How Hard is it to Assemble IKEA Sofa?

How Hard is it to Assemble IKEA Sofa?

Many people prefer to assemble a sofa by themselves as IKEA ensures easy assembly. However, you cannot do the task yourself, particularly if you have relevant experience and expertise.

How Hard is it to Assemble IKEA Sofa? It is not hard to assemble an IKEA sofa, but it requires expertise, tools, and a well-explained instruction manual. Moreover, the time taken to build the final shape of the couch depends on the number of people and boxes and the weight or size of the product. You can assemble a sofa by unboxing and uncovering the seat section, legs, armrest and backrest, and cushions. Then, fix them with a screwdriver, put covers on the frame, and place cushions on them. 

You can easily attach the parts of a couch by following the pictures present in the guide.

Furthermore, it helps save the cost of hiring the IKEA experts; otherwise, pay a reasonable amount and get the work done quickly.

How do you assemble the IKEA sofa?

You can connect all the separate couch pieces through a few easy steps. It is not a difficult task, but you have to do it with a better focus to avoid the issues.

Before initiating the adjustment process, you have to collect all the tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, etc.

Unbox the packaging

They provide a large cardboard box with multiple sub-boxes with all relevant components. Open the seal and unbox the wooden or metallic frames, cushions, etc.

After that, uncover them by pulling out the plastic wrapping. Place them on the clean or carpeted floor of the room.

Look at the instruction manual

An instruction manual in the main box provides you with a detailed guide for constructing the final shape of the furniture.

Read the information carefully before starting the procedure. Look at the arrows and pictographs to understand it in a better manner.

Fix armrest and backrest

Put the seat section straight on the floor and attach the backrest. You can see 2 to 3 holes on the IKEA backrest frame.

Put in the screws and attach them to the seat frame. After that, place arms on both sides of the seat frame and secure them with the help of nuts and bolts.

Fix legs under the seat

You can find four plastic legs in the packaging that must be fixed under the seat. Twist them in a clockwise direction for tight-fitting.

Sometimes, a center bar is also present when you have two parts of a large couch having 3 to 4 seats. It helps clip both the frames together, so you have to put the plastic center bar under the couch.

Put a sofa cover

When you add them to your order, it provides a set of sofa covers. Open the pack of covers and cover the whole frame with a cotton cloth available in stitched form.

Place cushions

After that, put the cushion covers on them and zip them up.

Then, place the bigger cushions on the seating area and the smaller ones along with the backrest.

Can I assemble the IKEA sofa alone?

There is a possibility of arranging the couch components together, but it can create a lot of stress, as it is hectic due to heavy weight and consumes a lot of time.

It is better to get a professional team of workers who know all the skills to adjust the components quickly.

They can save your time and install all the nuts in their correct position. Moreover, they have their tools, so you do not have to worry about the availability of the equipment.

Furthermore, they can help relieve stress as you can get frustrated when nothing is going in the right direction.

However, it can be pretty expensive, and you cannot learn the process that can help you in the future.

Things to consider when you assemble an IKEA Sofa

The time to assemble a newly manufactured sofa depends on many factors.

Level of expertise

When you have no idea of assembling practices, it is evident that this process takes more time than average.

Sometimes, the experts are not efficient and lack the proper skills to manage the task in time.

Moreover, you have to pay more for the overall setup when the number of hours increases.

Number of boxes

The total number of boxes or separate components determines whether it takes a few hours or days to complete the task.

There are only three boxes, usually having a seat section, cushions, and armrests. However, some couches are convertible into sofa beds and have extra parts in different boxes.

Complexity of setup

The setup of all the components involving fewer tools and nuts to give it a final shape directly impacts time.

Lesser adjustment in the structure allows you to fix a couch quickly. However, you have to make efforts for a long time when there are many nuts to fix in the holes.

Wight and size

The small furniture is easier and quicker to set up than the bigger one. For example, you can arrange all the parts of a single armchair in almost 1 to 2 hours.

However, a large sectional or a 3-seater couch takes more time to assemble. You can connect all the pieces in 3 to 4 hours of continuous effort.

Moreover, the heavy furniture creates difficulty in holding the parts and increases the overall time duration.

Number of people

You should work as a team because when the number of people increases for doing a particular task, it takes less time to complete it.

The involvement of multiple persons in the assembly procedure divides the task equally between them.

You can ask for help from family members, friends, and professional workers to help you in this task.

Clarity of instructions

A good explanation of the assembly manual in the packaging box clarifies the whole process better.

Many instruction manuals only have pictures with simple arrows that visually explain the steps.

Such an explanation is insufficient for some people as they can better understand some written steps. Sofas do not come assembled, so a well-explained instruction manual is beneficial.

Availability of tools

Probably, you do not have a set of equipment required for setting up a couch when you are not a professional worker or the one who likes to fix faulty things in a house.

You can quickly put all the parts together when you have all the relevant tools. However, the total time of connecting a seat with arms and legs increases when you do not have the correct tools.

How much does IKEA charge to assemble a sofa?

IKEA provides the maximum facilities to their customers at a reasonable cost, so you do not have to think about the pricing.

The cost depends on the size and weight of the sofa, as an oversized couch needs more effort to be prepared. They charge almost $79 to $125 for assembling the couch components.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 839 people who have purchased IKEA sofa and gone through the assembly process to know whether it is hard to adjust all the parts.

Out of 839 people, 614 people (73%) have said that it seems complicated to arrange all the components right at their correct position, so they preferred to hire a professional team.

However, 157 people (19%) said that putting every part in its place was not quite complex. They did it by themselves after reading the instruction manual.

While the remaining 68 people (8%) said they do not bother to assemble a couch as it is a daunting task requiring expertise and proper tools. They prefer to find some cheap furnishing companies that can do the task for them.

It provides an opportunity to hire professional workers that can efficiently manage the task.

“I have hired a team from IKEA to assemble my couch, and they were so efficient to put all the parts together in a few hours.”

“It is not so hard to manage and fix all the parts after looking at the visual instructions. However, it took me almost 3 and a half hours to complete the process.”

Many companies are available who have an excellent knowledge of adjusting the furniture.

“I have hired a group of people from a well-known company that can assemble furniture. They offer cheap prices and have done the task in no time.”

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