Can You Put Chair Covers on Folding Chairs?

Can You Put Chair Covers on Folding Chairs?

Folding chairs are present in every home because they are lighter, less costly, and easy to move. In addition, these have bent backs to close and store them when you do not need them in your home.

Can You Put Chair Covers on Folding Chairs? You can put chair covers on folding chairs to protect them from dust and hide scratches. People also add covers when you take them at a rent and want to set them according to theme parties. It is essential to consider the size, color, and fabric of covers for your folding chairs. 

Most people love adding them to their homes so they can transport them from one place to another. In addition, you can add it as an extra chair when a guest comes. Moreover, these are also used for outdoor sitting in lawns and garages.

How do you put chair covers on folding chairs?

Turn the chair, tuck the cover in all four legs to reduce the slipperiness, and carefully stretch it upward.

You can also put it on the back side first and tuck the pockets under the legs so it cannot come out during sitting.

Moreover, it is also better to use universal self-tie covers for them. Tie them on the back side for proper fitting and adjustment.

It is also suitable to use permanent covers because of their specific size and design. Use the sashes and tie to secure them from the back end and prevent slipping issues.

Why would you put chair covers on folding chairs? 

Foldable chairs are present in every home because you can store them when they are not used. These take less space for storage and are smaller in size, which is easily adjustable at any place.

Renting chairs

Most of the time, people do not buy new furniture for their homes because it is costly. Instead, they choose to rent furniture for their living room.

Sometimes the rented chairs are too old, and you have to modify them for a better appearance. For example, add the covers on it to make them look beautiful.

In addition, you also take them on rent when there is a party or event in your home. For example, you need more sitting areas for gatherings and call the furniture renting companies for this.

You can add different designs and colors according to your choice.

Events or theme parties

Families arrange theme parties and events to make fun and interact with their relatives and friends.

You can make these parties more amazing with stunning decorations that perfectly match the event’s theme.

Many people love decorating their home’s interior, including furniture, according to the theme to make everything look perfect.

You can add the cover according to the theme for better matching. For example, use dark color shades for wedding themes and lighter for birthday parties.

Moreover, adding these clothes also attracts relatives and friends because these are according to your events.

You can also remove them after that party and modify them again.

Protect chair

These also protect your chairs from dust, dirt, and grime. Most of these are made up of metal material, which is at more risk of damage from dust and grime.

The slip cover protects the furniture from dust and reduces cleaning effort. The color of the metal also becomes dull after some time because diminishing of its polished layer.

These cloths protect the shiny polish of the metal material and maintain its original shine for a longer time. It also protects them from water and heat exposure because both damage metal material.

Heat can damage the metal, and moisture increases the chances of rust.

Old chair

These chairs are not frequently used in the home. Instead, people mostly use them to create extra sitting areas and theme decorations.

The metal shine becomes dull with time, and it looks old and awkward when you use them for your parties.

Add the covers to hide the age of your old chair. In addition, it hides the scratches and unnecessary marks on the metal surface that comes during their movement from one place to another.

Things to consider when selecting chair covers for your folding chair

You cannot select their covers according to your will because these are different from the other furniture.


The size of the chair and its measurement plays an important role when you want to select the cover for them.

Folding types have different dimensions; you cannot compare them with simple ones. Therefore, measure its dimensions accurately and note them in your diary before purchasing.

Measure the width and length from all sides accurately because smaller covers are challenging to adjust.

Smaller ones also do not cover all the ends completely and give an aesthetic appearance. Measure the length and width of the chair back.

Note the distance between the seat and the back and their length. Moreover, also take the dimensions of the seat along with its width.


Select their color according to your specific theme and parties. You can match the color of the covers with the base or other prominent shade.

Select them according to the color scheme of your part. In addition, you can also design them according to the type of event.

Use floral or heavy ties when there is a wedding function, and try decent ones with lighter shades for birthday events.

You can add the sashes, bands, and brochures for styling purposes. Moreover, people also use artificial flowers to tie their back end and make a luxurious style.


You have to carefully select the fabric of the foldable chairs for your events. For example, the glittery fabric is suitable for dance parties because it gives an illuminating appearance at night functions.

Spandex covers are the best choice for this furniture because it is a stretchable material, and you can adjust them easily.

Most people want to add polyester because it is less costly and easily available in the market.

Sequin covers are high quality, and these are made of high-quality material that is four times more stretchable than spandex type.

It is durable, needs less maintenance, and is easily adjustable with little effort.

What are the other ideas to cover folding chairs instead of chair covers?

You can use the other options to decorate your foldable chairs instead of using slip covers. Vinyl stickers are available in the market, and you can stick them on any surface.

Purchase the large vinyl paper from the market to hide the back and seat. You have to cut the paper and make strips for their adjustment.

Take a sharp scissor for proper cutting of vinyl strips. Remove the paper, stick it on the back of the chair and tap it with your fingers to ensure adhesion.

Moreover, several theme stickers are also available in the market in different colors, and you can use them.

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