How to Decorate a Living Room With Corner Windows?

How to Decorate a Living Room With Corner Windows?

The corner windows in your living room look dull when you just add curtains. It is better to decorate them and consider them a focal point for a stylish touch.

How to Decorate a Living Room With Corner Windows? You can decorate the living room with corner windows using colorful or stylish curtains, adding a reading table with a chair, putting floor lamps, using dressers, string lights, and decorative stickers. Carefully adjust the furniture, add a sitting platform with bay windows, and add rugs with recliners.

Consider the color scheme while decorating your living rooms that have corner windows. It is also vital to select the color of accessories according to the room size to give a balanced effect.

Style with curtains

Styling the corner window of your living room with curtains is the best idea for decoration purposes. You can highlight this area by adding drapes of different designs and shades.

The curtains are also available in the market with different styles and decorations. In addition, you can check the paint color of the walls while adding them.

Contrast the curtains with the color of the walls, and you can also choose the same tone. In addition, you can tie them in the morning for fresh air and sunlight.

Furthermore, the tied ones make your living room look bigger and more stylish because of the natural light source.

You can also use curtains that contain frills on their upper ends. The colorful frills on the upper area look stylish and make your living room modern.

Add reading chair and table

You can add a reading chair and table near this window to create the focal point for reading and studying.

The placement of chairs and tables give the dual benefit. It highlights this dull area, and you can also spend a relaxed time there while reading books.

It becomes a favorite place for book lovers because you can enjoy the natural outside scenery while reading your favorite novels or stories.

You can also add the bookshelves near this window and add decorative pieces in them along with books.

You can select stylish chairs with various designs and colors for decoration purposes. Then, match the chair’s color with existing furniture to create a uniform appearance.

Decorate with lamps

You can decorate your living room with lamps that have corner windows. Then, add floor lamps near these windows and turn them on at night to enjoy the soothing and relaxed environment.

Select the light color of the lamp according to the style and design you want to give your interior. Then, add the pots of fox flowers with these lamps to enjoy the natural scenery.

You can use the arch lamps on the sides because these can illuminate the curtains and make the corner brighter.

Hanging lamps like chandeliers also work best in your interior for decoration purposes.

The placement of lamps near windows provides you with enough light during the day, like in the morning.

Add dressers

Dressers are beneficial to place in the living rooms for storage and decoration. You can use the drawers to place small accessories like TV remotes and your keys.

In addition, you can use the base or upper end to place night lamps and other decorative pieces that enhance the stunning appearance of your interior.

You can put the small scented candles on their top surface. These become beneficial to create an inviting feeling because of the refreshing scents.

In addition, these provide illumination and make your interior stunning. You can also add a faux flower, glass jars with color beads, and photo frames.

Create focal point

You can highlight this dull corner of your room by adding a glance and illumination to them.

Create a focal point to make it a brighter part of your interior. For example, you can use the string lights and hand them on the upper road of the curtains.

The windows with sting yellow light look beautiful at night. You can also put these sting lights along the length f the curtains.

Use different color sting lights according to the shade of the curtains. These lights not make this area brighter but also provide illumination at night.

You can create the focal area by adding decorative stickers on the upper side of the windows. Hang the beautiful wall clock with a bold design to enlighten this point.

Placement of furniture

The placement of the furniture in living rooms, along with corner windows, is a challenging task. You have to set the beds and sofas so they cannot hinder the natural light source.

Place them in opposite directions so that you are facing this window when you sit on beds or sofas. Moreover, you can also put them in the horizontal direction.

Do not place any couches against them because they can disturb the focal point and hinder the natural light source.

You can put the ottomans and small coffee tables on the front side of the drapes to enjoy the morning tea in the sunlight.

You can also read the newspaper in the morning while sitting on ottomans because of enough natural light.

Decorate adjacent wall

Decorate the adjacent wall of the windows with sconces. These sconces are available in the market with various materials and designs.

You can find them in plastic and wooden materials that vary according to price ranges. Finally, add the wall sconces on the adjacent wall, which can illuminate the curtains at night when you turn them on.

It also provides a farmhouse-like and rustic appearance to your living room. You can also hang the artistic photo frames along with these sconces.

These look stunning in your room because of their dull light and resemble candles. You can surround the sconces with sting lights for more illumination.

Add a sitting platform

You can add a sitting platform that surrounds your corner windows of the living room. These are mostly bay windows with extended outside that have marble or wooden shelves on the inner side for sitting purposes.

Add the pillows, cushions, and comforters on these sitting shelves for a cozy and comfortable environment in winter.

It becomes more beautiful when you have a lawn outside on the other side, and you can enjoy the natural scenery.

You can study there because of the fresh air and enough outside light. In addition, you can decorate this sitting area with stylish cushions and sheets.

You can put fake flowers and small lamps on the corners to create aesthetic and natural touch.

Style with rugs and recliners

People love to place recliners in their living rooms because these are relaxing chairs, and you feel calm while sitting on them.

These also make your interior luxurious because of their unique shape and design. You can add a chair near the corner windows for decoration purposes.

The color and design of the rugs enhance the look of your room. In addition, you can use stylish mats with wool fabric to create a comfortable environment.

It is also better to match the color of the rugs with recliners for a monotonous effect. In addition, leave some distance between them to keep these chairs functional.

You can enjoy the natural sunlight while sitting on recliners when these are facing the windows.

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