herb and essential oil sprays.

Getting rid of this toxic smell is necessary because long-term exposure harms pets and children.

It is present in all ready-to-build IKEA furniture, like beds, dining sets, and tables. The use of these chemicals is essential to keep them safe from deteriorating during storage.

Place in well-ventilated areas

The off-gasses smell comes from furniture due to the presence of volatile compounds. It irritates people, and you cannot reside in the room for longer due to this issue.

You can fix the issue by placing your newly purchased sofas outside for some days. The off-gasses cannot reside in the outdoor environment.

You can adjust them in the porch area or open garages. Most people do not have enough large areas to place large items so that you can open the door and windows of their room for ventilation.

Proper ventilation in the room can remove the toxic chemicals from wooden material and solve the problem.

It is suitable to turn on the exhaust fan in your room for air crossing.

Sprinkle baking soda

Baking soda is odor-absorbent and can remove the smell of flame-retardant chemicals from your leather couches.

Sprinkle the thin layer of baking soda powder on the couch’s upholstery. It is also essential to read the instructions before sprinkling this powder.

You can also apply baking soda on wooden parts of the furniture. For example, make a thin sheet of baking soda inside the drawers if the smell is coming from them.

You can remove the odor by treating the couch with a rag dipped in water and baking soda. The procedure will take several hours because you have to sprinkle the baking soda overnight for better air quality.

Wash couch covers

Washing the nylon and leather couch covers if these are removable and washable.

Washing with lukewarm water can remove the formaldehyde from these covers, and you cannot feel any smell from your couches.

Use non-toxic detergents for washable IKEA furniture that do not have harsh chemicals. Proper drying after washing is necessary to remove the moisture and circulation of air.

Spray vinegar solution

White vinegar mixed with water is the best absorbent, removing the smell from your wooden and upholstered furniture.

It is a safe deodorizing agent but carefully read the instructions for its application. Take vinegar and add an equal amount of water to it.

Put it in a spray bottle for application on the fabric part. Then, you can feel the smell of vinegar rather than toxic chemicals from your furniture.

Wipe off your couch with a rag dipped in water and vinegar. Then, remove the excess moisture using a dry cloth so it cannot damage the wood and fabric.


The use of charcoal is an effective method to remove off-gas from wooden and leather items.

However, you cannot use the charcoal pieces directly because their stain comes from wooden material and upholstery.

Sealed charcoal bags are available in the market, and you can purchase them to fix the smell of IKEA furniture.

Put the charcoal pieces in a bowl and place this bowl in the drawers to resolve this problem. You can also place the bowl filled with charcoal near your sofas.

The direct contact of this material with wood or fabric is restricted because of its color staining.

Try air purifiers

An air purifier is an electrical instrument that removes contaminants and toxins from the air and improves its quality.

Turn on the air purifier in your room when you add the new furniture. It is helpful pull-out formaldehyde and off-gasses that are released from wooden material.

You can get rid of the odor in 10 to 15 minutes using an air purifier. The de-humidifier also works on the same principle, and you can use it.

Zeolites are also air purifier, and it is mineral that absorbs toxins from the air. Moreover, you can select air purifiers that have carbon filers or zeolite pallets.

Coffee grounds

Many people use coffee founds or coffee beans to get rid of the smell of their new IKEA furniture.

Keep the coffee grounds away from moisture because their color comes on the fabric or upholstery of the couches.

Place them in a plastic bowl and put them in the surrounding of your wooden furniture. You can add them in closed cabinets and drawers to get rid of the pungent odors.

Add them in sealed containers when using them for the fabric to prevent them from staining. Dry coffee grounds are also suitable for usage on the upholstery of sofas and chairs.


Wrapping wooden material with paper or newspaper is also effective in removing the smell of new IKEA furniture.

The newspaper is useful for drawers and closed cabinets because there is no proper air crossing in these hidden parts.

The newspaper absorbs the gasses released from the toxic chemicals and decreases the pungent odor. You can also use brown paper bags for this purpose.

Add the thick newspaper or paper bag to the drawer and close it. Leave it overnight, so the newspaper absorbs the smell, and then check the odor from it.

Decrease humidity

The humidity can make your room smellier when you purchase new IKEA couches or desks. This is because the volatile organic compound resides in a hot environment rather than cold or dry.

You cannot place them in direct sunlight because it can damage their color. Instead, turn on the electric or gas heater in your room where you place the new items.

Exposure to warm air decreases the humidity and removes the off-gas of a volatile organic compound.

You can also resolve the issue by creating a dry environment and turning on your air conditioner at high speed.

Increase the fan’s speed to remove moisture from the environment and improve air circulation.

Make refreshing spray

You can make the herbal spray to use on your IKEA furniture and its surrounding. Use natural herbs and essential oil extracts to get rid of toxic odors.

The natural oil and herbs have a strong fragrance that can suppress the off-gassing smell. 

Plants like lemongrass and chrysanthemum are beneficial for this purpose.

Use a spray bottle and spray the surrounding with it for amazing results. Using lavender essential oil for this purpose is beneficial.

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